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Cis115 final exam 3 sets of answers
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Cis115 final exam 3 sets of answers


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  • 1. CIS115 Final Exam 3 Sets of Answers PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE!!!1. (TCO 1) When creating an IPO Model, program designers generallydetermine _____ last. (Points : 4)2. (TCO 1) What is a data item with a name and a value that remain thesame during the execution of a program? (Points : 4)3. (TCO 1) What symbol in a flowchart would be used by a developer torepresent the beginning or ending point? (Points : 4)4. (TCO 1) Set is a process. What data type would you expect thevariable, name, to have? (Points : 4)5. (TCO 1) You are designing an algorithm that will use a date of01202009. What data type would you choose for this datevariable? (Points : 4)6. (TCO 2) What is a tool that developers use to design logic usingEnglish-like statements? (Points : 4)7. (TCO 2) When a program evaluates mathematical expression, whichof the following operators (or mathematical operations) has the lowestprecedence? (Points : 4)8. (TCO 2) Which one of the following is not a valid assignmentstatement in a program? (Points : 4)9. (TCO 2) Evaluate (2 * 3) ^ 3. (Points : 4)10. (TCO 2) Review the partial pseudocode below. What is the correctmath expression to complete the algorithm and determine 50% of a cost? Prompt “Enter total cost: “ Input cost Set _____ Display “50% of the cost is: “ + total (Points : 4)11. (TCO 3 & 4) Review the pseudocode below. What will be displayed
  • 2. when this algorithm executes? Set If ((x > 10) AND (x < 20)) then Display “the IF path executes” Else Display “the ELSE path executes” EndIf (Points : 4)12. (TCO 3 & 4) What value gets displayed for the variable X? Set Set Set If (B > 15) OR () OR (C <= 15) then Set Else Set EndIf Display X (Points : 4)13. (TCO 3 & 4) In the following pseudocode, what percentage raisewill an employee in Department 5 receive? If department < 3 then Set Else If department < 5 then Set Else Set EndIf EndIf (Points : 4)14. (TCO 3 & 4) Which of the selection structures determines whetherthe user enters a number between 20 and 45? (Points : 4)15. (TCO 3 & 4) What value gets displayed for the variable Z? Set Set Set If ((balance <> 800) AND (stateCode <> 6) AND (creditCode <> 7)
  • 3. then Set Else Set EndIf Display Z (Points : 4)1. (TCO 5) The variable used to create an expression controlling theloop is known as the _____. (Points : 4)2. (TCO 5) Which of the following statements is false? (Points : 4)3. (TCO 5) Which loop may not execute the body of the loop atall? (Points : 4)4. (TCO 5) Repetition that loops a certain number of times is typicallyreferred to as _____. (Points : 4)5. (TCO 5) How many times will the following loop be executed?6. (TCO 7) Subscripts or indexes of any array are always declared withwhat data type? (Points : 4)7. (TCO 7) What is an array element? (Points : 4)8. (TCO 7) What is the value of the index used to access the last elementin a zero-based array declared as num(12)? (Points : 4)9. (TCO 7) When processing/manipulating the elements of an array,what control structure is used to move through each element within thearray? (Points : 4)10. (TCO 7) A zero-based array named sales has been declared andloaded with the values 100, 1100, 3400, 5550, 3000, 22300, and 1200.What value will be stored in the array element sales(1)? (Points : 4)11. (TCO 6) A record contains _____. (Points : 4)12. (TCO 6) What are the three modes of operation on a file? (Points :4)
  • 4. 13. (TCO 8) Algorithms that allow users to direct the flow of control areoften referred to as _____. (Points : 4)14. (TCO 9) What type of error occurs when an array subscript’s valuegoes beyond the total number of elements in the array? (Points : 4)15. (TCO 2) Which of the following is not an advantage of modulardesign? (Points : 4)1. (TCO 10) A retail store is having a customer appreciation sale.Depending on the total dollars purchased, the customer could receive adiscount on his or her total purchases. You are to develop pseudocodethat will obtain the total dollars purchased from the user, determine thediscount percentage, and display the total amount due. When thepurchases are more than $100, the discount is 10%. When the purchasesare $100 or less, the discount is 5%. (Points : 10)2. (TCO 10) A small business in your neighborhood would like anapplication developed that determines the average dollar amount spentfor every three purchases. The user will enter three different purchaseamounts. You need to display the average to your client. Complete thepseudocode to design your logic. (Points : 10)3. (TCO 9 & 10) There is a logic error in the following pseudocode.What statement(s) would you need to add to correct the logic? Be sureto explain why you are adding the statements. Set DOWHILE num <= 7 Set + num ENDO Display total (Points : 10)4. (TCO 4 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm.The design is determining the correct sales tax depending on the countyidentifying code. Counties with a number less than 7 have a 5% salestax. The 8–24 codes have a sales tax of 7%. Codes above 24 have a salestax of 9%. The code is entered by the user.
 Declare RealsalesTax
 Declare _____ countyCode
 _____ “Enter the countycode: “
 _____ countyCode
 If _____ <= 7 then
  • 5. _____ AND _____ then
 Display “the sales tax is: “ +_____
 End (Points : 10)5. (TCO 5 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm.The design is to display a 60-second counter. The counter needs to beginat 1.
 Declare _____ count
 Display“counter: “ + _____
 Set count = _____ + 1
 UNTIL count_____
 Display “Done!”
 End (Points : 10)6. (TCO 4 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm.The colors red, blue, and yellow are known as primary colors becausethey cannot be made by mixing other colors. When you mix two primarycolors, you get a secondary color. Mixing yellow and blue gets yougreen. Mixing red and blue gets you purple. The algorithm allows theuser to enter two primary colors and then displays the resultingsecondary color.
 Declare _____ color1
 Declare _____color2
 _____ “Enter first primary color: “
 Input _____
 Prompt“Enter the second primary color: “ 
 Input _____
 If (_____) AND(_____) then
 Display “secondary color is: purple”
 If(_____) AND (_____) then
 Display “secondary coloris: green”
 End (Points : 10)7. (TCO 1, 2, 3, & 4) Describe the difference between a flowchart andhierarchy chart and explain whether one is more important to developthan the other. (Points : 10)8. (TCO 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5) Describe two of the three control structures andhow relational and logical operators are used. (Points : 10)