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Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)
Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)
Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)
Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)
Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)
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Kandinsky 3.4 (Editable)


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  • 1. 2009 Internal Assessment Resource Level 3 Subject Reference: Art History 3.4 Art History Achievement Standard 90493 v2 Examine a Theory and its role in art. Topic: Wassily Kandinsky’s theories on Art Credits: 4 Student Instruction Sheet You have been invited to contribute to an on-line art journal. Your job is to examine a theory from Der Blaue Reiter artist Wassily Kandinsky. You are required to select a theory and outline its main principles and then demonstrate how these are visible in two paintings. You will then explain the relationships between the art works and the theory and evaluate the significance of the theory on the development of his own style and the style of other artists. You will have three hours of class time and complete the assessment activity as well as homework over four weeks. This assessment is to be handed in no later than Monday, June 29, 2009 before Period 1 at student reception. Failure to do so will result in a Not Achieved being awarded. There are four tasks in this assessment. All work must be typed for this assignment.
  • 2. Task 1: Select a theory Kandinsky wrote a number of essays and articles related to his thoughts on art. One book he wrote was titled Concerning the Spiritual in Art. In the book he outlines a number of theories which include: • The Spirituality of Art • The Apocalypse in Art • Ideas on Colour Theory • The relationship between music and Art • The Abstraction of Art You must select one of the above theories to examine for this assignment. You may choose to read through the resources available first before making your decision. Task Two: Outline the theory Use the following chart as a template in which you will outline the main principles (at least four) of the theory, find quotes from Kandinsky within the theory and provide a brief explanation of the quote in your own words, and provide footnotes as to where you found the information to inform your ideas. Kandinsky’s theory on … Brief explanation Footnotes Main principle #1 “Insert Quote here” and explain Cite where you found the what it means information for the previous two columns (eg. book, handout, web…) Main principle #2 “Insert Quote here” and explain Cite where you found the what it means information for the previous two columns (eg. book, handout, web…) Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • 3. Task Three: Evidence of the theory in art works Annotate copies of two of Kandinsky’s works to demonstrate how that theory is evident in his work. You must consider what meaning or effect is created by using arrows and lines to illustrate the points you have identified around the outside the work. An example is provided below. Please make sure the image is in colour. Artwork 1 Title Date/Artist name (eg. Kandinsky) Example of the size artist’s use of… represents … This is another example of … which is important because… Example of the artist’s use of… represents … Example of the artist’s use of…represents … This is another example of … which is important because… Task Four: Explain the relationships between the theory and the art works For each of your two selected art works, write a paragraph in which you explain the relationship between the theory and the selected art work. Consider the following questions when writing your paragraphs. • What is the meaning of the work as a whole?
  • 4. • How the theory is used to convey that meaning? Task Five: Drawing Conclusions In a 500 word (min.) essay, evaluate the significance of this theory on the development of the artist’s own art work and the art work of other artists of the period, or of the movement. You will need to include and reference additional images here. Checklist for handing in:  The outline of your selected theory in chart form with footnotes (for Achieved).  Two labelled images which indicate evidence of the application of the theory (for Achieved).  Two paragraph explanations of the relationships between the theory and art works –one for each of your selected artworks (for Merit).  An evaluative conclusion (for Excellence).  A reference list/bibliography (for Achieved). Resources On Kandinsky • Ulrike Becks-Malorny: Kandinsky Taschen, 2007 (In the Art Dept) • Hajo Düchting: Kandinsky Taschen, 2000 (In the Art Dept) • Wolf-Dieter Dube: The Expressionists Thames and Hudson, 1972 (In the Art Dept) • Peter Selz: German Expressionist Painting University of California Press, 1957 (In the Art Dept) • Frank Whitford: Kandinsky : watercolours and other works on paper Thames and Hudson, 1999 (Central Library) • Arnold Schoenberg: Wassily Kandinsky : letters, pictures, and documents, translated by John C. Crawford, Faber & Faber, 1984 (Central Library) • Anna Moszynska: Abstract Art, Thames & Hudson, New York, 1990 (Central Library) • Amy Dempsey: Styles, schools and movements : the essential encyclopaedic guide to modern art Thames & Hudson, 2005 (Central Library) By Kandinsky • The Blue Rider Almanac (if you can find it, excerpts available in the Art Dept) • Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 1977 Trans MTH Sadler Diver New York Art Dept (Available on-line and at Central Library)
  • 5. Internet sites to look at: • • • • • • In order to gain : • An Achieved grade, you must complete both task two and task three • A Merit grade you must complete tasks two, three and four • An Excellence grade you must complete all tasks. Achievement Criteria Achievement Achievement with Merit Achievement with Excellence • Outline a theory related to art. • Explain the relationship • Evaluate the significance of a between a theory and art theory for the art of a works. particular artist(s), period or movement. • Demonstrate how the theory is evident in art works.