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Edward Hooper

  1. Edward Hopper
  2. Nighthawks (1942) Oil on Canvas One of Hopper’s most famous paintings, describe the way he has treated the figures within this work. What do you think Hopper might be interested in communicating with his audience in this work?
  3. New York Movie (1939) Oil on Canvas How has Hopper broken up the composition? How is he using light stylistically? Again, what about the treatment of the figure (ie. the woman).
  4. A Woman in the Sun (1961) Oil on Canvas What visual clues has Hopper included within this work to provide meaning to us as the audience? How might this be a comment on Hopper’s understanding of America in the 1960s?
  5. Edward Hopper Chair Car (1965) Oil on Canvas
  6. Rembrandt van Rijn The Company of Frans Banning Cock Preparing to March Out (The Nightwatch) (1642) Oil on canvas
  7. Edward Hopper The Lighthouse at Two Lights (1929) Oil on Canvas
  8. Edward Hopper Bootleggers (date unknown) Oil on Canvas Edward Hopper Night Shadows (1921) Etching
  9. Edward Hopper Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod) (1930) Oil on canvas
  10. Edward Hopper The Mansard Roof (1923) Watercolour on paper
  11. Edward Hopper Early Sunday Morning ( 1930) Oil on canvas
  12. Edward Hopper People in the Sun (1960)