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Audrey Flack

  1. Audrey Flack
  2. Abstract Expressionist works: Audrey Flack Abstract Expressionist Self-Portrait (1952) Oil on canvas Audrey Flack Flashback (1949-50) Oil on canvas
  3. Audrey Flack Kennedy Motorcade (1964) Oil on canvas
  4. Audrey Flack Farb Family Portrait (1969-70) Oil on cavas
  5. Audrey Flack Buddha (1975) Oil over acrylic on wet sanded canvas
  6. Audrey Flack Marilyn (Vanitas) (1977) Oil over acrylic on canvas
  7. Audrey Flack World War II (Vanitas) (1976-77) Oil over acrylic on canvas
  8. Treck Jan Jansz Vanitas Still Life 1648 Oil on oak panel Jansz’s work caused contemporary viewers to reflect on the inevitability of mortality and the consequent foolishness of all human ambition
  9. Audrey Flack Crayola (1972-73) Oil over acrylic on canvas Audrey Flack Rich Art (1972-3) Oil over acrylic on canvas