Som 104-04 core beliefs & practices


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Som 104-04 core beliefs & practices

  1. 1.
  2. 2. SOM-03 Building Kingdom Values SOM-04-04 Core Beliefs & Core Values
  3. 3. DiscipleBecoming like Jesus
  4. 4. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. 5. Core Beliefs & Practices ANO? PAANO?• Servant•• Happy Thanksgiving! Go Scripture (Word) Fellowship Prayer Worship• Worship Service (Diakonia)• Prayer Proclamation (Kerygma) Stewardship This is your• Word• Community (Koinonia) Sacrament Truth Telling (Marturia) assignment!• Cell• Self Sufficiency [Stewardship]
  6. 6. Core practices reach out& grab someone to bringthem closer to the core. Servant Stewardship Go Cell Like Fellowship Jesus Sacrament Worship Word Prayer
  7. 7. kababayan Servant kabarkada Wash feet kapuso random acts of kindness med-dent Cook Usher country job fairs Like service by wanderingfamilies Jesus about street sweeping Printing Katugunan enemies see as Jesus saw meet immediate needs kapamilya
  8. 8. Multiplying our Communities social events Go KBL visit network Like Jesuscommunity events bubble chart Shared Mission eat w/ network
  9. 9. Gathering Weekly •Celebration Family of God •Cell Shared Mission Like Fellowship JesusMultiplying our Communities Encouragement& Accountability Body of Christ •Learning together •Prayer •Sacrament
  10. 10. Nagwawalis Tapatko, linisko Nagliligpit Naghuhugas Like JesusIn whatever you do Worship Live in the present
  11. 11. Pray every time youEducate people about prayer meet with others.throughteaching&books&otherhelpful resources. Like Jesus Create a “prayer of the week” that the Pray for 3 people daily entire community commits to each day Prayer
  12. 12. Read scripture every timePeriodically, host intensives on specific books you gather, from planning of the Bible or on biblical themes. Invite a meetings, to small groups, teacher from outside the community to to large gatherings. become part of the learning experience. Provide resources such Read the Word & Reflect daily as study materials, DVDs, reading plansatbp. Like Jesus Everyday, e-mail or text a passage from scripture to each community member. Seek commitment from the community to read a certain Word number of chapters per week.
  13. 13. Like JesusSacrament
  14. 14. Foster opportunities for Fellowship Create flexible missional unitsLive out the family of God Cell Like Every believer a leader Jesus Send Consolidation Priesthood of all believers Utilise pre-existing networks
  15. 15. Watch your use of time&money. Consider the foods&other products you buy. Keep one another accountable. Are they from ethical companies? What impact do production&distribution have on the poor&their local environment? Stewardship Share your resources with those around you. Rent or buy a house with others.Job share or work part-time ifpossible. Release your time forfamily, friends,&ministry. Like Jesus Manage & care for the resources God has given Educate your community about the you. current environmental issues. Provide resources&examples. Regularly share what people are doing to live simply&care for the Explore the theme of advocacy. How do we earth. represent&lead against what is wrong in our world? How can we become God’s representatives against injustice?