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Chile earthquake tsunami relief english bwa


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This is a presentation that I and our convention leaders made at the Baptist World Alliance annual gathering in Santiago, Chile on July 3, 2012.
If you can access the notes to each slide, you can read the narration for the presentation.

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Chile earthquake tsunami relief english bwa

  1. 1. “The earth shook like an enraged beast,the mountains trembled and the sea unleashed its fury,the earth cracked openand what was built was undone, and a people tired of suffering, suffers again.”
  2. 2. “the sea unleashed its fury,”
  3. 3. “and what was built was undone,”
  4. 4. The horror left its indelible mark in the lost looks, the desolate faces, the dead, the trapped, the mutilated,in each life torn apart by the unexpected. But God was not in the earthquake.
  5. 5. Someone cried out in terror and other voices joined in. Someone lifted a prayer, and others prayed along.Someone sang, and many joined the song. Someone lifted a piece of concrete, and others began to clear away the rubble,
  6. 6. somone hugged the injuredand others carried the wounded in their arms someone stretched out a hand to help,and thousands of hands joined in. And God was among them. By Gerardo Oberman (trans. by Stan Slade)
  7. 7. February 27, 2010
  8. 8. Earthquake 8.8 3 minutes
  9. 9. Tsunamis
  10. 10. Typical Fishing Village
  11. 11. “the sea unleashed it´s fury”
  12. 12. Impact of tsunami in Cerro Verde
  13. 13. First Trip to Deliver Aid March 2010
  14. 14. Caravans of Solidarity and Aid
  15. 15. From churches in the north districts,
  16. 16. From Temuco,
  17. 17. And from the most southern district, Los Rios
  18. 18. “Someone lifted a prayer, and others prayed along.” ,”
  19. 19. “don’t forget about us…”
  20. 20. “see us”
  21. 21. “listen to us”
  22. 22. “stay with us”
  23. 23. Our Strategy The Kits
  24. 24. Surveys
  25. 25. We identified the needs through surveys, which told us what the people really needed. Then we developed the kits according to the needs. Times of reflection, prayer, and friendship.
  26. 26. Food KitsRiceSpaghettiCoffeeTomato sauceFlourBeans.SugarVegetable oilPowdered milkTuna, margarine, yeast
  27. 27. Hygiene KitsLiquid soapShampooDeodorantToothpasteToothbrushesPersonal hygiene productsToilet paperMatchesDisposable razors
  28. 28. Insulation KitsInterior panelsWindowsDoorElectrical installationRoom divider
  29. 29. The Mediaguas
  30. 30. Inside a Mediagua
  31. 31. Home Furnishings KitKitchen tableChairsBunk beds w/ blanketsSpace heater
  32. 32. Room Addition KitsOne bedroom3m X 3mInterior panels
  33. 33. More dignity.
  34. 34. zones, asking them to be the hands and feet of Jesus, assessing the needs in eleven communities.cion came to adopt a village of mediaguas in Coliumo foro ver a year. They accompanied these people, each family in the church adopting Coliumo (Grace, Peace, & Hope Church in Concepción)
  35. 35. Coliumo(Grace, Peace, & Hope Church in Concepción)
  36. 36. Iloca(Iglesia de Curicó)
  37. 37. Iloca(Church in Curicó)
  38. 38. Cerro Verde y Penco (Iglesia de Cerro Verde)
  39. 39. TalcahuanoCaleta Tumbes y Maryland
  40. 40. Chillan(New Hope Church)
  41. 41. Traiguen(Mt. Zion Church)
  42. 42. Pastoring in Tubul
  43. 43. A Mission in Tubul
  44. 44. Pastoring in Tubul
  45. 45. 11 communities
  46. 46. food kits42,000 meals
  47. 47. 300hygiene kits
  48. 48. room addition kits 80
  49. 49. insulation kits350
  50. 50. basic homefurnishings kit 51
  51. 51. lives touched 1,400
  52. 52. Emergency Volunteer Network
  53. 53. Cerro Verde y Penco (Church in Cerro Verde)
  54. 54. Coronel(New Birth Church)
  55. 55. Tubul
  56. 56. Friendship, hospitality
  57. 57. Fellowship, a new church
  58. 58. White Earthquake in Lonquimay
  59. 59. Daniel Vivanco • Now in these days our national conventionPresident is promoting fellowship in our churches,National Baptist friendship and volunteer service,Convention of Chile cooperating with one another to fulfill the Great Commission. • Another goal is a season of prayer so that each believer is a missionary in their neighborhood, work, church and home, to influence our society that needs to know the love of God. • Finally, we are forming a national network of volunteers, putting their talents, gifts, and professions to the service of our neighbors, evidence of our faith and redemption in Christ. • It is not hard to respond to the call of Jesus. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” It is to say, “Here am I, Lord, send me .”