The jesuit relations part 2 by miguel cardenas


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The jesuit relations part 2 by miguel cardenas

  1. 1. The Jesuit Relations Part 2 <br />By: Miguel Cardenas<br />
  2. 2. Chapter 4 <br /><ul><li>By all accounts, native wars became more intense and deadly in the seventeenth century, due partly to the adoption of European weaponry but also to the pressures and upheavals occasioned by epidemics, trade, and other effects of contact.
  3. 3. Eventually, French Canada would emerge as the strongest power in the region, even as the hegemonic power, but its ascendancy was never complete, and antagonisms that had originated before the arrival of the French continued.
  4. 4. There aren’t hunters as eager for game as the Indians are when hunting for men.
  5. 5. Indians are very tactical and swift, in their attacks.
  6. 6. Weakened, divided, and demoralized, the Huron nations collapsed as a result of the Iroquois hammer blows of 1649. </li></li></ul><li>Chapter 5 <br /><ul><li>The ‘Relations’ contained many words on the flora, fauna, landscape and ethnographic writings. They revealed 17th century European attitudes on the subject that the new world was that it was to forbidding, or mysterious.
  7. 7. The endless & harsh climate of Canada gave it a God-forgotten look. Europeans wanted to cut trees make cities, and plow for crops, that’s what looked good.
  8. 8. The Jesuits were seeing a lot of ‘celestial phenomena’ even with their schooling they said they were signs from God.
  9. 9. The Indians had stories about what was happening. Theirs was a relationship between humans, animals, and the cosmos.
  10. 10. The anecdotes of the North American wild animals, are frequently presented, and given the embodiment of vices & virtues.
  11. 11. The ‘industrious beaver’ was a source of endless fascination to them.
  12. 12. God gave animal ‘anger’ so they could repel what is hostile to them, even turtles. One story of a turtle is after being clubbed, and threw over a man’s shoulder it came to, and bits the man on the rump; they could not get it to calm down, and had to cut off its head to release the man.
  13. 13. In 1662-1663 New France went thru a violent earthquake, the appearance of three suns in the sky, and comets near Quebec in 1664-1665.
  14. 14. There was great fear amongst everybody; was it because of the battle with the Iroquois? The Jesuits recommend prayer just to be on the safe side.
  15. 15. Even thought the Jesuits were educated men of the time, and the natural sciences' were being accepted, they still saw the activity as signs from God. </li></li></ul><li>Chapter 6 <br /><ul><li>Two French invasions, which left the Mohawks’ fields devastated and their villages in smoldering ruins, convinced them to come to terms with the French, even though they were never actually defeated in battle.
  16. 16. The Jesuits worked among the five nations of the Iroquois League until 1684, when war resumed and the French missionaries were expelled.
  17. 17. The Indians often get drunk off the brandy that the Europeans of the coast began to sell to the natives many years ago.</li></li></ul><li>Chapter 7 <br /><ul><li>Hagiography or sacred biography is a notable feature of many of The Jesuits chronicles of New France.
  18. 18. Hospital nuns were held up for admiration because of their ascetic practices and their religious visions.
  19. 19. recognizing The Hagiography element in The Jesuit relations help us gain better understanding
  20. 20. Father Isaac Jogues was born to a worthy family of the city of Orleans. 
  21. 21. Isaac was send to New France in The year 1636. In That every year he Went up To the Huron country, where he remalles until the 13 of June in The year 1642. 
  22. 22. He was sent To Quebec join the affaire of that important and arruine Mission.
  23. 23. A Frenchman named Gullaume seeing that he had Huron’s were giving away he escaped like them into the great forest and he was agile he was soon out of the enemy’s grasp. But he was seized with remorse because he had forsaken his father and comrade.
  24. 24. The ten day after our capture we arrived at a place where that had to leave water and proceed the land.
  25. 25. Isaac said that at nights they use to take them down and led them into the cabins to be the playthings of the children. For food they use to give them a little boiled corn then they made them lie down on pieces of bark binding them by the arms and the feet to four stakes fastened in the ground in the shape of a Saint Andrews cross.
  26. 26. They made the children throw coal and burning cinders on their stomachs.
  27. 27. Months later still a prisoner among the Mohawks jogues came upon this man he was sick and dying and according to the missionary’s account jogues gave him instructions in Christian doctrine and then baptized him. Shortly after he took his flight to heaven.
  28. 28. Catherine Tegahkoita was born in 1656 at gandaouagur a town in the Mohawk canyon.
  29. 29. Catherine lost her mother at the age of four and was still really young when her father died. They left her in the care of one of her aunts.</li></li></ul><li>Chapter 7 (Continued) <br /><ul><li>Catherine got the smallpox in her infancy this cause her to weakened her sight.
  30. 30. She was baptized on Easter Sunday 1676 and relieves the name of Catherine.
  31. 31. La Prairie bear Montreal was the original site of The Jesuit-sponsored Iroquois community.
  32. 32. Not long after Tegahkoutas arrival the collage moved a short distance upstream to the spot The French called sault St. Louis and The Iroquois called Kahnawake.
  33. 33. On The month of October 1677 The santly girl gailed pursued her journey and at last reached the destination wish she had been the object of her prayers.
  34. 34. Anastasia had not yet made her first communion when she arrived in the colony and it’s not usual in this muselina To Grant this favor to neophytes until after long trails.
  35. 35. Anastasia built herself an aratory and spent all her Time there. She avoided company as much as possible. 
  36. 36. There is a difference also between a site and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth the things of the lord that She May be Holy both in body and spirit but She that is married careth for the things of The World how She May please her husband.
  37. 37. Catherine would no longer endure human conversation Anastasia and Teresa was the only. Two persons with who She retained any kind of intimacy because they aloje to her only about god.
  38. 38. Every year on the anniversary of the death of the good Catherine out of respect For the Holy this saintly girl is honored in Canada.</li>