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  1. 1. Charles Dickens   
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in the city of Portsmouth, son of John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow. His mother was middle class and his father always dragged debts. Charles received no education until the age of nine, with this age, he studied in a school . he spent time away from home, reading voraciously, he read Henry Fieldings Tom Jones. This would be his favorite writer. I also read adventure stories like Robinson Crusoe  and Don Quixote.  
  3. 3. BIOGRAPHY   
  4. 4. BIOGRAPHY Her life changed profoundly when his father was reported for non-payment of debt and imprisoned in the prison. Most of the family moved to live with Mr. Dickens to jail, then possibility provided by law. Charles was welcomed into a home. In 1834 the Morning Chronicle hired him as a political journalist. In 1836 he married Catherine Thompson Hogarth (1816-1879) and established his residence in Bloomsbury. They had ten children.   
  5. 5. BIOGRAPHY   
  6. 6. BIOGRAPHY In 1836 he accepted the job of editor of Bentleys  Miscellany, which continue until 1839. In 1842, he  traveled with his wife to the United States, which  briefly described American Travel Notes. Dickenss  books were popular in their day and were widely  read. In 1856, his popularity allowed him to buy  Gads Hill Place.Where he died on June 9, 1870 with  50 years.   
  7. 7. PLAYS   
  8. 8. PLAYS He published in installments The Posthumous Papers   of the Pickwick Club. His next work was also  serialized, Oliver Twist . Thanks to his published works , Dickens won great  prestige and He published A Christmas Carol.   
  9. 9. PLAYS He founded the weekly Household Words, where he  spread plays  of little known writers and there he   published two of his finest works: Bleak House and  Hard Times.   
  10. 10. PLAYS His big best seller was David Copperfield, which he sold up to  100,000 copies in little time. It was also the first writer to use the  word detective novels. Dickens began a series of trips to Europe where he met Alexandre  Dumas and Jules Verne. On his return to England, organized  plays, and founded the Daily News.   
  11. 11. OLIVER TWIST   
  12. 12. OLIVER TWIST Oliver Twist is an orphan that is  taked to a boarding school. A familyadopt him  but is treated badly and he runs away and  travels to London. There he lives in  a house where there are  more children in this house you can live from stealing in the  market, where an old man, Fagin, whos boss.   
  13. 13. Then, in an attempted robbery he is arrested but the man,  Mr.Brownlow, that he  tried to steal, adopt him. Oliver very  happy but the boss, Fagin and his friend, Bill,  kidnapped  him to he not say anything to the police.After the maids friend say it to Mr.Brownlow but Bill  found  out and killed her.All the children, Fagin and Bill were hidden because  Mr.Brownlow reported them to the police, but they were  discovered by Bills  dog.Finally  everyones  were caught, Bill accidentally hangs  himself and Oliver lived a happy life with Mr.Brownlow.    
  14. 14.