Conversation Connection Commitment
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Conversation Connection Commitment



2013 Presentation to the AZ SHRM Conference

2013 Presentation to the AZ SHRM Conference



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    Conversation Connection Commitment Conversation Connection Commitment Presentation Transcript

    • Conversation, Connection, Commitment:! The Art of Engaging Employees and Boosting Performance! MARNIE E. GREEN, CSP, IPMA-CP! 2013 Arizona SHRM State Conference! !  
    • 2! For  session  slides  and     other  resources     Text  MarnieAZSHRM  to   number  963-­‐62  
    • 3! Insert Mountain Montana photo! Leah Story! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 4! An engaged employee is enthusiastically and proudly involved in his or her organization and day-to-day job responsibilities. ! ! What is an Engaged Employee?! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   2012 ADP/IPMA-HR Engagement Study !
    • 5!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   More Engagement! Good Stuff Happens!
    • 6! P.O.W.E.R ! Team! ! “Promoting Optimism with Enthusiasm and Recreation”! City of Huntington Beach, CA ! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 7! Huntington Beach Employee Lounge! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 8! Engaging Organizations! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 9! Feedback is a major driver ! of employee! engagement.! ! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   The Latest Engagement Studies! BlessingWhite, January 2013!
    • 10!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 11! ! LEAD with Behavior! ELIMINATE Judgment! INQUIRE with Purpose! BE Clear! ! Four Critical Mind-sets for Conversations that Engage! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • Observation vs. Assumption! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   12!
    • ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   13!
    • 14!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 15!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   How do you feel?! What do you need?!
    • 16! Maintain a conversation with a colleague for three minutes, using only questions.! ! A Challenge for You! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • 17! 
 Picture to Cue Bob Story! ! ! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  
    • How Do I Know if it Worked?! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   18! Acknowledge! Reinforce! Behavior changes! Re-address! Assign Consequences ! Behavior doesn’t change!
    • 19!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   Feedforward !
    • 20! For  session  slides  and     other  resources     Text  MarnieAZSHRM  to   number  963-­‐62  
    • 21! Tips for Enhancing Your Personal Confidence! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   Build mastery! Model ! successful ! people! Practice 
 visualization! Mind your ! negative ! thoughts! If not you, 
 then who?! Toughest ! conversation ! today!
    • 22! Tips for Enhancing Your Personal Confidence! ©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   Wait through the silence! Ask for reassurance! Shift your focus! You don't have to be PERFECT all the time!
    • 23!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   You don't have to be PERFECT all the time! Insert  re.rement  photo  to  cue  end  of  Bob  story  
    • 24!©Management  Educa.on  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   ! Join me for a book signing ! at 2:15pm today in the ! SHRM Bookstore! ! Order additional copies at! any of the following 
  ! ! Marnie E. Green, CSP, IPMA-CP!