Improving Employee Engagement with Video


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As today’s work environment becomes more mobile and dispersed, it is increasingly challenging to keep employees fully engaged. With research showing that improving employee engagement leads to higher levels of profit, higher shareholder return, better employee performance and greater employee retention, increasing employee engagement has become a mandate for today’s human resources and corporate communications professional.

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  • Introducing MediaPlatform
  • [If no introduction, do my own introduction] If you want slides…
  • Fewer than 1 in 3… Blessing White 2010 45% is Conference Board 2010 Only 52% trust leadership “ £64 billion that disengagement costs the UK economy4” – The August 2009 Gallup Employee Engagement Index reported that only 33 percent of workers are engaged in their jobs, 49 percent are not engaged, and 18 percent are actively disengaged. The Gallup Organization defines the categories as follows: According to Modern Survey, Sept 2011: Disengagement at all time high Full engaged employees = 8% 20% looking for new job - 70% under engaged “ I have confidence in the future of my company/organization” and “My company/organization is headed in the right direction,” proved to be the most highly associated with individual respondents’ engagement levels.
  • So, this epidemic of low engagement is a crisis. Crisis for COMPANIES and crisis for INDIVIDUALS.
  • Doug believed in what is called “The Service Profit Chain…”
  • And in fact, research from Kenexa proves it… 5x higher Solid Investments in Engagement Yield Shareholder Return: The Aetna Story, Kenexa 2009
  • So, this epidemic of low engagement is a crisis. Crisis for COMPANIES and crisis for INDIVIDUALS.
  • Emotions at work, whether good or bad, spillover to our personal lives and cross over to those around us.
  • In the famous Swedish WOLF study, Researchers asked 3,122 men to rate their bosses using a ten question survey (the five questions above were the ones found to be most predictive). They then tracked the men for the next ten years to see which ones wound up hospitalized for heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problem. The study found that men who worked for effective leaders were about one third to half as likely to be hospitalized from heart disease, or to put it another way, working for a bad boss seems makes you 50% more likely to suffer a heart attack or related ailment.
  • - This is the Unified Communications Spectrum – Chat, telephony, calendar, collaboration, messaging, presence, Audio Web Video Conferencing and Streaming - According to Gartner, “UC” registers as a Top 5 networking investment in 2012 Enterprise wants increased support for mobile devices - By next year, more than 90 percent of enterprises will support corporate applications on a variety of personal devices.These personal devices include laptops, tablets and mobile phones. - At least 60 percent of information workers will access content applications using a mobile device by 2015. This will be driven by the increasing use of mobile video for work. - Enterprises should develop strategies to support video on mobile devices in order to engage mobile workers, Gartner recommends. This includes planning for adaptive delivery of content that enables variable bandwidth and time-shifted consumption, because employees who rely on mobile devices will not always have sufficient access to network resources to consume live video. - We have more options today, than ever before to reach out and connect with others, anywhere, anytime and on any device. - By far the most engaging of all UC modalities is Video.
  • Infonetics Research says “ The Enterprise video market will maintain steady growth, rising at least 6 percent a year for the next four years”. Now, each one of these enterprise video capabilities presents an opportunity to improve employee engagement
  • Uses for Video: Just in time or ad-hoc training HR and employee benefits Internal executive communications Better project and departmental communications Better product/procedural demos Companies lack the creation and sharing tools or platforms Want better support for streaming video Companies want easy asset management, publishing and reporting Need mobile capabilities to enable a growing field workforce
  • Employees are ready for video and see a value in the workplace Value of Video: Their response rate 6 x more effective than print 50% increase in memory retention compared to print 52 to 66% increase in message understanding 50% to 65% increase in leadership trust Evokes emotion, aiding in “long-term” memory Communicates authenticity That leads us to the point: Now that you have all this video Where are you going to put it? How are users going to find it, consume and share it?
  • Company.TV Need: Need: Enterprise YouTube Multiple Channels Video Upload Live and VoD Secure: Roles and Permissions-based Social Features SSO Integration Viewed on Mobile
  • Company.TV kicked off their portal launch with an All Employee Talent Contest. Taking place for 1 week. Awards night tied to the Anniversary celebration of the company. Employees get together, for rewards and recognition. 20 submissions 13,000 views Over 25% of the workforce actively engaging Submissions from global workforce. Ratings, Comments were allowed Goal: Environment that bridges global gap, fosters sharing, collaboration, creativity, learning, communication and community. Personalized Secure Measured Results – Recognition, Rewards, Engagement
  • Lets look at the analytics. Kicked off the portal launch with an All Employee Global Video Talent Contest to build awareness, connect global employees, foster community and more. All employee generated video content went through an approval process prior to publishing to the portal.
  • Viewership double every 2-3 days Video Contributions grew Video views became viral among employee
  • Views grew to 13,000 during the contest Results: Every employee knows about the Video Portal, they are excited to contribute and collaborate, there is a 20% uptick in business related content upload and sharing, management has already begun the next video participation campaign
  • Getting Started As part of your strategy try a Survey This survey is based on level of importance and satisfaction – high, low or not sure
  • Create an adoption strategy: Like in the examples I showed you today you can implement the same programs for your employees.
  • Introducing MediaPlatform
  • Improving Employee Engagement with Video

    1. 1. Improving Employee Engagement with Video
    2. 2. Employee Engagement Is Everyone’s Job!
    3. 3.
    4. 4. “What is engagement, anyway?”
    5. 5. Employee engagement = Emotional commitment to organization’s goals.  Engagement   Discretionary Effort
    6. 6. Job satisfaction is at an ALL-TIME LOW
    7. 7. Sources: Blessing White, Conference Board Fewer than 1 in 3 are engaged Only 45% are even “satisfied” at work
    8. 8. Crisis & Opportunity for BUSINESS
    9. 9. Engagement-Profit Chain Sources: The Service Profit Chain, Heskett & Sasser
    10. 10. Source: Kenexa 2009 5x Higher!
    11. 11. Crisis & Opportunity for INDIVIDUALS
    12. 12. Spillover & Crossover
    13. 13. Source: Nyberg, et al, “Managerial Leadership and Ischemic Heart…”
    14. 14. What can INDIVIDUALS do to increase their own ENGAGEMENT?
    15. 15. Growth Recognition Trust Surveys of 10 million workers in 150countries
    16. 16. What is your personal engagement profile (what are your triggers)? Experience gratitude for what the company is already doing. Partner with your boss, and “lead without a title.”
    17. 17. What’s Your Engagement Style?
    18. 18. How can you be proactive and partner with your boss on growth? Conversation Starters Share your 3- to 5-year career goals. Ask your manager if your goals seem reasonable. Ask your manager if she would envision a different career path for you based on your strengths. Ask what kinds of knowledge, skills, experiences, and relationships you need in order to reach your goals. Ask your manager to keep you in mind for any unique projects or opportunities that you could be assigned to so you can develop new skills. Hi Jane, I’ve been thinking about my career path and areas I should focus on for further development. I’d love your perspective and guidance. Could we meet one-on-one sometime in the next couple of weeks to discuss?
    19. 19. Conversation Starters Not sure if you noticed, but Anne stayed really late last night to finish up that project… I had an idea for employee recognition. What if we set up a gratitude box and put in the names of people… I’m curious what you think someone from our team would have to do to get nominated for a President’s award? Hi Ramit, I’ve been thinking about how to increase our culture of appreciation on our team and have a few ideas I’d love to run by you. Can we meet briefly or can I run shoot you some ideas via email? How can you be proactive and partner with your boss on recognition?
    20. 20. Conversation Starters Can you review our company’s goals with me, or point me to where I can find them… I know I’ve heard or company goals before but have a hard time remembering them. Can you help me to simplify or prioritize them… Can we talk about how our own goals align with the company goals… Hi Asha, I’ve been thinking about my personal goals for the year and realized I’m not as clear as I should be on how our work here is supporting the company’s overall objectives. Can we meet sometime in the next couple of weeks to discuss? How can you be proactive and partner with your boss on trust?
    21. 21. Win 1 of 10 Free Books What did you think of today’s webinar? To: Subject: today’s webinar Kevin, I thought the webinar…
    22. 22. Unified Communications in the Enterprise - Where does video fit? - What is research showing? What drives video? - Executive Management - Employees Launching an Enterprise YouTube Case Studies – Insightful results Getting Started – Things to consider Agenda: Improving Employee Engagement with Video
    23. 23. The Unified Communications Spectrum -UC registers as a Top 5 networking investment in 2012 -Enterprise wants a single user interface, and integrated solutions -Enterprises should develop strategies to support video on mobile devices in order to engage mobile workers -Gartner
    24. 24. Unified Communications - Video -Video Conferencing -Video Collaboration Apps -Live Video Streaming -Interactive, and Rich Media -Video on-demand -Social Video Portals for Business -Employee Generated Video The Enterprise video market will maintain steady growth, rising at least 6 percent a year for the next four years. - Infonetics Research
    25. 25. What Drives Executive Management Use of Video for Engagement?  Concern for employeeConcern for employee engagement & productivityengagement & productivity  Deeper connection with theirDeeper connection with their employeesemployees  Want authenticity – video bothWant authenticity – video both presentspresents andand evokesevokes emotionemotion  Knowledge sharingKnowledge sharing  Training and developmentTraining and development  Results!Results! More connected & engaged workforce Higher retention, revenue, profits More effective communication
    26. 26.  New “YouTube” generation wantsNew “YouTube” generation wants short form, visual, less boringshort form, visual, less boring content than long text documentscontent than long text documents  This is how they share andThis is how they share and communicatecommunicate  Employees want a voiceEmployees want a voice  Employees are motivated to shareEmployees are motivated to share knowledgeknowledge  Enjoy showcasing their expertiseEnjoy showcasing their expertise  Employees want to feelEmployees want to feel connected, sense of socialconnected, sense of social communitycommunity  Better engagement withBetter engagement with management and seniormanagement and senior leadershipleadership What Drives Employees Use of Video for Engagement?
    27. 27. Management Use Cases of Video to Connect and Engage Collaboration - across geographic boundries On-demand -Training and HR Live Webcasts - Townhall meetings with interactive Q&A
    28. 28. Employee Use Cases of Video to Connect and Engage Capture Internal Meetings Weekly “Coffee Talks” Employee Culture and Fun! “How to” Knowledge Sharing
    29. 29. Case Study: Employee Video Portal Launch – Company.TV Need:Need:  EnterpriseEnterprise YouTubeYouTube  Multiple ChannelsMultiple Channels  Video UploadVideo Upload  Live and VoDLive and VoD  Secure: RolesSecure: Roles and Permissions-and Permissions- basedbased  Social FeaturesSocial Features  SSO IntegrationSSO Integration  Viewed on MobileViewed on Mobile
    30. 30. Case Study: Employee Video Portal Launch – Company.TV Solution:Solution:  Environment thatEnvironment that bridges global gap,bridges global gap, fosters sharing,fosters sharing, collaboration, creativity,collaboration, creativity, learning, communicationlearning, communication and community.and community.  Personalized –Personalized – Channels for “me”Channels for “me”  SecureSecure  MeasuredMeasured  Results – Recognition,Results – Recognition, Rewards, EngagementRewards, Engagement
    31. 31. ANALYTICS Launch – June 18th through 20th - In first 3 days almost 2800 views
    32. 32. Mid Launch – June 20th and 21st - In 2 days views doubled to over 5,800 views Over 25% of Workforce
    33. 33. Results – June 22th and 26st - 5 final days - doubled to over 13,000 views
    34. 34. Employee Survey to Learn More Not Important 10% Somewhat Important 30% Very Important 60% Satisfied 45% Very Satisfied 55% 60% said a video portal was very important to a communication program 70% said they were very dissatisfied with their current video solution Somewhat Satisfied 20% Not sure 10% Very Dissatisfied 70% Somewhat Important 30% Not sure 10% Very Important 60% 100% said they would be satisfied to very satisfied with this pilot video solution 60% said mobile video was very important to their communications
    35. 35. Review: How to Get Started •Create an adoption strategy • Top to bottom – Executive sponsorship & pilot • Bottom up – Evangelists to inspire • Promotions and contests, market the idea •Make it easy to discover and share – Central online library or portal with search and share tools *Microsoft (earn points for contributing content, and for # views) *Qualcomm (video contest – why I love to work here) •Choose a platform for video/audio capture and publishing •Set up a short pilot program •Create an employee survey •Set up business processes and governance – roles & permissions, workflow & approvals, content security
    36. 36. Thank You Darlene Hoyer Regional VP, Sales MediaPlatform, Inc. 310-909-8410