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Long-term Courting in the Recruiting World | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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As a recruiter, there are several approaches to nurturing passive candidate relationships that work. In this presentation from Talent Connect Vegas 2013, you'll from two of ADP’s top recruiting team members and SapientNitro’s Manager, Global Sourcing on what strategies are most effective for them.

Try these 10 tips to successfully engage with passive candidates
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Long-term Courting in the Recruiting World | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. 1. Long Term Courting in the Recruiting World Luci Gomes-Bickunas Talent Acquisition Specialist at ADP @Lucigb Matt LeBlanc Senior Sourcer at ADP @MatthewJLeBlanc Becky Mohr, Manager, Global Sourcing at SapientNitro @mohrbecky ..
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction of Speakers  Long Term Courting Philosophy: Wooing  Long Term Courting Application: Tools, Messaging, and Examples  Closing  Q&A #intalent
  3. 3. Introduction of Speakers
  4. 4.  SapientNitro = A new breed of agency for an always on world  Clients include: Jeep, Fiat, Dunkin Donuts, Hyatt, LeBron James, Maybelline  11,000 employees globally  Hires: Creative, Technology, Account Management, PM, Strategy, and Support  Hiring Model (non-India)  1,300 annually  Just-in-time recruitment model  Hiring team of 95, globally #intalent
  5. 5. Becky Mohr: SapientNitro  With Sapient for 3.5 years  Manages “Onshore Sourcing,” 10 people in North America and the UK.  Co-manages “Global Sourcing,” 25 people  Sourcing = Two equal areas of focus  Candidate generation  Candidate engagement Email address: #intalent
  6. 6.  More than just a payroll company  US hiring model  Hires: Everything and then some  10,000+ hires annually  58,000+ employees globally  Staffing team of 130+  Serve about 600k organizations in 125+ countries  Over 80% of FORTUNE 500 companies and more than 90 FORTUNE 100 companies use at least one of our services  FORTUNE 500: Ranked 269 (2012) #intalent
  7. 7. Luci Gomes-Bickunas: ADP  2 ½ years at ADP; 10 years of recruiting/sourcing experience  Team Lead with ADP managing 2 virtual teams in US and India  Experience with sourcing for SAP Professionals in Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina  PHR Certified, Completed 6 AIRS Certifications and LinkedIn Recruiter Certified Coach  Speak 5 different languages  Proficient at hiring candidates that require wooing for 24-36 months Email address: #intalent
  8. 8. Matt LeBlanc: ADP The three rules to recruit by:  The difficult takes time, the impossible just takes a little longer.  Impossible is just another word for inconvenient.  Wooing candidates who are not UNDER qualified for their qualifications. Email address: #intalent
  9. 9. Long Term Courting: Philosophy Wooing
  10. 10. Woo 1.) try to gain the love of, especially with a view to marriage 2.) seek the favor, support, or custom of – Oxford Dictionary #intalent
  11. 11. Passive Candidates Require Woo‟ing  Passive candidates = essential  40% of our hires are Sapient-sourced  Up to 50% of sourced candidates are passive  Passive Candidates = difficult to engage #intalent
  12. 12. Passive Candidates are like a recently single attractive lady #intalent
  13. 13. Passive Candidates Require Woo‟ing  Passive candidates are essential  40% of our hires are Sapient-sourced, vs. just 10% are applicants  Up to 50% of Sapient-sourced candidates are passive  Passive Candidates = difficult to engage  Long term woo‟ing     Creates a stream of touch points Successfully sets up an eventual close Creates more passive candidates Creates more active candidates #intalent
  14. 14. How to achieve success in woo‟ing The Qualities of a Successful Suitor
  15. 15. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor  Consistency  Memory  Desirability  Trustworthiness #intalent
  16. 16. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Consistency
  17. 17. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Consistency  Consistent messaging  Personalized messaging  Varied channels  Time and effort dedicated to relationship building #intalent
  18. 18. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Memory
  19. 19. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Memory  Perfect memory of general and personal candidate information  Proper treatment of candidates „in-cycle‟ at any stage  (Exclusion in email blasts)  Recruiter ownership over candidates #intalent
  20. 20. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Desirability
  21. 21. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Desirability  Targeted employment branding  Defined company culture  Visible thought-leadership  Relating the candidate to the brand #intalent
  22. 22. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Trustworthiness
  23. 23. The Qualities of a Successful Suitor Trustworthiness  Listen, take notes, and remembering  Follow/network with them on social media  Provide consultative value to candidates  Prove consistent honesty, patience, and care for the candidate, and be rewarded with a easy close. #intalent
  24. 24. Long Term Courting Applications: Tools, Messaging, Examples
  25. 25. Tools Of The (Wooing) Trade
  26. 26. Why Tools Are Needed in Wooing #intalent
  27. 27. Uncovering Candidate Information
  28. 28. Finding Out More About The Candidate #intalent
  29. 29. Finding Out More About The Candidate #intalent
  30. 30. Finding Out More About The Candidate #intalent
  31. 31. Uncovering Stories To Share
  32. 32. Goals Of Your Research to be the most interesting recruiter in the world…. What content (surveyed) people want:  92% interesting content  84% humor  66% personal connection .. #intalent
  33. 33. Google Alerts #intalent
  34. 34. Subscriptions #intalent
  35. 35. SocialMention #intalent
  36. 36. Topsy #intalent
  37. 37. Easy Sharing On LinkedIn #intalent
  38. 38. LinkedIn Recruiter Tools - A Recruiter‟s Best Friend
  39. 39. LinkedIn Recruiter Tools #intalent
  40. 40. Messaging Guidelines
  41. 41. Messaging – What To Say “Passive candidates are not really as passive as they say they are, like active candidates, they are more than willing to listen. The big difference being, they are more selective” - Steve Guine, National Director of Staffing at IIT. Successful Sourcer = #intalent
  42. 42. Constant Communication & Hand Holding Relationships based on trust lead to hires even if it is 24-36 months down the road! #intalent
  43. 43. Messaging: Real World Examples
  44. 44. Messaging: The Act of Woo‟ing Dear ___, I am a Recruiter with Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADP), a $10 billion business process outsourcing company. I would like to introduce myself to you in hopes of networking and getting some guidance from you. I saw your profile and was very impressed with your background! Your multiple years of SAP PY experience are the type of expertise we search for. I was hoping that with your vast knowledge of SAP PY you would be able to help me in my search. We are currently recruiting for full time SAP Payroll Lead Consultants with US and Canadian payroll experience. THIS IS A REMOTE/VIRTUAL WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITY WITH MINIMUM TRAVEL. I was hoping you knew of someone in the industry who could be interested and meets these qualifications, please contact me to discuss further. You could find more information about ADP GlobalView at Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply! Luci #intalent
  45. 45. Messaging: The Act of Woo‟ing Dear ___, Just wanted to send a quick note to say hello and see how everything is going with the new baby, he should be almost 4 months old soon, I remember how hard it was for the first year of being a parent, so wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. I can only imagine how hard it must be on you and your whole family to be travelling all the time and missing so much of baby Jake‟s life. Hope all is well and best regards to the family. Luci #intalent
  46. 46. Messaging: The Act of Woo‟ing Hey ___, Just saw that SAP is hosting a great webinar next week on Configuring the PY module; I remember you mentioning how you wanted to grow your skillset on that module and thought you may be interested. Here is the info: Let me know if the webinar was helpful! Luci #intalent
  47. 47. Messaging: The Act of Woo‟ing Dear ___, Have a great position that will be opening soon for an SAP Team Lead with 10% travel (3-4 trips a year); which differs greatly from your current travel schedule of every week. I thought of you right away since I know how much easier this would be on your family. I believe your current project will be ending within the next couple of months…so just wanted to run this by you first and see if you would be interested in discussing before we go live with advertising it. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Luci #intalent
  48. 48. Closing
  49. 49. Time and Commitment  Be the bridge  Engage them in conversation  Take excellent notes  Provide them with articles or information #intalent