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  • April 3,2010 – 1STiPadarrives,2012 – 1 in 5 adults owns a tabletTablet owners doubled this past holiday seasonTo date – more than 40 Million iPads soldApple sold 15MM iPads during 4th quarter 2011Kindle Fire launched on Nov. 15 and sold 6MM Kindle Fires during the quarterEntering the post PC Era
  • At Buick we couldn’t be more thrilled to be reaching a new Generation of BuyersBuick has been reinvented from a product standpointGoal: to build outstanding luxury cars for a new generation of buyers—buyers who want a new kind of luxury
  • At Buick we embrace what we call a Human Kind of Luxury and that’s exactly how I would describe tablet users:Tech savvy, early adoptersCurious and connectedEmbrace innovation and adventureCould say the same about mobile usersSmartphone is more for quick informationBy contrast tablet users are explorersLooking for a rich immersive experience
  • Advertising on TabletsMost brands haven’t made the leap yetOnly 33% of brands in the US have a mobile optimized siteIn some respects, Advertising on a table is the same as advertising anywhereCan’t do it just for the sake of getting on the deviceLook for where your audience is going to beEngage, don’t disruptLets talk about reaching people
  • Reach Your Target AudienceOur research showed that the people we want to reach—the ones that are looking for a more human kind of luxury—tend to seek content that falls under three pillars:Cultured and connectedEarly adoptersHeavy tech usersThose that need to be in the knowCulinary DiscoveryHuman AchievementWe looked for opportunities that fit 1 of these pillars2010—became 1 of 6 brands to advertise on the Wall Street Journal app right when the iPad launchedIt was an exciting time and this help put us ahead of the curveReached tech savvy early adoptersChose WSJ because of what it represented to our content strategy: readers that were cultured and connectedBeat our benchmarks by 150%Continued with the launch of the Amazon Kindle through special offersLast 6 months in app integrations with USA Today and CNN#2 culinary and travel—Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure; because if you are looking for a restaurant or hotel we want you to get there in a Buick#3 Human Achievement—partnering with NCAA and former athletes who have make incredible contributions to their communityThese programs reach our audience where we knew they’d beMake your brand feel like it belongs in that space
  • Create Engaging Experiences—tablet users are curious, adventurous. They’re explorers, they want to play with their device1 ½ hours a day on a tablet—looking at photos, videos and exploring brand experiencesIn addition to reaching the right people, engage with rich media in-app integrationUSA Today—ads feel comfortable 3 sizes that just don’t drive to Buick.com Showcased the Regal through videos that take you through the experience of driving one; link to Buick.com231% higher than benchmarks
  • Creating ValueIf you are a college basketball fan you may know that last year Buick partnered with the NCAA for an app to livestream March Madness games to a tablet or smart phoneBuick March Madness logo on screen, saw us with the NCAA in a non intrusive wayAvg of 44 minutes with app#1 free iPhone and iPad app during that timeDidn’t stop thereCreated the Human Highlight reelTold stories of former college athletes that went on to do incredible thingsHuge success—drove record traffic to Buick.com with an increase of 24%
  • Stories of inspiring athletes through video, perfect for the tabletBoston’s Travis Roy, college hockey player who suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury, started a foundation that helps people in his positionFormer women’s basketball player Kameca Simmons, works with underprivileged and at risk youth in Las VegasWith the tablet experience can watch countless videos and sharePartnership with NCAA is an immersive brand building experience1/5th of traffic came from tabletsMultitasking60% of total visitation on College Football Saturdays is to the mobile websiteBest part of NCAA it gives people what they wanted, they can learn the inside story of some amazing athletesIt engages them, it doesn’t disrupt—Key to creating a truly immersive experienceIntegrate NCAA across all of our marketing channelsNCAAF digital campaign delivered 509MM impressions, 544K clicks, and a 0.11% CTR121,087 visits alone to Buick’s NCAA Mobile Site since launch1,782 video views within the mobile experience
  • Moment of TruthHeadlines for it’s social component—aggregated real time social media commentary for all mentions of the Regal from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, auto sites and more—positive and negative78% of those surveyed said they would tell others about BuickRelaunchedVideo and photos it was a natural for tabletsBuilt in HTML5, making it flexible, scalable and viewable across all devicesPlay with videos, read reviews or just play around125K visits to Buick’s Moment of Truth within the first month after re-launch70% of all views are from a tablet
  • There’s a lot of talk about gaming on smartphones—52% of casual gamers play on phones—Angry Birds2/3rds of tablet users play games and 23% play dailyLaunched in December, available on PC, smart phones and tablets3 gamesFuel efficiency isn’t very sexy and no one really wants to read about itAbout 10K downloads in 3 months versus 10K page views in 5 monthsThe Future of TabletsPost PC eraBuick’s tablet traffic increasing 23% per monthMore immersive experiencesFirst-ever for Buick, interactive mobile apps are now available for download on Buick’s mobile and ipad sites as well as in the Apple and Android stores. The Buick Fuel Efficiency Games application is intended to educate and inform users about the fuel-saving benefits of Buick’s eAssist Technology through three interactive game experiencesAn eAssist page is also available on Buick’s mobile site to provide more information and explanation about the innovative, fuel-saving technology9,546 visits to eAssist page from August 2011 – December 2011
  • TabletBuick was one of the first auto brands to launch an iPad specific site in 2010321,380 total visits in 2011iPad traffic is 5% of desktop traffic On average, traffic increases 23% each monthiPad usage peaks on weekends which compliments the behavior of desktop site visitorsMobile5M visits to the site in 2011Mobile traffic averages about 36% of desktop trafficBoth Tablets and Mobile are an integral part of our Marketing Strategy
  • 0945 omma tablet jim kruger

    2. 2. TABLET GROWTH• 2010 – 1ST tablet arrives• 2012 – 1 in 5 adults owns a tablet• Tablet owners doubled in 1 holiday shopping period (mid-December- January ‘12)• Q4 - 6 Million Kindle Fires Sold 2 GM Confidential – 2 Buick
    3. 3. BUICK’S TABLET SITE 3 GM Confidential – 3 Buick
    4. 4. A NEW GENERATION OF BUYERSTablet users:• Tech savvy, early adopters• Curious and connected• Embrace innovation and adventure 4 GM Confidential – 4 Buick
    5. 5. IPAD RESEARCH “…the iPad is just another laptop as far as I’m concerned.” “I would expect an iPad and PC to work the same, it’s more of a wish though.” “The quality of information and the quantity of information seems to go down from desktop to iPad.” 5 GM Confidential – 5Buick
    6. 6. REACHING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Cultured & Connected Culinary Discovery Human Achievement 6 GM Confidential – 6 Buick
    7. 7. CREATING ENGAGING EXPERIENCES Interaction Rate = 231% over benchmark! 7 GM Confidential – 7 Buick
    8. 8. CREATING VALUE• Launch of the NCAA platform included integration with the March Madness on Demand App• Buick partnered with the NCAA as part of our Human Achievement pillar to bring live tournament games to mobile and iPad devices for the first time everResults:• 212K unique users, 292K streams, and 258K sessions• YTD total downloads exceeded 2 million downloads, an increase of 234% from last year• Average time spent streaming = 44 minutes and 17 seconds, an indication that consumers were engaged with the application for entire games 8 GM Confidential – 8 Buick
    9. 9. BUICK HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REEL www.ncaa.com/buick•Custom mobile site – viewable, sharable, portable video content• HTML5 tablet-friendly site m.ncaa.com/buick 9 GM Confidential – 9 Buick
    10. 10. MOMENT OF TRUTH• Honest, unbiased and unfiltered content aggregated from expert reviews, owners, Buick and fans• 75% agree that their opinion of Buick has changed in a positive manner• 78% agree that they would tell others to take a look at Buick www.momentoftruth.com 10 GM Confidential – 10 Buick
    11. 11. BUICK FUEL EFFICIENCY GAMES• A first for Buick, three interactive games were designed and created to educate and inform users about the fuel-saving benefits of Buick’s eAssist Technology• 8500 downloads in first 3 weeks• Users can find eAssist Games via Buicks desktop, tablet, and mobile sites, App stores, and Facebook 11 GM Confidential – 11 Buick
    12. 12. BUICK DIGITAL PROPERTIESBuick Desktop Site Buick Mobile SiteBuick Tablet Site 12 GM Confidential – 12 Buick
    13. 13. THANK YOU