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Fast Pitch Forum (Picnik)


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Fast Pitch Forum (Picnik)

  1. 1. Picnik Photo-editing Awesomeness Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  2. 2. Picnik’s Mission • Create a game changing photos app that makes any photos activity downright fun • Give users of great sites like flickr, facebook, yahoo mail, etc., photos ‘super powers’ • Break down walled-gardens between photo- sites and social networks. • Make ‘Picnik’ an internet verb. Be everywhere your photos are. Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  3. 3. Intro to Team • CEO: Jonathan Sposato • Founder/CEO of Phatbits – purchased by Google in 2005 for ‘Google Desktop Gadgets & Sidebar’ – Awarded PC Magazine’s ‘Best Gadgets Platform’ • Microsoft Director of User Experience; personally delivered the next level of thought to chairman Bill Gates regarding future of MSN, Messenger, Hotmail, Spaces, and MSN Mobile.  • Shipped award winning ‘fun’ consumer software: Microsoft Kids Products, Xbox games, MSN Messenger, and 'threedegrees'. • CTO: Darrin Massena • Recipient of ‘Leonardo Di Vinci’ award from Bill Gates, Microsoft • Founder of Spiffcode – creator of Warfare Incorporated, Handheld Game Of The Year award winner • Author of the first Windows-based development tools for Palm PDAs and founder of the PDA Open Source community • Development Manager for Microsoft Windows and Consumer products, in particular Windows NT and Microsoft Bob! • Lead developer for several video games published by Activision and Virgin Games • COO: Mike Harrington • Co-founder Valve Software. Director of Development for mega-hits ‘Half Life’ and ‘CounterStrike’ • Half Life awarded ‘Best Game of the Year’, ‘Best PC Game of All Time’, ‘E3 Best of Show’, many more • Senior leader in MSFT Consumer Division • Development Manager for Microsoft Windows NT User Interface team • Development Manager for Microsoft Consumer Products • Lead Developer for Dynamix Games Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  4. 4. Who are we? • Bitnik... We are – 18 person team here!! – UX focused – history of award winning consumer apps & games – avid photos consumers – located downtown Seattle – independently owned Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  5. 5. Why Picnik is important to Any Partner • Picnik is the ‘best of breed’ photos experience • Picnik is disruptive: – Stealing share away from adobe/corel’s total addressable market of 40M ‘Creative Non-professionals’ • Picnik is a powerful engine for – new member acquisition – picnik’s growth is 10% per month – old member retention – picnik’s visitor loyalty is high with >50% of users visiting over 5+ times per month – awesome user engagement –avg session time is 18 minutes. • photo sites and social networks will likely make photo-editing a first class feature – Picnik can help propel someone far ahead. • Picnik has an industry wide perception of excitement around brand and momentum Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  6. 6. Picnik’s Current Traffic • 30M+ monthly visits • 10M monthly absolute uniques • 120M+ total life time visits • 1.2M daily visitors • 18.39 minutes avg time on site • reaches 3.5 times internet avg for 18-24 yr olds Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  7. 7. Picnik’s keeps growing... • Alexa ranking Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  8. 8. Mainstream Print Media • “If simplicity is genius, then is the Einstein of photo editing programs.” —TIME Magazine 2/19/07 3/17/08 Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  9. 9. Best web 2.0 thing I’ve seen. Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  10. 10. Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  11. 11. Great Demographics • Picnik audience is 70% female • Picnik attracts a young, social audience, reaching > 3.5 times the Internet average for 18-24 year olds • Picnik also reaches the household CIO (typically mom 25-44), loves digital photography, makes shopping decisions, and shares news online about the family • Picnik scores above the Internet average for households making 60-100k/year • Picnik households are 1.7 times more likely to have children age 6-17 at home • The Picnik audience is ethnically diverse • Digital photography enthusiasts are 2.2 times more likely than average to spend $500 to $999 online on products • Digital photography enthusiasts are 1.6 times more likely than average user to have shopped online for consumer electronics. Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  12. 12. Google Results for ‘Picnic’, yields ‘Picnik’ Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  13. 13. Picnik’s Regions • Picnik’s reach is global – Picnik users come from 223 different countries top 20 regions by visits: US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, UK, Malaysia, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Australia, Venezuela, Germany, Singapore, Chile, Argentina, Sweden, France, Colombia, Dominican Republic... – Picnik has been localized internationally and available in 9 different languages: • Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, English Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  14. 14. Picnik’s commercial partners • Picnik has partnered and/or integrated with many established worldwide internet companies; – Integrations: Yahoo/Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Photoworks,,, Lexmark, Freewebs,,, and many many more...(over 200 API partners) – Picnik “bridges” to: Google, Webshots, Photobucket, Walmart, Imageshack, Costco, Typepad, Snapfish, SmugMug, Windows Live, Kodak, Fotolog, AOL Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  15. 15. Picnik has won many Industry Awards • Macworld 2007 Editor’s Choice Award – Picnik – Amazon MP3 – google docs • Webby 2007 Award • CNET/Webware Top 10 Hits • I.D. Annual Design 2008 Award – Picnik – iPhone – Olympic Sculpture Park • Facebook For Dummies’s “10 Greatest Facebook Applications” • MySpace Editor’s Choice • Washington Technology Annual Industry Achievement nomination • TIME Magazine’s “Best 50 Websites of 2008” • American Business Awards “Stevie” for “Best Web Design 2008” • Horizon Media Awards – 2008 Best Design Bronze Winner • many more... Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward
  16. 16. Appendix Bitnik Confidential – Do Not Forward