Innovation for Europeana - Europeana v2.0 WP7


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Presentation at Europeana Plenary Conference in Leuven, Belgium, 13-15 June 2012

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Innovation for Europeana - Europeana v2.0 WP7

  1. 1. Innovation for Europeana Europeana v2.0, WP7 – Innovation Max Kaiser, Head R&D, Austrian National Library June 13, 2012, Europeana Pre-Conference, Leuven
  2. 2. Welcome to the EuropeanaTech Pre-Conference! @maxkaiser
  3. 3. Introduction to theEuropeanaTech Agenda @maxkaiser
  4. 4. Europeana v2.0:Goals of WP7 – Innovation Develop R&D community around Europeana Encourage thought and practical innovation from the Europeana Network Build consensus on technical solutions Attract capacity for technical development Gather ideas for innovation @maxkaiser
  5. 5. ResearchersDomain ExpertsApplication Developers @maxkaiser
  6. 6. @maxkaiser
  7. 7. Europeana R&D Agenda for 2012(Business Plan, section 2.4) Foster a network of specialists from GLAM & research institutions • They can advice on technological topics when needed • Build on earlier projects and workgroups Develop R&D agenda for Europeana • Identify trends, gaps & key issues in crucial themes, who is working on them, how Europeana can support them Feed R&D results from the scientific / open source community into the development of Europeana • E.g. translate relevant R&D results into reuquirements for Europeana Inform IT-related networks on Europeana-related R&D • e.g. LOD community Improve and incrementally update EDM @maxkaiser
  8. 8. @maxkaiser
  9. 9. EuropeanaTech CommunityEuropeanaTech community launched during the 2011Europeana Network event in Rotterdam @maxkaiser
  10. 10. Mission Role of EuropeanaTech Research and Development community built up around Europeana Expertise from the Europeana network & active collaboration with stakeholder groups outside the Europeana network (e.g. DPLA) Facilitate community to meet, innovate and undertake research needed for the future of Europeana & the benefit of the broad cultural heritage and research communities Gather task forces on specific technical points and foster a Europeana Software Developers Network @maxkaiser
  11. 11. Tasks of Europeana v2.0 WP7 (Innovation)1. Developers’ Network and FLOSS Inventory • FLOSS: Free Libre Open Source Software • Created by WP7, enriched by the EuropeanaTECH community • Focus on tools from/for the cultural heritage domain, relevant for the Europeana network • Included properties to asses the maturity and applicability for Europeana related goals2. Innovative applications for user interaction and UGC  Build consensus on technical solutions @maxkaiser
  12. 12. Tasks of Innovation WP3. Semantic Web / Linked Data  Tools for semantic extraction  Social Semantic Web  Model refinements for EDM4. Multilingual Access / Translation  Usability of multilingual access  Development of user interaction models to guide and maintain these processes for the Europeana portal and beyond @maxkaiser
  13. 13. Achievements so far: FLOSSInventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain First iteration based on existing sources (Hack4Europe, Europeana ThoughtLab) Publicly available as a working document on the EuropeanaTech Wiki Edit rights can be obtained by contacting mbrinkerink [at] beeldengeluid [dot] nl!!! Active collaboration within the EuropeanaTech Network of Developers is instrumental for improving the quality of this inventory !!!Have a look and contribute: Ek4ZEMxQ01jaDgxQXFSTkE#gid=0 @maxkaiser
  14. 14. Next Steps FLOSS:Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain Active involvement of the EuropeanaTech Network to discuss and improve the inventory Gap analysis of the FLOSS inventory for Europeana Improvement, refactoring and development of a number of key applications Emphasis on innovative applications in the area of access provision, user interaction and User Generated Content @maxkaiser
  15. 15. Achievements so far:Semantic Web / Linked DataMarket study on technical options for semantic feature extraction Effective and efficient tools for the extraction of concepts and named entities From digital text, audio resources and video resources Available on EuropeanaTECH Community Wiki Feedback to marlies.olensky(at) @maxkaiser
  16. 16. Next steps:Semantic Web / Linked Data Make market study a “living document” on the Europeana Tech Wiki Model refinements for EDM • Include EuropeanaTech Network • For example on EDM-FRBRoo-harmonization Social Semantic Web (task starting September 2012) • Based on decisions what innovative applications for user interaction and UCG will be developed (from the FLOSS-task) • Use User Generated Content (UGC) for automatically contextualizing information objects • Enrich the Linked Open Data (LOD) space with named entities and concepts that can be identified in the UGC @maxkaiser
  17. 17. Multilingual Access and Translations Multilingual user-driven  Automatically enhancing data content multilingually  Complement the semantic enrichment processesCollaborative User  Leverage collaborative features features to interaction to improve translations & add improve models translations user-driven data in new languages  Development of user interaction models to support these Enhance provider processes content multilingually @maxkaiser
  18. 18. Achievements so far:Multilingual Access / Translation Analyzed 50 websites from cultural heritage domain • Prevailing interaction patterns • Search and browsing features Determined multilingual access features across these sites Aggregated collaborative and user-generated content features, e.g. • User exhibitions • Story telling @maxkaiser
  19. 19. Next steps:Multilingual Access / Translation State-of-the-art report about enhancing machine translation through user-provided data and potential enrichment sources for metadata Develop a staged model of multilingual metadata enrichment Develop user interaction models which support the presentation of multilingual content @maxkaiser
  20. 20. Our agenda today R&D Mission Statement  Johan Oomen FLOSS Inventory  Maarten Brinkerink Semantic Web / Linked Data  Marlies Olensky Multilinguality  Julian Stiller (short break) Services and Solutions: ASSETS EDM cases: Polymath and MIMO Task Forces and Parallel Sessions Reporting back Discussion @maxkaiser
  21. 21. Thank you!