Sdi technologies and implementation patterns (compress)


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Overview of SDI technologies and implementation patterns.

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Sdi technologies and implementation patterns (compress)

  1. 1. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) SDI technologies and Implementation Patterns Marco Wagemakers
  2. 2. ContentClick to edit Subtitle (optional) • SDI Implementation - Inspire • SDI moving ahead • From developing in using • Extending the reach of SDI - ArcGIS Online
  3. 3. SDI Connects People to Information toMake edit Subtitle DecisionsClick to Better (optional) • … Applying Geographic Knowledge To Societies’ Challenges
  4. 4. SDI ElementsClick to edit Subtitle (optional) • Policy and Data Sharing Agreements • Education on Policies and Best-practices • Host and Maintain SDI Components • Collaboration to Solve Issues
  5. 5. SDI Addresses National and Global IssuesClick to edit Subtitle (optional) • Environmental • Social • Economic • Security
  6. 6. SDI Supports Many Policy InitiativesLeveraging Government Information Click to edit Subtitle (optional) • Job Creation • Citizen Engagement • Open Government • Doing More with Less • Joint Problem Solving • Eliminating Redundancies • Improving Responsiveness . . . In a Flexible and Open Framework
  7. 7. Successful SDI ImplementationRequire More Subtitle (optional) Click to edit Than Technology • Vision and Leadership • Understanding Business Value • Executive Support • Governance and Finance Model • Planning and Implementation • Good People • A Spirit of Collaboration
  8. 8. Creating GIS InfrastructureRegional edit Subtitle (optional) Click to and National US Russia China EU Geneva, Switzerland Bogotá, Colombia Singapore Indonesia Abu Dhabi India . . . Realizing SDI
  9. 9. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) INSPIRE Example
  10. 10. INSPIRE Addresses Pan-European IssuesINSPIRE edit legal framework facilitating the access at spatial data Click to is a Subtitle (optional) • Environmental • Climate change • Conservation • Health • Safety • Transportation • Urban planning • …and many more • Using Standardized Data Models, Services, and Metadata
  11. 11. INSPIRE thematic scopeClick to edit Subtitle (optional)
  12. 12. INSPIRE - a European Geospatial PlatformClick to edit Subtitle (optional) Government Data Infrastructure Research Mission Owners Developers Community General Application Data Infrastructure Public Developers Innovators GIS Services
  13. 13. ArcGIS for InspireExtends ArcGIS to Support INSPIRE Directive Click to edit Subtitle (optional) • Allows to comply with INSPIRE by extending their existing ArcGIS infrastructure • Meet compliance in a timely manner
  14. 14. ArcGIS for INSPIREExtends ArcGIS to Support INSPIRE Directive Click to edit Subtitle (optional) • ArcGIS for INSPIRE provides Discovery - Compliant services - Data models View Download - Integrated tools • Desktop and server extensions ArcGIS for INSPIRE • Reduces complexity of implementing compliant nodes ArcGIS
  15. 15. ArcGIS for INSPIRE Implementation Pattern Click to edit Subtitle (optional)Existing information/ ArcGIS for INSPIRE Consumersstorage systems Data models and web services ETL European SDI 1. Integration into 2. Data repository for spatial 3. Delivery via INSPIRE business processes and data sets optimized for network services transformation of data to INSPIRE data specifications INSPIRE
  16. 16. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Demonstration ArcGIS for Inspire
  17. 17. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) SDI Moving Ahead
  18. 18. GIS is ChangingEvolving edit SubtitleAnd Science Are Expanding Our Capabilities Click to Technology (optional) Services Scalable Usability Bandwidth Open Access Location Access GIS Volume Wireless Analytics 3D Collaboration Web Connectivity Mobile Big Data Data Enabled Social Networking Imagery Integration Ownership Collaboration Services Analytics Analysis Tracking Access Distributed Real Time Sensor Network Privacy Predictive Mobile Security Real Time GPS Measurement Computing Science Performance Modeling Crowdsourcing Visualization Collaboration Remote Sensing Cloud Lidar SaaS • Helping Us Better Understand Our World
  19. 19. GIS Online is a New SDI PatternClick to edit Subtitle (optional) Enterprise Pervasive Desktop Server Online Web / Cloud
  20. 20. Intelligent Web Maps Bring Currency to SDIConstantly updated with live services Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Intelligent maps Spatial Delivery Services and data
  21. 21. SDIs Can Be Used by Everyone AnywhereEnhancing access and(optional) Click to edit Subtitle collaboration Smartphones Social media Tablets Websites Desktop BrowsersOne Map – Any Device ArcGIS Online
  22. 22. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) From Developing to Using SDI
  23. 23. Focus on Using SDIClick to edit Subtitle (optional) • Who ARE the users? • What do they NEED? - GIS Professionals - Information Products - Subject Matter Experts - Maps - New Media Editors - Data - Policy advisors - C#, Java, .NET, PHP - Executives - Developers • How would they want to consume it?
  24. 24. Connecting Science with Policy andDecision MakingClick to edit Subtitle (optional) Executive Viewer GIS IntelligentSpecialists Maps Groups Discover Access Data & Services Request Form Request Additional Information
  25. 25. SDI is for EveryoneAn Intuitive Platform For Sharing, Discovery, Access and Use Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Subject Matter Experts ExecutivesGIS Professionals Policy Makers New Media Editors
  26. 26. Web Maps are a Medium for Information ProductsIntegrating Services (Data, Maps, Models…) Click to edit Subtitle (optional) • High quality mapping • Pop-ups, charts, and graphs • Live links to web services • Temporal data (trend data) • Spreadsheets and map data • User annotation and sketching • Spatial analysis • Embedding in other applications
  27. 27. Information Products Require Good DesignClick to edit Subtitle (optional) • Understanding Issues • Appropriate Data • Analysis & Manipulation
  28. 28. Good Information Products Are ….Click to edit Subtitle (optional) • Timely • Disseminate Knowledge • Communicate Importance • Support Decision Making • Show Status • Illustrate Change
  29. 29. So What Now?The power of Subtitle (optional) Click to edit and • From building to using SDIs - SDI revisited - Focus on information products - Built around the concept of a webmap - Ubiquitous access to content - Hosted Services in the cloud • Are these solutions from two different technology generations, or are these complementary?
  30. 30. Extending the reach of SDIClick to edit Subtitle (optional) Applications Communities Mashups Sharing Maps and Data Discovery Traditional SDI
  31. 31. The Technology is Here Today – ArcGISClick to edit Subtitle (optional)EasierMore Powerfuland Everywhere Cloud Web • Discover • Create • Manage Enterprise • Visualize • Analyze Mobile • Collaborate Local Desktop
  32. 32. Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Examples
  33. 33. Eye on EarthCitizen centric portal (optional) Click to edit Subtitle • Partnership with Microsoft and European Environment Agency • Technology: Microsoft SharePoint + ArcGIS Online • Data providers use: ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS on premises
  34. 34. ArcGIS Online as a platform Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Sharepoint ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Portal API•
  35. 35. Extending the reach of INSPIRE Click to edit Subtitle (optional) Subject Matter Experts Executives GIS Professionals Policy Makers Services and Apps for GIS professionals, Citizens, Developers … New Media Editors Data View and INSPIRE INSPIRE INSPIREDownload services