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The Republic of Ireland pw pt presentation
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The Republic of Ireland pw pt presentation

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Here is a PowerPoint to understand the culture of the Republic of Ireland, quite similar somehow to ours.

Here is a PowerPoint to understand the culture of the Republic of Ireland, quite similar somehow to ours.

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  • 2. Hi, WHAT’S THE CRAIC? My name is Paddy, and I’m one of the Leprechauns, lucky gnomes who will guide you through Ireland; you can find us in the Irish forest with a pot full of gold coins First of all...do you know where my country is?                                                       
  • 3. This is a world map. Can you locate it on the map? Well done!                                        
  • 4. Yeah, it is in the West of Europe
  • 5. The REPUBLIC OF IRELAND is in the centre and south part of the beautiful island of IRELAND, which is called “THE EMERALD ISLAND”, or “EIRE”, one of the British Isles The British Isles                                        
  • 6. The Republic of Ireland is divided into 26 counties. The 6 northern counties of The Ulster belong to Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK      
  • 7. What do you know about our country? Let’s see some icons and general facts...
  • 8. It is a Republic (We haven’t got a Queen or a King) And it is a Catholic country. Religion is very important in the life of Irish people
  • 9. The shamrock is our symbolic plant And the harp is our symbolic instrument And can you guess which is our symbolic colour? It’s obvious!!!! GREEN!!!!!!
  • 10. Even mailboxes are green!
  • 11. And we speak two languages: English And Irish Cheers! Sláunta
  • 12. Music is always an important part in the life of Irish people Both traditional Celtic music played in pubs.... ...and modern music, which is played in “gigs” (small concerts in pubs) The harp is the symbol of Ireland, it’s in its coins.                                  
  • 13. This is the “CÉILÍ”, the traditional Irish dancing And this is the typical dress for dancing
  • 14. The Corrs U2 Cranberries Famous bands and singers!                 
  • 15. St Valentine’s Day Halloween Christmas These are the most famous festivals and celebrations! St Patrick’s Day                 
  • 16. Have a look at the pubs, they’re so colourful and charming! Irish people are heavy drinkers, an average Irish person drinks 6 litres of beer per day!!!! A pub crowl is going from pub to pub FOR A WHOLE DAY!!!
  • 17. A pint of Guiness stout (black beer) Old Guiness ads
  • 18. And Irish coffee (it has whiskey in it) Bulmers (cyder which we have with ice) Baileys Jameson whiskey
  • 19. Come on folks! Go home! When a pub is about to close (at 12,30 pm more or less)... They toll a bell And send people home
  • 20. Weddings and funerals are very big events... A funeral lasts up to 3 days... And all people and relatives go to a restaurant to have a meal together (paid by the dead person’s relatives), and drink Guiness in the honour of the dead person!                        
  • 21. On St Patrick’s Day there are parades everywhere! Everybody wears green huts And paint green shamrocks on their faces
  • 22. St Patrick is our Patron Saint. He brought Catholicism into the country
  • 23. Breakfast is a big meal, look! Baked beans Tea or coffee Cereal Black pudding Bacon Toast sausages And eggs Orange juice                          
  • 24. Junk food is very popular, especially for lunch, which is between 12:30 and 13:30 Sandwiches Burgers And of course: Fish & Chips Pizza Hot dogs
  • 25. Dinner is our biggest meal, and it’s around 6 pm. Salad Or fish Chicken Pasta The Irish smoked salmon is the best in the world!                        
  • 26. We eat potatoes with everything Fried (chips/French fries or wedges) In bags (crisps) boiled Or roasted                        
  • 27. Oh, and we drink tea all day! And we eat lots of chocolate. Irish chocolate is GORGEOUS! Cadbury is our favourite brand!
  • 28. In all schools, even public ones, they wear a uniform
  • 29. Road signs are crazy
  • 30. Irish sheep have long hair
  • 31. Gaelic football... Irish people REALLY love sports
  • 32. Hurling...
  • 33. Soccer....
  • 34. Golf....
  • 35. Rugby.... Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) logo
  • 36. Greyhound racing...
  • 37. And horse racing... A business that moves lots of money You can bet here!
  • 38. Well, Let’s continue with Dublin City, the capital city of the country...
  • 39. This is the Castle of Dublin
  • 40. Christ Church Cathedral
  • 41. The Georgian doors are always colourful
  • 42. The Four Courts
  • 43. The Half-Penny Bridge, called this way because in the past it was the only bridge here and you had to pay ½ penny to cross it. It’s over River Liffey
  • 44. The Spire, built in tin for the year 2000 is 300 metres high                        
  • 45. O’Connell Street, where the statue of O’Connell is. You can see a typical two-storey yellow bus
  • 46. And this is O’Connell Bridge, the only bridge in the world that is wider than long.
  • 47. This view is very typical in the streets of Dublin!
  • 48. If the bells are tolling while you are crossing the bellfry, you won’t pass your exams The Trinity College is Dublin University We keep The Celtic Book of Kells in the library
  • 49. And if we go down the East Coast, we will find Wicklow and Wexford Counties... In Powerscourt there is a huge waterfall ...and gorgeous gardens
  • 50. The Wicklow seaside is so beautiful... Especially in Spring!
  • 51. A typical Celtic Cross in Glendalough
  • 52. St Kevin’s Round Tower, in Glendalough.......Hold it and... make a wish!
  • 53. Glendalough, in County Wicklow
  • 54. The Monastic City of Glendalough
  • 55. The Upper Lake of Glendalough
  • 56. In County Wexford is Hook Head, with the oldest lighthouse working in Europe... ... And Loftus Hall, the most haunted house in Ireland.
  • 57. The Ring of Kerry is absolutely amazing!!!! Look at these pictures...
  • 58. One of the lakes of Killarney, in the Ring of Kerry
  • 59. The Gap of Dunloe, impressive, isn’t it?
  • 60. This is a traditional Irish cottage
  • 61. Here you are the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare, 300 metres high
  • 62. There are lots of beautiful castles. Kilkenny Castle is maybe the best one
  • 63. This is a village called Cobh, in County Cork
  • 64. Dingle Peninsula
  • 65. Newgrange, megalithic tombs built 5,200 years ago
  • 66. Curracloe Beach, where ‘Save Private Ryan’ was filmed, in Co. Wexford
  • 67. The mysterious Lismore Castle
  • 68. Kylemore Abbey And finally... The beautiful Connemara
  • 69. Did you like it? I wish you have learnt lots of things about Ireland!!! Come and visit us soon! HAVE A NICE DAY, MATE!!!!