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Republic of Ireland


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Republic of Ireland

  1. 1. Geography of the country • The republic of Ireland has 4.47 million people. • Ireland enjoys a temperate maritime climate. • Ireland is located in Far Western Europe, in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  2. 2. Cultural aspects
  3. 3. Irish Monuments The Spire
  4. 4. Irish Monuments Mitchelstown Caves
  5. 5. Irish Monuments Father Matthew Statue
  6. 6. Irish Monuments Alcock and Brown, Clifden
  7. 7. Legends
  8. 8. Legends Irish legends speak about leprechauns and pots of gold hidden at the end of rainbows.
  9. 9. Tradicional food Barmbrack • A kind of currant cake which contains a golden ring. Traditionally eaten around Halloween. Black pudding • A traditional dish made from pigs blood, barley and seasoning.
  10. 10. Tradicional food Potato bread Boxty • A kind of potato pancake
  11. 11. Tradicional beverages Whiskey
  12. 12. Tradicional beverages Beer The Irish beer is the most famous beer in the world.
  13. 13. Tradicional beverages Irishcoffee The Irish coffee is made with Whiskey, hot coffee, and fresh cream.
  14. 14. Tradicional beverages Baileys
  15. 15. Famous people Hollywood actors -George Clooney
  16. 16. Famous people Hollywood actors – Colin Farrel
  17. 17. Famous people Musicians Bono and The Edge from U2
  18. 18. Famous people Dancers – Tristan MacManus
  19. 19. Famous people Writers James Joyce and Oscar Wilde“A mans mistakes are his portals of discovery.” “I can resist everything except temptation.”
  20. 20. Music Folk Music
  21. 21. Population
  22. 22. Religions The most important religion in Ireland is the Roman Catholicism, and its church is involved in education and health services, and it sends many missionaries to poor countries.
  23. 23. Religions The division between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was mainly because of the religion.The Irish always had a catholicorigin but the English werestarting to turn intoProtestants.
  24. 24. Languages The official languages are the Irish and the English, but the main one to be spoken is the English.
  25. 25. Government
  26. 26. Kind of government in Ireland Ireland is a constitutional republic with a parliamentary system of government
  27. 27. Capital of Ireland
  28. 28. Capital of Ireland
  29. 29. Irish flag