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Communist party power point pdf file

  1. 1. By Mara Matagne & Stephanie Nguyen (Period 3 – Ms. Kritzeck)
  2. 2. Who created Communism and the Communist Party, where and when? Communism and the Communist Party was established by Karl Marx and his good friend, Frederick Engels in Russia in 1917. Their followers, those who believe in their ideas, are called Marxists. They wrote Communist Manifest in 1847 which was a short book that almost everybody during that time had read. They studied the history of the world’s economics which consists of power, industry, and finance controlled areas. They saw that countries developed in stages of communism.
  3. 3. What is Communism? Communism is when the government (a single party) controls how the people live their lives, what they get, and etc. to ensure “equality”. It is considered to be a “worker’s paradise”. The symbol of communism contains a sickle and a hammer. -The sickle represents the farm laborers or peasants. -The hammer represents the workers. An example of communism is how North Korea is controlled today by Kim Jong-Un.
  4. 4. What is the Communist Party? A Communist Party is a political party that publically supports a communist form of government. - They fight for equality of the people. However, Karl Marx’s idea of communism differs from communism today. - Karl Marx believes that after the stages of Communism, they people chose it as their way of life. - Communism, today, of what is little of it, is forced upon the people.
  5. 5. How is Communism and the Communist Party created? Communism was created through the stages of: 1. Primitive Communism: where people live in tribes and share with each other 2. Feudalism: where there were social classes of different ranks 3. Capitalism: where a country’s industry is controlled by a private owner for their own profit 4. Socialism: where people help each other 5. Communism: where everybody is “equal” in every way
  6. 6. Why is Communism and the Communist Party created? They are created because some people want “equality” in the every little things that they do. For example: A poor person feels that it is unfair for a rich person to get to live in a mansion while he or she has to live in a small house. They demand communism. Also, in Russia’s case they wanted to overthrow the bourgeoisie and create an international Soviet republic However, this is not the case (due to human nature of wanting more and being better)- so communism is rare.
  7. 7. Leaders of the Communist Party Started under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. - established Comunnist International, an international network of communist parties loyal to the party. After Lenin’s death, two were in line to be his “succesors”: Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin Trotsky was deported from the country in 1930 so Stalin took over. - made official ideology Marxism Lenism ( combinating of Karl Marx and Lenin’s ideas. Mikhail Govbacher ruled in 1980 and lead the party to it’s downfall
  8. 8. The end of the Russian Communist Party The rise in Italy and Germany lead the Communist Party to try to form a collective security by creating alliances with Western powers, this didn’t work. Lost constitutional status as only governing force of Russia  union crumbles Lost legal domination after coup d’état attempt in 1991
  9. 9. Where is Communism today? Communism today is in… 1. China 2. Cuba 3. Laos 4. North Korea 5. Vietnam
  10. 10. Notes:  Mrs. Shanelec’s Class Notes on Communism  Pictures:       