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Move It Creative Brief (Miami-Dade County)
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Move It Creative Brief (Miami-Dade County)


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A creative brief of a public education campaign I was responsible for creating and executing while at Miami-Dade County.

A creative brief of a public education campaign I was responsible for creating and executing while at Miami-Dade County.

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  • 1. Public Education Campaign    
  • 2. Summary
      • Synopsis of the utilized advertising and a breakdown of the creative brief.
      • Viewing of associated media coverage.
      • Overview of added value outlets.
      • Review of success metrics.
      • Conclusion.
  • 3. Advertising Overview
      • Outline of utilized mediums:
        • Print: English, Spanish and Creole
        • Radio: English, Spanish and Creole
        • Television: English and Spanish
        • Outdoor: English
        • Online: English
        • Collateral: English, Spanish and Creole
  • 4. Print: English
  • 5. Print: Spanish
  • 6. Print: Creole
  • 7. Outdoor: Billboards
  • 8. Outdoor: Bus Backs
  • 9. Outdoor: Bus Shelter/Tollbooth
  • 10. Outdoor: Interior Bus Poster
  • 11. Outdoor: Interior Rail Poster
  • 12. Herald Online: Flash/Cube/Rectangle Ads
  • 13. Herald Online: Email Push
  • 14. Online: MDC Portal
  • 15. Online: MOVN Homepage
  • 16. Online: Miami-Dade TV On-Demand
  • 17. Collateral: English
  • 18. Collateral: Spanish
  • 19. Collateral: Creole
  • 20. Media Coverage Overview
        • Television:
        • Print/Online:
  • 21. Media Exposure: Television
  • 22. Media Exposure: Print
  • 23. Added Value Overview
      • 3-1-1 Radio Shows: English, Spanish and Creole
      • Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
      • Miami-Dade Now
      • Miami-Dade TV/On-Demand: English and Spanish
      • Outreach to Miami-Dade Public Schools Driver Education Program
  • 24. Added Value: 3-1-1 Radio
      • WMBM-English:
        • Guest: Lieutenant Pat Santangelo-FHP & Lieutenant Tony Perez-MDPD.
        • Date: Thursday, May 10 th , 2007
        • Time: 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
        • The show aired on May 24 th, 2007.
      • WAQI-Spanish:
        • Guests: Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Chairman Bruno A. Barreiro
        • Date: Wednesday, May 9 th , 2007
        • Time: 7:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Live Recording.
      • WRHB-Creole:
        • Guest: Trooper Jackson Morisseau-FHP.
        • Date: Monday, May 7 th , 2007
        • Time: 10:30 a.m. Live Recording.
  • 25. Added Value: Newsletter "MOVE IT, YES YOU CAN!" Those five words can make a big impact on our roadways, but your help is needed. The Greater Miami Chamber supports our friends at Miami-Dade County, CITT (Citizens' Independent Transportation Trust), MDX (Miami Dade Expressway Authority), MOVN (Meeting Our Vehicular Needs), and Comcast by helping spread the word on the "Move It, Yes You Can" educational campaign. The goal of the public awareness initiative is to educate the public on their role in decreasing traffic congestion. In the event of a minor traffic crash where there are no injuries and the vehicle can be moved, the general public is required, by Florida Law, to move vehicles out of the travel lanes. Both law enforcement and insurance companies agree that your vehicle should be moved to a safe place. Please visit or call 3-1-1 for more information.
  • 26. Added Value: Miami-Dade Now
      • More than 100,000 copies of Miami-Dade Now were distributed Countywide in May 2007.
  • 27. Added Value: Miami-Dade TV/On-Demand
      • A segment on the campaign was done on the County newscast Miami-Dade Now and Miami-Dade Ahora . 
        • Lieutenant Pat Santangelo of FHP did the English interview segment.
        • Lieutenant Tony Perez of MDPD did the Spanish interview segment. 
        • The shows aired for two weeks on Miami-Dade TV.
  • 28. Added Value: Outreach
      • Lieutenant Pat Santangelo of FHP worked directly with the Supervisor for Driver Education in the Division of Life Skills within Miami-Dade Public Schools.
      • Highlights include:
        • A formal presentation given to Coral Gables Senior High School driver education students on May 8 th , 2007.
        • Topics covered included the “Move It, Yes You Can!” public education campaign, the associated message and relevant statistical information.
        • Campaign collateral was distributed to the students and the presentation was recorded for future usage.
  • 29. Success Metrics
    • The four desired results of this campaign are to:
      • Raise awareness of basic issues related to the campaign and the safety precautions that should be adhered to.
      • Modify the behavior of the target audience.
      • Reduce traffic congestion.
      • Sustain the above over the long-term.
  • 30. Conclusion
    • A comprehensive public education campaign has been successfully executed thereby providing drivers countywide with a newfound awareness of what can be done to help ease traffic congestion.
    • Awareness was delivered on time and within budget via a clear, concise and consistent public message through a multitude of high exposure mediums.