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Bp oil spill final


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Bp oil spill final

  1. 1. WHAT WE ARE Mutual Respect Teamwork Old fashioned “client comes first” customer service.
  2. 2. „ Alex Torres– Account Director „ Chelsea Caracciolo– Project Manager
  3. 3. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT „ Measure your brand value and identify untapped opportunities that will enhance your reputation „ Develop strategies to rebuild and sustain public trust during unprecedented economic challenges „ Create an integrated communications strategy that delivers your message to key influencers and provides real-time feedback
  4. 4. ENERGY, POWER AND UTILITIES „ Delivery of your message by engaging a broad range of audiences, including the government, shareholders, media and advocacy groups „ Create outreach campaigns that build community support „ Develop a turnkey communications strategy to anticipate any future crisis situations
  5. 5. SITUATION ANALYSIS „ On April 20, 2010 the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling rig exploded off the Louisiana coast. „ 100 workers have been rescued, but 11 workers are missing and presumed dead. „ 6 million gallons of Crude Oil has consumed the Gulf Waters destroying fish and wildlife „ Local fishing operations have been shut down
  6. 6. OUR OBJECTIVES „ RESTORE and MAINTAIN a positive reputation for BP in the global arena. „ Create and maintain long-term relationships with key audiences involved in the search and rescue and clean up efforts. „ OWN up to the mistake: create a communications plan that allows audiences to be aware of the issues and all that BP is doing to restore the Gulf.
  7. 7. Primary  Audiences:     •  Local  and  State  Government     •  Na8onal  Government     •  Federal  Agencies  including-­‐   EPA,  US  Na8onal  Oceanic   and  Atmospheric   Administra8on,  Coast  Guard   and  Homeland  Security     •  Vic8ms  and  their  families     •  Employees  of  BP     Secondary  Audiences:     •  Local  Business  owners   and  residents     •  Local  and  State  Tourism   industry     •  Interna8onal  audiences   affiliated  with  BP  global   •  Poten8al  consumers  
  8. 8. OUR FIRST MOVE „ BP needs to step in front of the issue, NOW „ Establish a newsroom that is linked to that allows press and concerned consumers to have access to all the information about the oil spill. „ Explain what BP is doing right now to stop the leak and clean up. „ Link to BP’s social media networks where audiences can follow up-to-the-hour updates about BP’s progress.
  9. 9. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS „ Establish an interview conference with the federal agency key officials, State governors, the president, and spokesperson for BP. „ Have a separate news release addressed to government officials explaining how BP will pay for the clean up and restoration efforts. „ Congress/legislation: „ We need to start tracking Congress’s moves now „ Create a media-kit for legislators with information about the benefits of the Oil Industry.
  10. 10. VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES „ After initial clean up and restoration efforts are over, BP should sponsor a memorial event in Louisiana for the victims presumed dead and the victims injured in the explosion.
  11. 11. EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS „  U- U in mind „  N- National Partnerships „  I- Identifiable „  T- Transparent, truthful „  E- Evolve „  Create a newsletter centered around the UNITE acronym that explains to employees what BP’s goals are during the crisis, and that BP has not forgotten the importance of their employee’s support. „  Hold a live-feed, company-wide conference addressing the situation, what BP is doing is solve the issue, and address what BP expects from their employees.
  12. 12. LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS AND TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS „ Setting up grants that will ease the economic hit these businesses will face. „ Produce a ANR and VNR to send to local radio stations and local TV stations „ A hotline number will be set up for people to find out more information about the grant program „  1-888-395-help
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS „ BP needs to reassure other countries that you are a company that learns from their mistakes. „ Testing and verifying the other drilling units to make sure they are up to date „ Promote BP has a company who is taking measures to prevent any accidents from happening again.
  14. 14. OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER „ Competition: „  Because of our proactive approach early on, we feel that problems with competition will be less of an issue because we stepped in front of the crisis and showed audiences that we are taking steps towards a cleaner future. „ Our next campaign strategy: „  Focus on promoting wide-spread testing of equipment so that all standards across the industry improve. „  Promote safer drilling „  Encourage the industry to work together to provide energy in a safe, and environmentally friendly way.
  15. 15. SPOKESPEOPLE Robert Dudley Lamar McKay „  Grew up in Mississippi „  Works in Houston, TX „  Master’s in Information „  Is the President of BP, America management „  Currently BP director over US and Asia „  Has experience internationally
  16. 16. FULL DISCLOSURE „ No responsibility „ Full disclosure from BP about all issues „ Any implications about the oil rig „ Responsibility of explosion