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Ptcl presentation

  1. 1. Group MembersMehmoona RafaqatFatima NaseemHajra JavedSana AzmatKashaf
  2. 2. Introduction Largest telecommunication company Holds the status of backbone for countrys Company consists of around 2000 telephone exchanges across country providing largest fixed line network. GSM, CDMA and Internet are other resources of PTCL Government of Pakistan retained 62% of the shares while the remaining 12% are held by the general public.
  3. 3. Vision To be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders value. Mission To provide a learning environment and tools to help our customers reach their full potential.
  5. 5. Competitors Of PTCLMobilinkTelenorWarid
  6. 6. Products & Services Business Services Carrier Services & Wholesale Home and Personal Services
  7. 7. Business Services Voice Audio Conferencing Voice Mail Service (VMS) Fixed Line ISDN – BRI Satellite Phone IP / IPLC Web Hosting Services Data Managed WAN IP & V Connect Business DSL Analogue Channels TV Transmission Security & Surveillance Data Centres
  8. 8. Carriers Services & Wholesale Telecom Operators Sky link Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC) International IP Services PTCL Metro Fibre Network Interconnection Services Wavelength Services White Label Services Calling Cards & LDI Payphones Network Capacity Services Broadband
  9. 9. Home and Personal Services PTCL Landline Vfone Smart TV Pakistan Package Calling Cards Phone and Net Conference call Identical number service Broadband  Broadband Pakistan  Evo wireless  Web hosting  Dial up internet  Dialup vfone
  10. 10. Implementation of ERP Oracle based Accounting system Computerized record of all employees Computerized record of traffic relating to local, NWD and International calls help management in Network Planning, Call Routing and pricing. ERP (SAP based), restructuring, B& CC etc.
  11. 11. Suppliers Input TIP from Haripur Internal inputs also from Siemens, Erricson Huawei out door Optical fiber system from Z-T china including DSL facility Alcatel NEC J.S telecom ZTE
  12. 12. SWOT
  13. 13. Strength PTCL enjoy monopoly State of the Art International Gateway Exchanges & Satellite Earth Stations large earnings good quality international connectivity Customer Base of over 4 million Government support
  14. 14. Weakness Image – Government organization Image – Lack of customer focus Image – Outdated people and technology (perception) Lack of aggressive marketing Lack of customer services Ambiguous management style Lack of corporate culture Social responsibility
  15. 15. Opportunity Growth in telecommunication industry More aware and technology understanding Market open for more number of products Introduce High Value Added Products Time to establish brand loyalty
  16. 16. Threats Exposure to market competition Migration to Cellular Networks Ability to Attract & Retain Quality Professionals Reduction in International Settlement Rates
  18. 18. ProductIN Based Value Added Service Internet facility 0800 80800 Toll Free Customer services center Basic Services (PSTN Lines) Package of seven special services Digital communication all around the world PTCL Calling Cards Domestic & International Premium Rate (0900) & Virtual Private Network Service. Voice Data & Video Voice Messaging Service (VMS)
  19. 19. Value Added Service  Collocation Facilities  Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL).  Universal Access Number (UAN).  Voice Mail & Messaging Services.  Calling Line Identification (CLI) service.  Digital features like Call Waiting, Call Transfer etc.  Universal Internet Number (UIN) - for ISPs Licensed only).  Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN-PRI, ISDN-Tele Plus.  Local/Domestic/International Leased bandwidth and point to point leased lines.
  20. 20. Pricing Strategy PSTN or landline EVO V-fone Smart TV Broad Band
  21. 21. Placement Strategy & Promotional Strategyuses different media for promotion likePrint MediaNewspapersElectronic MediaLocal cablesRadioInternetBrochureBill Boards
  22. 22. ProcessPTCL follow easy process for any value added services or if subscribed to the new package
  23. 23. Business Buying Behavior
  24. 24. Business Buying Behavior conti.. Terms and Conditions ISO Certification Technical Documentations Delivery o Delivery Documents Transportation Taxes and Duties Submission of Bids
  25. 25. Distribution Process EVO Distribution of EVO through Direct Sales Point PTCL Head PTCL CSC/OSS Customer Supplier Quarter (Warehouses) Exchanges Distribution of EVO through Indirect Sales Point PTCL Head Franchise Sub CustomersSupplier Quarter Dealers (Warehouses)
  26. 26. Relationship Management
  27. 27. Main Feature at PTCL Providing 24/7 call centre and technical support. Calling customers and getting their feedback. Customer care department that could be reached through emails Providing personalized account details that customer’s could check at any time. Online Complaint Registering System Online Billing and Payment Option
  28. 28. Customer Care Information stored in databases Live chat support FAQs Technical Help Smart Payment Solution Contact Us Career Opportunities Get Connected
  29. 29. Cont… Live Chat Subscribe for updates FAQs Services and Coverage Smart Payment Solutions
  30. 30. Internal Customers Competitive Pay Secure Working Environment Employee Empowerment Career Opportunities: PTCL Core Values
  32. 32. Suggestions & Recommendations PTCL should immediately change its Finance upper level of hierarchy PTCL should also encourage the Billing On line system that each The system of E-PAYMENT which although exist in PTCL finance system but there is need of improvement this facility. The return on deposit should be checked accordingly. The cash generated from the operation must be utilized accordingly. Each Region should allocate the funds at its own level. PTCL should take the services of highly qualified financial analysts.