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My diversity project on LGBT!!!


  1. 1. Lesbian:A woman whose sexual orientation isto women
  2. 2. Gay:A man whose sexual orientation is tomen
  3. 3. Bisexual: romantic attraction,sexual attraction or sexualbehavior toward males andfemales.
  4. 4. Transgender:is a general term applied to a variety ofindividuals, behaviors, and groups involvingtendencies to vary from culturally conventionalgender roles.
  7. 7. MYTH: Gays are sick and can be “cured”.FACT:On december 15, 1973 the APA removedhomosexualityFrom it’s list of mental disorders. There was notreatment that could be found as a cure.MYTH:Gays/lesbians become homosexual as a result of homosexual seduction and thus tryTo recruit others, especially children.FACT:Nobody knows what cause homosexuality but psychological thinking today stresses thelikelihood Of an inborn predisposition combined with an unknown environmental trigger; one’sorientaion is determined By age 6, certainly before adolescence.MYTH:Gay people are more prone to be mentally ill and to abuse drugs and alcohol.FACT: It is true that LGBT people suffer higher rates of anxiety, depression, and depression-related illnesses and behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse than the general population.But studies done during the past 15 years have determined that it is the stress of being amember of a minority group in an often-hostile society — and not LGBT identity itself —that accounts for the higher levels of mental illness and drug use.
  9. 9. 2011: President Barack Obama’s administration ends “don’t ask don’ttell policy,” allowing gays to serve openly in the military.2012: North Carolina approves a constitutional amendment to ban gaymarriage in May. In November, Maine, Maryland and Washingtonbecome the first states where voters approve same-sex marriage, andMinnesota rejects a new ban.President Barack Obama endorses same-sex marriage.2013: Boy Scouts of America plan to vote in May whether to repeal thegroup’s ban on openly gay members.US Supreme Court on March 26 and 27 hears oral arguments on theconstitutionality of California’s Prop 8 and the federal Defense ofMarriage Act. At this point nine states and the District of Columbiaallow same-sex marriage and 38 states prohibit it, according toFreedom To Marry.
  10. 10. Even though the LGBT community has made progress over theyears they still face bullying.Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender youth are up to four timesmore likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.In fact, about 9 out of 10 LGBT teens have reported being bullied at schoolwithin the past year because of their sexual orientation, according to the mostrecent gay bullying statistics. Out of those numbers, almost half have reportedbeing physically harassed followed by another quarter who reported actuallybeing physically assaulted. Unfortunately most teens who experience bullyingof any kind are reluctant to share their experience or report the incident to ateacher or trusted adult. Even more unfortunate are the gay statistics thatreport a lack of response among those teachers and school administration.According to a recent statistic, out of the students that did report a harassmentor bullying situation because of their sexuality, about one third of the schoolstaff didnt do anything to resolve the issue.
  11. 11. There are several ways that bullying can take place including verbal,physical, cyberbullying and indirect bullying!When it comes to bully prevention, it is important to remember thatthese gay bullying statistics will never go down if action isnt taken.This is why it is important for teens to report incidents they arevictims of, or even if they witness a bullying event take place. Even ifit seems that the adults will be unresponsive to take action, there arealways other members of the school board or administration thatcan be addressed. It is important not to give up or the bullying cyclewill continue.
  12. 12. Why do we need to be aware?• Because you are working with LGBT individuals• Because there is a need• Because it benefits us all• Because we live in a diverse society
  13. 13. As human services workers wewill have to ask people personalinformation. Their sexuality mayBe something you have to ask. BePrepared for the answers you mayget. Awareness and knowledge arethe key to to working withDiverse groups.
  14. 14. On October 6, 1998, 21 year old college student Matthew Shepard wastied to a fence in Laramie Wyoming, he was pistol whipped and left in thecold. He died six days later!GAY
  16. 16. Same-sex marriage is legally recognized in several jurisdictions within the UnitedStates. As of January 2013, nine states—Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland,Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington—as well asthe District of Columbia and three Native American tribes—have legalized same-sex marriage, representing 15.7% of the U.S. population. In addition, RhodeIsland recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, andCalifornia, which briefly granted same-sex marriages in 2008, now recognizesthem on a conditional basis.The movement to obtain marriage rights and benefits for same-sex couples inthe United States began in the 1970s,[8] but became more prominent in U.S.politics in 1993 when the Hawaii Supreme Court declared the statesprohibition to be unconstitutional in Baehr v. Lewin.[9] During the 21stcentury, public support for legalizing same-sex marriage has grownconsiderably,[10][11] and various national polls conducted since 2011 showthat a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage.[12] On May 9,2012, Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to publiclydeclare support for the legalization of same-sex marriage.[13][14][15] OnNovember 6, 2012, Maine, Maryland, and Washington became the first statesto legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote.
  17. 17. There are many groups of people from all walks of life. We have to interact with them all.Justbecause you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean you have to deny them rights or treat themunequal. The sooner we all learn to work together in this diverse world the better it will be!
  18. 18. Weallneedtocelebratediversityand…………………..