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  1. 1. Brittany Baity
  2. 2. This is a movie that is about different couples. Both gaycouples and straight.
  3. 3. is a video of Ellen DeGeneres opening forGLAAD awards. These awards are all aboutgays and lesbians. Society is more accepting ofhomosexuals.
  4. 4. This lady is the chair for HaltonCatholic District School Board.This board has banned a gay-straight alliance group.Even though society is becomingmore accepting there are manypeople who refuse to accept.
  5. 5. This women is the firsttransgender model.Her name is AnjaliLama.Transgender is definedas identifying with agender other than thebiological one.
  6. 6. Angelina Jolie is bisexual.Bisexual is defined as being attracted to men andwomen.
  7. 7. Neil Patrick Harris is a homosexual male.Homosexual male is defined as a man attractedto a man.
  8. 8. Ellen DeGenerousis a homosexualfemale.Homosexualfemale is definedas a female who isattracted toanother female.
  9. 9. is a video of Bill Clinton discussing how hehas now decided to support gay marriage. Hesays that he was wrong in signing DOMA.
  10. 10. This is a movie made 20years ago. A law firmfired a man because heended up with HIV. Sohe was suing them. Nowthere are laws against it.
  11. 11. When Ellens show firststarted it almost didntmake it because she isgay. Now every part ofher life is in somemagazine .
  12. 12. talks about equality in society with theLGBT community.