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Catalogue solar-lucky india Catalogue solar-lucky india Presentation Transcript

  • PRESENTATION ON SOLAR PRODUCTS Shri Sharafat Ali, Lucky India Power Solutions 572, Gulshan Colony, Behind OBC Bank, Near Roadways Bus Stand Muradnagar, Dist. Ghaziabad, UP, India
  • SOLAR POWERINTRODUCTION: Grid quality power in environmental friendly manner in Integrated Combined Cycle Mode. SPV Applications for individual households. Power Generation through Solar Photo-Voltaic route or Solar Concentrating System in grid interactive mode. Solar power in decentralized stand alone mode.
  • PRODUCTSA) Solar PanelB) Street Lights SystemC) Solar LanternD) LED LanternE) Solar water heatingF) Solar Fan & Home Light SystemG) Solar Inverter View slide
  • CURRENT APPLICATIONSSPV systems used for innovation applicationssuch as wireless communication in defence.SPV systems has become a major source forsmaller applications for street lightings,schools, television, radio, hospitals,agricultural drying, pumping water.SPV power plants to meet domestic electricalenergy needs in rural areas. View slide
  • ADVANTAGESSolar power from SPV system and solar concentrating system isproduced in environmental friendly manner.Does not generate any waste or pollution.Meets the energy requirement in domestic sector in decentralizedmanner quite efficiently.Best suited for off grid application in stand alone mode.India is blessed with abundant solar insulation for about 250 days inan year.Potential source for exploitation.Most efficient when operates in integrated mode.
  • MAJOR INITIATIVES OF MNRE GOVT. OF INDIASolar Photovoltaic Systems for individualhouses.Promotion of Solar Photovoltaic systems inUrban areas.Urban Solar Cities Programs.Solar Cooker & Solar hot water systems.
  • Rural Solar Photovoltaic ApplicationsSolar Home SystemsSolar LanternsSolar Street Lighting SystemsStand Alone Power PlantsGrid Interactive Solar Power Plants
  • Eligible categories of beneficiaries for central subsidySPV System Eligible category of beneficiariesSolar Home All categories of individual beneficiaries & non-­‐profit institutions/Systems organizations. (except for beneficiaries from remote un-­‐ electrified census villages)no individual would be given more than one systemStreet All categories of non-­‐commercial institutions/ organizations, Statelighting Nodal Agencies, Electricity Boards, Panchayats, Zilla Parishads andsystems DRDAs. (except for beneficiaries from remote un-­‐electrified census villages and urban municipalities)SPV Power All categories of non-­‐commercial institutions/ organizations, StatePlants/Other Nodal Agencies, Electricity Boards, Panchayats, Zilla Parishads and Systems DRDAa. (except for beneficiaries from remote un-­‐electrified census villages and urban municipalities)
  • SPV WATER PUMPING SYSTEMSUSES The SPV pump programme will support deployment of SPV Water pumping systems for various water lifting applications, specially the community drinking water supply and agriculture and related uses such as irrigation, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, high value crops, silviculture, salt farming etc.Eligible users: All categories of users including local bodies, State/Central Govt. agencies, cooperative societies, corporate bodies, autonomous institutions, research organizations, banks, farmer groups, non-­‐governmental organizations and individuals etc.Financial assistance:-­‐ MNRE will provide financial assistance to users of the SPV water pumping systems @ Rs.30 per watt peak of the photovoltaic array used with the water pumping system subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000/-­‐ per system. We are currently planning for this system to apply and make aware and participate / sale these products.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLAR/GREEN BUILDINGOBJECTIVE:-­‐ To promote adoption of energy efficient solar/ green buildings in the country through a combination of financial and promotional incentives, and other support measures so as to save a substantial amount of electricity and other fossil fuels apart from having peak load savings in cities and towns and reduce greenhouse gas emission.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLAR/GREEN BUILDINGINCENTIVE TO ARCHITECTS/DESIGN CONSULTANTS Rs.2.50 lakhs for projects up to 5000sq.m built-­‐up area with minimum 3 star rating. Rs. 5.0 lakhs for projects > 5000sq.m built-­‐up area with minimum 4 star rating
  • SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS (SOLAR GEYSERS)WHY SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM MAKESSENSE:-­‐ Economical & Eco friendly Easy to install Needs small investment Return of investment within 3-­‐4 years No electricity/gas requirement
  • WHY SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM MAKES SENSE:-­‐Safe and simple to useLong life spanUninterrupted source of water heatingShock proofNear zero maintenanceSaves up to 1500 units of electricity in a year
  • TARGETED AREAS FOR IMPLEMENTATIONIndividual residential and apartment buildingsRestaurants and canteensGuest houses, lodges, hotels and hostelsHospitals and nursing homesBoiler feed water for commercial and industrialapplicationsTextile industryFood processing industry
  • TARGETED AREAS FOR IMPLEMENTATIONProcess feed water for paint industry,electroplating, galvanizing industry etc.involving direct feed to the various processbaths at 70 to 80 CBottling plants and distilleries for syrupmaking, bottle cleaning etc.Pharmaceutical, chemical and fertilizerindustries
  • SOLAR CITIESThe objectives of the programme are:-­‐ To enable/empower Urban Local Govts. to address energy challenges at city level. To provide a framework and support to prepare a Master Plan including assessment of current energy situation, future demand and action plans. To build capacity in the Urban Local Bodies and create awareness among all sections of civil society. To involve various stakeholders in the planning process. To oversee the implementation of sustainable energy options through public-­‐private partnerships.
  • Solar Panel Solar Lantern Solar Street LightSolar Heating System Solar Inverter Solar Fan
  • PRICE LIST WEF 1/1/2013S. No. Image Product Category Specifications MRP MOQ 1 ISS-SHLS1 Solar Home Lighting system 50 Watt 3445 500 2 ISS-SHLS2 Solar Home Lighting system 50 Watt 3445 500 3 ISS-SHLS3 Solar Home Lighting system 25 Watt 1388 500 4 ISS-SL1 LED Lantern Model 1 1629 500 5 ISS-SL2 LED Lantern Model 2 994 500 6 ISS-SL3 LED Lantern Model 3 1425 500 7 ISS-SL4 LED Lantern Model 4 1298 500 4 Watt Chargeable LED 8 ISS-4WCL LED Light 263 500 light with Inbuilt Battery 3 Watt LED Light - 9 ISS-3WL LED Light 216 500 Round Wall Mounted 4 Watt LED Light-Table 10 ISS-4WL LED Light 223 500 Top Base
  • 11 ISS-CC6A Charge Controller 6 Amp/12 Volt 450 50012 ISS-CC10A Charge Controller 10 Amp/12 Volt 690 50013 ISS-CC20A Charge Controller 20 Amp/12 Volt 1225 500 LED-6W, SPV-40 W,14 ISS-SSL1 LED Street Light 15744 100 Battery-40 Ah, Pole -3 M LED-9W, SPV-50 W,15 ISS-SSL2 LED Street Light 19738 100 Battery-60 Ah, Pole -4 M LED-12W, SPV-60 W,16 ISS-SSL3 LED Street Light 22173 100 Battery-75 Ah, Pole - 5 M LED-18W, SPV-75 W,17 ISS-SSL4 LED Street Light 27693 100 Battery-100 Ah, Pole - 6 M LED-24W, SPV-100 W,18 ISS-SSL5 LED Street Light 38281 100 Battery-150 Ah, Pole - 7 M
  • LED-48W, SPV-150 W,19 ISS-SSL6 LED Street Light Battery- 200 Ah, Pole - 8 55334 100 M CFL-11W, SPV-75 W,20 ISS-SSL7 CFL Street Light 22962 100 Battery- 75 Ah, Pole - 5 M CFL-22 W, SPV-120 W,21 ISS-SSL8 CFL Street Light Battery- 120 Ah, Pole - 6 33793 100 M22 ISS-SL5 CFL Lantern Model 5 2700 50023 ISS-SRS1 Solar Road Stud 6 LED-Aluminium Body 1650 500 300 MM Dia Solar Blinker,24 ISS-STB1 Solar Traffic Blinker 37 Watt SPV, 40 Ah 26500 100 Battery, 3 Mtrs Pole25 ISS-SF Solar Fan Solar DC Fan -12 Volt 850 500 Solar DC Fan -12 Volt ,26 ISS-SCF Solar Fan Battery: 7.2 Ah, SPV : 10 3500 500 W LED:5 Watt, SPV: 40 WP,27 ISS-GL1 Garden Light Battery: 40 Ah, Pole 3 14500 100 Mtrs
  • LED:5 Watt, SPV: 40 WP, 28 ISS-GL2 Garden Light Battery: 40 Ah, Pole 3 14500 100 Mtrs LED:5 Watt, SPV: 40 WP, 29 ISS-GL3 Garden Light Battery: 40 Ah, Pole 3 14500 100 Mtrs 30 ISS-SPV1 Solar Panel 3 WP-20 WP 80 500 31 ISS-SPV3 Solar Panel 37 WP-100 WP 65 100 32 ISS-SPV4 Solar Panel 100 WP-270 WP 60 100 solar panel 3W Battery 33 ISS-BL-1 Bollard Light 4500 100 4.2Ah/ 6V LED Light 3WattAll prices are ex worksTaxes as applicable will be extraPrices are subject to change without any prior notice
  • We are also manufacturers of Solar Cells in wattages between 3W to4.2W both Multi-crystalline and Mono-crystalline with 2 & 3 Bus barwith Cell size-measuring 156mm x 156mm and 125mm x 125mm.We are pleased to quote our best price for Multi-crystalline Modulesin sizes ranging in power from 3Wp to 290Wp in 12V/24V asappended. Wattage Price / Wp Wattage Price / Wp 3Wp 85 125Wp 5Wp 75 150WP Rs. 43 in 12V/24V 10Wp 60 180Wp 20Wp 52 200Wp 30Wp 50 210Wp 37Wp 220Wp 40Wp Rs. 45 per 230Wp Special Offer Rs.39 50Wp watt 240Wp in 24V 75Wp in 12V 250Wp 80Wp 280Wp 100WpWe also manufacture Mono-crystalline Modules and the cost is Rs.5/-per watt additional over the above rates except for modules on specialoffer.All the above rates are ex-works our facility in Hyderabad and aresubject to 2% against Form C otherwise 5%, Transport and Insuranceon to pay basis to be borne by you. Payment terms are 100% advance.The above rates are valid as of date . We look forward to your valuableorders. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.
  • S Sharafat Ali – MD Tel.: +91-9759381998 / +91 - 9868667484 S website: Linkedin S email: / Inputs/Watt Price / INR MOQ 10w - 20W Rs. 55/ watt 20w - 37w Rs. 50/ watt 37w - 300w Rs. 43/ watt Special SPV 190w,200w230w,240w, Multicrystalline - 24V Rs. 37/ watt 250w,280w,290w,300w 4 (with Serial number only) 5 Thin Film Multi SPV 100w Rs. 37/ watt 6 Cells Multi 2BB 3.7w - 4.2w Rs. 23/ watt 1 KW 7 Cells Multi 3BB 3.7w - 4.2w Rs. 22/ watt 8 Cells Multi 3BB 3W - 3.5w Rs.56/ Piece 9 SPV Mono 10w Rs. 60/ watt 10 SPV Mono 20w - 37w Rs. 57/ watt 11 SPV Mono 37w - 300w Rs. 46/ watt 13 Cells Mono 2BB 3.7w - 4.2w Rs.26/ watt 14 Cells Mono 3BB 3.7w - 4.2w Rs. 24/ watt 15 Cells Mono 3BB 3w - 3.5w Rs.59/ Piece ***Prices Mentioned are for Company Logo/Serial Nos only ***With Logo Price Rs.5 Extra / Watt1. Validity of offer: Prices quoted are firm and valid for 05 days from date of offer.TERMS & CONDITIONS: After this prices are subject to reconfirmation.2. Price Basis: Prices quoted are ex-works, Hyderabad.3. Sales Tax: Presently, VAT @ 5% extra will be charged and CST @2% against Form C.4. Taxes & Levis: If any taxes applicable at the time of invoicing will be charged extra.5. Octroi & Works Contract tax: Extra if applicable during the time of billing & dispatch.6. Packing Charges: 5% will be charged extra on the invoice value (if required in wooden Box).7. Payment Terms: 100% advance against proforma invoice or along with the Purchase Order8. Delivery of material: As per the order on receipt of the 100% payment.9. Insurance: To be borne by the purchaser.10. Transport: Transporter to be advised.11. Delivery Period: 7 working days from the date of 100% payment.