post harvest technology types of dryer design of dryers types of grain dryers methods of producing hot air hot air drying hin layer and deep bed drying principles and theory drying psychrometric charts and its u importance psychrometry threshing threshing can be done\ manually or mechanically manua threshing – traditional method moisture meters – equilibrium mechanical threshers – types-p threshers moisture content cereal losses pulses losss grain loss agricultural engineering anna university post harvest important questio agri 3 rd year agri agriculture agri engg fundamendals of post harvest post harvest losses fruits vegtables oil seeds cereal post harvest agriculture engineering solar pannel solar energy agri motor zero emmision agri pump pump artificial intaligence in agri ai in agriculture sensors used in agriculture soil moisture sensor solar powerd irrigation irrigation in robatics iot irrigation automatic irrigation agricultural engineerigng agricilture solar drones in agriculture roboti vrt gis based modeling crop growth models precision farming remote sensing arul.s led rasbery pi aurduino board morden agriculture moisture sensor auto irrigation tetra packaging – edible film packaging - retort pouching aseptic packaging vacuum and gas packaging storage and packageing tech shrink and stretch packaging m bio degradable packaging mater packaging materials functions of package packaging strategies for vario storage and packaging technolo integrated pest and disease ma postharvest handling. protected cultivation technolo gerbera orchids lilium rose flowers protected cultivation
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