Solar street lights


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Solar streetlights are a cost effective alternative to conventional streetlights and are protected from power outages

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Solar street lights

  1. 1. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comSOLAR STREET LIGHTSQ: WHY SHOULD DEVELOPERS USE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS?A: BECAUSE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS ARE: Price competitive with conventional street lights A cost effective “Green” statementAND THEY Help meet “Green” proffers, cost effectively Can be turned on before utility power is on site Help marketing and PR: Solar power brings security and resiliency to communities; immunity to poweroutages and an end to “Forever” utility billsYOUR NEEDSSolar Electrics’ solar lighting portfolio addresses a variety of lighting needs: Street lights Parking lots Security TrailsAnd much moreOUR SOLUTIONSThree categories of solar streetlight solutions are available today - scroll down or click a link below to godirectly to the desired information:1. CONVENTIONAL STREET LIGHTS, ONLY SOLAR POWEREDand a SAMPLE SOLAR STREETLIGHT SITE PLAN2. STANDARD ,“CONVENTIONAL” SOLAR STREET LIGHTS3. HYBRID, A COMBINATION USING THE BENEFITS OF 1 AND 2 ABOVE4. STREETLIGHT RETROFIT EXAMPLE
  2. 2. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comCONVENTIONAL STREET LIGHTS, ONLY SOLAR POWEREDConventional HPS ‘BEFORE’ Solar LED ‘AFTER’SPECIFICATIONSCONVENTIONAL HPS 70 watt high pressure sodium frosted lamp124 style historic globe on 11’6” cast ironstandard Wattage-85 line watts Pupil Lumens-3,200 Yearly burning hours-4,200 Yearly kwh-357 Lamp changes in 10 years: 3.7SOLAR LED 30-LEDs, 36 watts, 90+ lumen per led124 style historic globe with cutoff black topon 11’6” cast iron standard Wattage-36 line watts Pupil Lumens-5,500 Yearly burning hours-4,200 Yearly kwh-151 Lamp changes in 10 years: 0
  3. 3. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comSAMPLE SOLAR STREETLIGHT SITE PLANSolar power station (not to scale)replaces utility transformer connectionSolar powered streetlight Three streetlights are installed and wired in a conventional manner. The power for the streetlightscomes from the “Solar Power Station”. Approximate solar array size: 96” x 65” The Solar Power Station can also power irrigation control systems and other loads, Spring through Fall The Solar Power Station can be configured as an emergency charging station for personal electronicsand other devices
  4. 4. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comSTANDARD “CONVENTIONAL” SOLAR STREET LIGHTSThese photos show standard stand alone solar Parking lot, Street/Roadway and Area/Security lights, wherethe solar panel is attached to the top of the light pole.These lights are best used where trenching is difficult or costly.When installed in shaded areas, this configuration will not function and if aesthetic considerations are ofconcern, a central Solar Power Station, as illustrated above, will power any number of standard street lights(such as the LED streetlight pictured above), by replacing the utility transformer connection.Parking lot lighting Street/Roadway lighting Area/Security lights‘INVISIBLE’ SOLAR PANELThis innovative solar street light uses flexiblesolar PV technology, which wraps the solarpanel around the pole.
  5. 5. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comHYBRID, A COMBINATION USING THE BENEFITS OF 1 AND 2 ABOVEHybrid Solar Street lights combine the aesthetics and variety in style of conventional street lights with the Green aspectsand ease of installation of “conventional” solar street lights while reducing trenching by 45% compared to conventionalstreet lights. Each Solar Power Supply (SPS) unit connects to 1 or 2 street or parking lot lights.THE FOLLOWING ILLUSTRATION SHOWS HOW TRENCHING IS REDUCED BY 45% OR MORE COMPARED WITHA CONVENTIONAL STREETLIGHT INSTALLATIONStreet1 2 3 and 4 5 and 6StreetlightSolar Power Supply Lights 1, 2 are powered by their own individual SPS. With lights 3, 4 and 5, 6, the SPS powers two lights. Site design will dictate the distance from the lights to the SPS.SOLAR POWER SUPPLY EXAMPLESGround level installation, 12’ high pole keeps solar panels out of reachwith clearance for lawn mowers and snow
  6. 6. CONTACT_Jody SolellSolar Electrics703-425-9712solarelectrics@msn.comwww.solarelectricsva.comSTREETLIGHT RETROFIT EXAMPLEThe HOA owned light pictured below provides important security and safety elements to the community. As aresult of sidewalks rehabilitation work, the power cable was damaged beyond repair and the light ceasedfunctioning. The solar power supply, designed and installed by Solar Electrics, restored power to the light at a lowercost than installing a new power cable. The existing 150watt HPS lamp was replaced with a 27watt LED lamp Should a power outage occur, the light will be unaffected, it’s solar powered. An option is available toprovide community members with 120volt household power to recharge electronics (cell phones,tablets and laptops) during power outages. This installation is similar to the Hybrid Solar Street Light on the previous page. Existing site conditionsdictated the location of the solar panel.In NEW projects, the solar panel can be placed at a greater distance from the light