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    1. 1. Northern Learning CentreChoice Program proposal (Policy 6172.2)
    2. 2. RationaleThe students we are teaching today are very different thanstudents we taught ten years ago. The ability to accessinformation anytime, anywhere is the reality of our learners.Students are looking for ways to apply their knowledge to extendtheir learning. Our system needs to respond to our learners.Recently, the Ministry of Education has released the BC’s EducationPlan. This plan outlines the need to prepare our learners for the21st Century.We are preparing our learners for jobs that don’t even exist.
    3. 3. Research• Learning in the 21st century looks like:• Students learning through meaningful projects• School is a ‘base camp’ for inquiry• Learners collaborate in their learning, rather than ‘consuming’ it• Education takes advantage of digital technologies and helps students become both digitally literate and digitally adept•
    4. 4. Northern Learning Centre• Choice program• Project based personalized learning with a focus on 21st Century skills• Grade 8 & 9 students- to start - vertically (grades 10,11 & 12...) and grow laterally (other schools)• Applied learning where teachers & students pull out Prescribed Learning Outcomes• Digital world–reporting, PLOs and portfolios – meeting students in their world• All students needing a digital device. (laptop, net-book, tablet, or smart phone)• Approximately 1 to 25 ratio – hopefully a cohort of 50-100• Days could look like – depending on size of cohort and project 8:45-9:00 Connect time 9:00–9:45 Physical activity 9:45–10:00 Nutrition break/health seminars 10:00–11:00 Direct instruction (class or seminar) 11:00–12:00 Direct instruction (class or seminar) 12:00 12:45 Lunch 12:45– 3:00 Project work
    5. 5. Northern Learning Centre Vision• To engage learners through a personal learning choice program. Where real life connection to student learning matters! Mission• To ensure each student is ready for the 21st Century with the skills, attitudes, experiences and mindsets to be successful. Values• Promote creativity and innovation• Practice collaboration, teamwork, leadership• Foster cross cultural understanding• Develop communication and media literacy• Ongoing career learning – self reliance• Promote a lifestyle of caring for personal health
    6. 6. Northern Learning Centre• Increased levels of learning• Engagement• Projects/Flexibility/Connections• Reporting• Community• Teacher driven• Technology• Local example
    7. 7. Look North?• Peace River - North Peace Secondary• Energetic Learning Campus – 160 grade 10 students out of 340 opted in.• 7 teachers and C&I principal – planned integrated projects• Work closely with students, parents and community• Needed huge buy in to make it work.... Its working
    8. 8. Program Location
    9. 9. Timeline• Nov. - EPPC, SPC and PAC (Board and School committee level)• Nov. - Choice program approved by the Board of Education• Jan. - Info sessions for students and parents - Hart Family and whole SD#57 community• Feb. - Program session for interested teachers• April - Hire staff• May/ June - Pro D, getting to know students and project planning