Interview Workshop presented by Stratford University Career Services Richmond Campus


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Learn interviewing best practices, how to be an interview STAR, tips on body language, and following up after the interview.

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Interview Workshop presented by Stratford University Career Services Richmond Campus

  1. 1. Interview Training Workshop Jessica Harlow Lisa Dalrymple Neelima Suryadevara Sid Rokkam Career Services
  2. 2. Agenda Today, we will: • • • • • • • Share best practices Be an interview STAR Video presentation Discuss how an interviewer judges you How to follow up after the interview The mock interview Question time Career Services
  3. 3. Best Practices • Make a good and effective first impression – Smile and have a constant pleasant eye contact – Give a firm handshake • Showcase enthusiasm and interest in the job – Be more involved in the interview than just answering the questions asked – Ask questions which will show you are very interested in the job • Do your homework about the organization – It means you should know a little about the organization’s history – Know the organization strategy – You can search the internet for answers Career Services
  4. 4. Best Practices • Dress Code – Don’t be underdressed – Dress what you will be comfortable to carry yourself in Career Services
  5. 5. Best Practices • Arrive 10 minutes before the interview appointment • Ensure you had enough rest the night before as it helps you function better during the interview • Answer questions supported with examples – we will discuss this in detail in slides coming ahead Career Services
  6. 6. STAR Approach • • • • S – Situation T – Task A – Approach R – Results Career Services
  7. 7. Video Presentation • How to perform effectively in a job interview: • How to make a good first impression: Career Services
  8. 8. How an interviewer judges you: • Interviewer would already have studied your resume and will ask specific questions from the resume • Dress to impress, but not to distract. Make a positive first impression. • Interviewer may ask you a tricky question which will not have a right or wrong answer. Tackle them by being thoughtful and taking your time. • Interviewer will look for confidence, enthusiasm and technical knowledge. • Interviewer will look for positivity and analytical answers rather than generic answers. Remember to use STAR. Career Services
  9. 9. Following Up After an Interview • Thank You Notes: ALWAYS write a thank you note. Send an e-mail the day of your interview, and write a hand-written note to put in the mail. Don’t pre-write the note. • When to follow up about the job: It depends. What did your interviewer tell you about the timeline of the hiring process? If you do not hear anything, two weeks is a fair time to send a follow up e-mail asking if the job has been filled. • Track what you learn: After your interview, write down what questions you were asked, with one thing you did well, and one thing you would improve. Use this information to practice for future interviews. Career Services
  10. 10. Quiz Career Services
  11. 11. Mock Interview Career Services
  12. 12. Let’s have an open discussion on what we learned today. Career Services
  13. 13. Thank You! Career Services