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  1. 1. BatteriesPublished:September 2011NO.Of Pages:331Price:US $ 5100Report SummaryUS demand to rise 4.8% annually through 2015US sales of primary and secondary batteries are expected to rise 4.8 percentannually to $16.7 billion in 2015. Gains will be driven by healthy demand forreplacement batteries in numerous electronic devices and a shift in theproduct mix toward more expensive, better-performing batteries.Furthermore, following some short-term weakness, a strong rebound inmotor vehicle production and an improved outlook for fixed investment willbolster consumption of batteries in the motor vehicle and industrial markets.Growth in the rapidly expanding hybrid and electric vehicle market will alsoprovide new sales opportunities. On the other hand, a moderation in pricesafter a period of strong increase will constrain value gains to some extent.Design improvements that contribute to longer life spans, thus reducing thefrequency of replacement, will also limit future growth.Alkaline batteries to remain dominant primary typeDemand for primary batteries is forecast to advance 3.1 percent per year to$5.4 billion in 2015. The growing popularity of battery-powered portabledevices will spur strong replacement demand for these batteries.Furthermore, increased use of more powerful and expensive batteries willsupport value gains. Alkaline batteries will remain the most prevalent type ofprimary battery, accounting for over 70 percent of demand. However, salesof other battery chemistries, most notably primary lithium, are expected toregister stronger advances through 2015. Consumer applications willcontinue to represent about two-thirds of all primary battery demand in2015. The aging of the population will also benefit supplies of both consumerhearing aid batteries and primary lithium batteries for implantable medicaldevices, as the number of people 65 years of age and older tend to be theprimary users of these products.Browse All: Semiconductor and Electronics Market Research Reports
  2. 2. Secondary batteries to outpace primary typesThe US secondary batteries market is projected to climb 5.7 percentannually to $11.3 billion in 2015. Market gains will be bolstered byincreasing usage of highdrain electronic products, which supports sales ofmore powerful, expensive batteries. However, market advances will beconstrained by a number of factors, including a moderation in lead-acidbattery prices after a period of healthy gains. Demand for lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries will be fueled by rapid growth in the production of hybrid andelectric vehicles, which will utilize these batteries as a power source.Although lead-acid batteries will continue to account for more than 62percent of secondary battery demand in 2015, sales of lithiumbasedrechargeable batteries, which are widely used in both portable devices andhybrid vehicles, will record the strongest increases.US trade deficit in batteries to widen through 2015Shipments of batteries from US facilities are expected to advance at a 4.8percent annual pace to $13.0 billion in 2015. Growth will be supported bythe rising popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, which will encouragedomestic suppliers to dramatically boost production of Li-Ion batteries.However, gains will be limited by the strong leadership positions of foreignsuppliers, which dominate the output of many advanced battery types. As aresult, the US trade deficit in batteries is forecast to widen further through2015.Table Of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTGeneralEconomic EnvironmentCyclical TrendsLong-Term TrendsFixed Investment OutlookPersonal Income & Expenditure OutlookGovernment Spending & Investment OutlookDurable Goods Manufacturing OutlookMotor Vehicle OutlookElectrical & Electronic Sector Outlook
  3. 3. Legal & Regulatory EnvironmentRecyclingIII. TECHNOLOGYGeneralBasic Electrical PropertiesBattery Construction & OperationConventional Battery ChemistriesAlkalineZinc-Carbon/Zinc-ChlorideLead-AcidNickel-CadmiumOthersAdvanced Battery ChemistriesLithiumNickel-Metal HydrideZinc-AirSodium Metal HalideOtherWireless Communications & Portable ComputingHybrid/Electric VehiclesFuel Cells & Other Alternative Sources of PowerFuel CellsOther Sources of PowerMotor Vehicle Electrical TrendsSmart BatteriesIV. OVERVIEWGeneralPricing PatternsInternational EnvironmentWorld OutlookForeign TradePrimary BatteriesSecondary BatteriesV. PRIMARY BATTERY PRODUCTSGeneralAlkaline BatteriesPrimary LithiumOther Primary BatteriesZinc-AirZinc-Carbon/Zinc-Chloride
  4. 4. Silver OxideSpecialty & Other Primary BatteriesVI. PRIMARY BATTERY MARKETSGeneralConsumer MarketEntertainmentLightingToys & GamesPhotographyOther Consumer MarketsIndustrial MarketGovernment MarketOther Primary Battery MarketsVII. SECONDARY BATTERY PRODUCTSGeneralLead-Acid BatteriesStarting/Lighting/IgnitionNon-SLIMotive PowerStationary & Other TypesRechargeable Lithium BatteriesLithium IonLithium PolymerNickel-Metal Hydride BatteriesNickel-Cadmium BatteriesOther Secondary BatteriesSodium-Metal HalideRechargeable Zinc-AirNickel-HydrogenSodium-SulfurExotic & All OtherVIII. SECONDARY BATTERY MARKETSGeneralMotor Vehicle MarketConventional OEMConventional ReplacementHybrid-Electric VehiclesPortable Device MarketPortable ComputersPersonal Communication Devices
  5. 5. Power ToolsOther Portable DevicesMotive Power MarketIndustrial & Mining VehiclesRecreational & Personal Mobility VehiclesOther Motive PowerBackup Power Supply MarketIndustrialTelecommunicationsUtility-RelatedGovernment & Other Secondary Battery MarketsGovernmentMowers, Tractors & Industrial TrucksMarineMotorcyclesAll OtherIX. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralIndustry CompositionMarket SharePrimary BatteriesLead-Acid Secondary BatteriesNon-Lead-Acid Secondary BatteriesResearch & Product DevelopmentManufacturingMarketingCooperative AgreementsDistributionFinancial RequirementsMergers, Acquisitions & Industry RestructuringCompany ProfilesA123 Systems IncorporatedABSL Power Solutions, see EnerSysAcme Aerospace, see TransDigm GroupAmerican Power Conversion, see Schneider ElectricASB Group, see Saft GroupeBYD Company LimitedC&D Technologies IncorporatedCobasys, see Samsung SDICompact Power, see LG ChemCrown Battery Manufacturing CompanyDouglas Battery Manufacturing Company
  6. 6. Duracell, see Procter & GambleEast Penn Manufacturing Company IncorporatedElectrochem Solutions, see GreatbatchEner1 IncorporatedEnerDel, see Ener1Energizer Holdings IncorporatedEnergy Conversion Devices IncorporatedEnerSysEnertech International, see Ener1Ener-Tek International IncorporatedExide TechnologiesFlorida Substrate, see Saft GroupeGE Transportation, see General ElectricGeneral Electric CompanyGNB Industrial Power, see Exide TechnologiesGP Batteries International LimitedGreatbatch IncorporatedGS Yuasa CorporationHitachi LimitedJohnson Controls IncorporatedKCM Marketing, see East Penn ManufacturingLG Chem LimitedMarathonNorco Aerospace, see TransDigm GroupMaxell of America, see HitachiModular Energy Devices, see EnerSysOvonic Battery, see Energy Conversion DevicesPanasonic CorporationPower-Sonic CorporationPrimearth EV Energy, see Panasonic and Toyota MotorProcter & Gamble CompanyRenata, see Swatch GroupSaft Groupe SASamsung SDI Company LimitedSANYO Electric, see PanasonicSB LiMotive, see Samsung SDISchneider Electric SASony CorporationSpectrum Brands Holdings IncorporatedSwatch Group LimitedTadiran US Battery, see Saft GroupeToshiba CorporationToyota Motor CorporationTransDigm Group Incorporated
  7. 7. Trojan Battery CompanyUltralife CorporationUS Battery Manufacturing CompanyValence Technology IncorporatedYardney Technical Products, see Ener-Tek InternationalYuasa Battery, see GS YuasaOther Companies Mentioned in StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators2 Battery Market, 2000-20103 Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expenditures4 Personal Consumption Expenditures5 Government Spending & Investment Trends6 Durable Goods Shipments7 Motor Vehicle Indicators8 Electrical & Electronic Equipment ShipmentsSECTION III -- TECHNOLOGY1 Wireless Communications & Portable Computing Device Demand2 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Market Trends3 Selected Alternative Power Product Demand4 Smart Battery DemandSECTION IV -- OVERVIEW1 Battery Supply & Demand2 Battery Pricing Patterns3 World Battery Demand4 US Battery Foreign Trade5 US Primary Battery Foreign Trade6 US Secondary Battery Foreign TradeSECTION V -- PRIMARY BATTERY PRODUCTS1 Primary Battery Supply & Demand2 Alkaline Battery Supply & Demand3 Primary Lithium Battery Supply & Demand4 Other Primary Battery Supply & Demand5 Zinc-Air Battery Demand
  8. 8. 6 Zinc-Carbon/Zinc-Chloride Battery Demand7 Silver Oxide Battery Demand8 Specialty & Other Primary Battery DemandSECTION VI -- PRIMARY BATTERY MARKETS1 Primary Battery Demand by Market2 Consumer Primary Battery Market3 Industrial Primary Battery Market4 Government Primary Battery Market5 Other Primary Battery MarketsSECTION VII -- SECONDARY BATTERY PRODUCTS1 Secondary Battery Supply & Demand2 Lead-Acid Battery Supply & Demand3 Starting/Lighting/Ignition Battery Demand4 Non-SLI Lead-Acid Battery Demand5 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Supply & Demand6 Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Supply & Demand7 Nickel-Cadmium Battery Supply & Demand8 Other Secondary Battery Supply & DemandSECTION VIII -- SECONDARY BATTERY MARKETS1 Secondary Battery Demand by Market2 Motor Vehicle Battery Market3 Conventional OEM Battery Market4 Conventional Replacement Motor Vehicle Battery Market5 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Battery Market6 Portable Device Secondary Battery Market7 Portable Computers Battery Demand8 Personal Communication Device Battery Demand9 Power Tool Battery Demand10 Other Portable Devices Battery Demand11 Motive Power Secondary Battery Market12 Backup Power Supply Secondary Battery Market13 Government & Other Secondary Battery MarketsSECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Battery Sales by Manufacturer, 20102 Research & Development Spending Patterns: Selected BatteryManufacturers3 Capital Spending Patterns: Selected Battery Manufacturers4 Selected Cooperative Agreements
  9. 9. 5 Composite Financial Ratios: Selected Battery Manufacturers6 Selected Acquisitions & DivestituresLIST OF CHARTSSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Battery Market Trends, 2000-2010SECTION III -- TECHNOLOGY1 Basic Battery ConstructionSECTION IV -- OVERVIEW1 Selected Battery Price Deflators, 2000-20202 World Battery Demand by Region, 20103 US Primary Battery Imports by Source, 20104 US Primary Battery Exports by Destination, 20105 US Secondary Battery Imports by Source, 20106 US Secondary Battery Exports by Destination, 2010SECTION V -- PRIMARY BATTERY PRODUCTS1 Primary Battery Demand by Chemistry, 2010SECTION VI -- PRIMARY BATTERY MARKETS1 Primary Battery Demand by Market, 2010SECTION VII -- SECONDARY BATTERY PRODUCTS1 Secondary Battery Demand by Chemistry, 2010SECTION VIII -- SECONDARY BATTERY MARKETS1 Secondary Battery Demand by Market, 2010SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Battery Market Share, 20102 US Primary Battery Market Share, 20103 US Lead-Acid Secondary Battery Market Share, 20104 US Non-Lead-Acid Secondary Battery Market Share, 2010
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