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Infection prevention products & services


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Infection prevention products & services

  1. 1. Infection Prevention Products & ServicesPublished:September 2011No.Of Pages:297Price:US $ 4900Report SummaryUS demand to rise 5.1% annually through 2015US demand for infection prevention products and services is forecast to increase5.1 percent annually to $21.4 billion in 2015. Stepped up efforts by medicalproviders to reduce the incidence and mortality of health care-associated infections(HAIs) will underlie growth. Hospitals and other health care establishments areadopting stricter standards involving patient and staff hygiene and protection,facility cleaning and disinfection, device and instrument sterilization, and medicalwaste collection and disposal. Each of these applications will continue to form anattractive, growing niche within the medical supply market.The need for improved infection prevention strategies also extends to the lifesciences sector. Stricter FDA standards for product quality control and qualityassurance are forcing pharmaceutical and medical device producers to upgrade andexpand sterilization and disinfection systems. Additionally, the increasing use ofbiotechnology-derived microorganisms in investigative and testing procedures isbroadening the infection prevention requirements of life science research andmedical diagnostic concerns.Disinfectants, services to be fastest growing segmentsDisinfectants consumed by health care and life science facilities will registerdemand of nearly $2 billion in 2015, up 4.9 percent annually from 2010. Growthwill benefit from stepped up pressures on health care facilities to upgrade staffhygiene and facility disinfection practices to defend against HAIs such as MRSA,VRE and C. diff. Disinfectant use in life science facilities will expand as productionsystems and research and diagnostic investigations become increasingly complexand more vulnerable to microbial contamination. However, as in the case ofprotective apparel and textiles, multiple supplier availability and limited pricingflexibility will hold down overall growth opportunities for this product group.Browse All Healthcare Market Research ReportsCompliance with stricter infection prevention and control safeguards by the healthcare and life science communities will create average or better growth opportunitiesfor medical waste disposal supplies. By contrast, the market for sterilization and
  2. 2. other infection prevention products market equipment will expand at a slow pacedue to maturing end-use markets, and the increasing availability of used andretrofitted machinery. Demand for infection prevention services will see aboveaverage growth based on the convenience, cost efficiency and regulatorycompliance advantages offered to health care and life science facilities.Demand for protective apparel and textiles -- including surgical drapes and gowns,medical and laboratory gloves, face masks and staff apparel, will expand at a belowaverage pace due to trends toward less invasive patient procedures and limitedpricing flexibility. The market for safety-enhanced devices, especially IV and urinarycatheters and syringes, will grow faster based on stricter OSHA standards aimed atpreventing accidental needlesticks and extended health insurance coverage forurinary catheters. Studies indicate that more than half of HAIs and 90 percent ofrelated mortality and nearly all accidental needlesticks could be prevented ifhospitals and other health care facilities implemented integrated infectionprevention strategies advocated by government and private medical groups.Table of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTGeneralEconomic FactorsDemographic PatternsHealth Care TrendsHealth Insurance CoverageMedical ConditionsAcute ConditionsChronic ConditionsNational Health ExpendituresSpending CategoriesFunding SourcesMedical ProvidersHospitalsPhysicians & Physicians’ OfficesOutpatient FacilitiesDentists & Dental OfficesOther Medical Establishments
  3. 3. Patient ActivityHospital ActivitySurgical ProceduresOutpatient ActivityDiagnostic TestsLife Science MarketsLife Science Research & Development ExpendituresPharmaceutical ShipmentsMedical Supply & Device ShipmentsIII. INFECTION PREVENTION OVERVIEWGeneralHealth Care-Associated InfectionsUrinary Tract InfectionsSurgical Site InfectionsRespiratory InfectionsBlood InfectionsSkin InfectionsOther HAIsHAI CostsRegulatory ConsiderationsHistorical Demand PatternsUS TradeInternational MarketsIV. PRODUCTS & SERVICESGeneralInfection Prevention OverviewInfection Prevention SuppliesProtective Apparel & TextilesMedical & Laboratory GlovesExamination GlovesSurgical GlovesLaboratory GlovesSurgical DrapesNonwoven DrapesPlastic & Other Surgical DrapesApplicationsSurgical GownsSurgical & Staff Face MasksOther Protective Apparel & TextilesPatient GownsStaff ApparelAll Other Apparel & Textiles
  4. 4. Safety-Enhanced Medical DevicesCathetersUrinary CathetersIV & Other Safety-Enhanced CathetersSafety-Enhanced SyringesPrefillable SyringesClinical SyringesBlood Collection TubesOther Safety-Enhanced DevicesSurgical InstrumentsAll Other Safety-Enhanced DevicesSterilization SuppliesSterile ContainersTraysPouchesBagsOther Sterile ContainersSterilization WrapSterilization IndicatorsBiological IndicatorsChemical IndicatorsProducersDisinfectantsSurface DisinfectantsPhenolic DisinfectantsQuaternary Ammonium DisinfectantsOther Surface DisinfectantsSurgical DisinfectantsPatient PreparationsSurgical ScrubsInstrument DisinfectantsEnzyme DetergentsPeracetic AcidOrtho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA)GlutaraldehydeOther Instrument DisinfectantsHand SanitizersAlcohol PreparationsChlorhexidine GluconateChloroxylenolOther Hand Sanitizers
  5. 5. Medical Waste Disposal ProductsMedical Waste Disposal ContainersMedical Waste Disposal AccessoriesInfection Prevention EquipmentSterilization EquipmentSterilization TechnologiesProducts & ProducersWashing/Disinfecting EquipmentOther Infection Prevention EquipmentInfectious Waste ReceptaclesInfectous Waste Processing UnitsAll Other EquipmentInfection Prevention ServicesMedical Waste Disposal ServicesContract Sterilization ServicesV. MARKETSGeneralHealth Care MarketsHospitalsMarket OverviewInfection Prevention DemandOutpatient FacilitiesAmbulatory Surgery CentersUrgent Care CentersOther Outpatient FacilitiesPhysicians’ OfficesDental OfficesNursing HomesOther Health Care MarketsLife Science MarketDemand by TypeDemand by FacilityPharmaceutical FacilitiesLife Science Research FacilitiesMedical Supply & Device FacilitiesOther Facilities
  6. 6. VI. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralMarket ShareCompetitive StrategiesMergers & AcquisitionsLicensing & Related AgreementsMarketing & DistributionManufacturingCompany ProfilesAhlstrom CorporationAnsell LimitedBard (CR) IncorporatedBecton, Dickinson and CompanyBemis Company IncorporatedBraun (B.) Melsungen AGCaltech Industries, see CloroxCantel Medical CorporationCardinal Health IncorporatedCareFusion CorporationClorox CompanyColoplast A/SConFirm Monitoring Systems, see Cantel MedicalContec IncorporatedCovidien plcCrosstex International, see Cantel MedicalDanaher CorporationDiversey Holdings IncorporatedEcolab IncorporatedGetinge ABGOJO Industries IncorporatedHollister IncorporatedJohnson & JohnsonKimberly-Clark CorporationMedegen, see CareFusionMedline Industries IncorporatedMicrotek Medical, see EcolabMinntech, see Cantel MedicalMölnlycke Health Care ABO’Mara Scientific, see Medline IndustriesPelton & Crane, see DanaherPurdue Pharma LPSaf-T-Pak, see Cantel MedicalSemperit AG HoldingSmiths Group plcSTERIS CorporationSybron Dental Specialties, see DanaherTerumo Corporation
  7. 7. 3M CompanyUnilife CorporationOther Companies Mentioned in the StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators2 Population by Age Group3 Acute Conditions by Type4 Chronic Conditions by Type5 National Health Expenditures by Category6 National Health Expenditures by Source of Funding7 Medical Providers by Type8 Patient Activity by Type9 Life Science Market IndicatorsSECTION III -- INFECTION PREVENTION OVERVIEW1 Number of Health Care-Associated Infections by Type2 Infection Prevention Products & Services Historical Demand Patterns3 US Trade in Infection Prevention Products4 World Demand for Infection Prevention Products & ServicesSECTION IV -- PRODUCTS & SERVICES1 Infection Prevention Product & Service Demand by Category2 Infection Prevention Demand By Application3 Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group4 Protective Apparel & Textile Demand by Product Group5 Medical & Laboratory Glove Demand by Product Group6 Examination Glove Demand by Type7 Surgical Glove Demand by Type8 Laboratory Glove Demand by Type9 Surgical Drape Demand by Material & Application10 Surgical Gown Demand by Type11 Surgical & Staff Face Mask Demand by Type12 Other Protective Apparel & Textile Demand by Product Group13 Safety-Enhanced Medical Device Demand by Product Group14 Safety-Enhanced Catheter Demand by Type15 Safety-Enhanced Syringe Demand by Type16 Safety-Enhanced Blood Collection Tube Demand17 Other Safety-Enhanced Medical Device Demand by Type18 Sterilization Supplies Demand by Product Group19 Sterile Container Demand by Type20 Sterilization Wrap Demand by Type
  8. 8. 21 Sterilization Indicator Demand by Type22 Disinfectant Demand by Product Group23 Surface Disinfectant Demand by Type & Classification24 Surgical Disinfectant Demand by Type25 Instrument Disinfectant Demand by Type26 Hand Sanitizer Demand by Type & Formulation27 Medical Waste Disposal Supplies Demand by Group28 Medical Waste Disposal Container Demand29 Medical Waste Disposal Accessories Demand by Type30 Infection Prevention Equipment Demand by Product Group31 Sterilization Equipment Demand by Type32 Washing/Disinfecting Equipment Demand33 Other Infection Prevention Equipment Demand by Type34 Infection Prevention Services Demand by Type35 Medical Waste Disposal Services Demand36 Contract Sterilization Services Demand by TypeSECTION V -- MARKETS1 Infection Prevention Demand by Market2 Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Facility3 Hospital Infection Prevention Demand by Type4 Outpatient Facility Infection Prevention Demand by Type5 Physicians’ Office Infection Prevention Demand by Type6 Dental Office Infection Prevention Demand by Type7 Nursing Home Infection Prevention Demand by Type8 Other Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Type9 Life Science Market Infection Prevention Demand by Type10 Life Science Market Infection Prevention Demand by FacilitySECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Infection Prevention Product Sales by Company, 20102 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures3 Selected Cooperative AgreementsLIST OF CHARTSSECTION X -- PRODUCTS & SERVICES1 Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group, 2010SECTION XI -- MARKETS1 Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Facility, 2010SECTION XII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Infection Prevention Products Market Share, 2010
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