LCA13: Introduction to Linaro


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Resource: LCA13
Name: Introduction to Linaro
Date: 04-03-2013
Speaker: Mike Levine

Published in: Technology
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LCA13: Introduction to Linaro

  1. 1. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Introduction to Linaro March 4th 2013
  2. 2. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) ! Announced in Taipai, Taiwan, Jun 02, 2010 at Computex ! ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments have created the not-for-profit company, Linaro, committed to providing new resources and industry alignment for open source software developers using Linux on the world's most sophisticated semiconductor System-on-Chips (SoCs). ! Just 32 months ago! ! From Computex Press Release: ! Stated 25 people (Consultants, assignees and employees) ! The whole effort seems to be aimed at getting Linux software builds and new smartphones together, faster, via middleware. ! Linaro aligns the expertise of industry-leading electronics companies to accelerate innovation among Linux developers on the most advanced semiconductor SoCs (System-on-Chip). ! Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary since the company name was registered: Linaro Limited was registered on 05 Mar 2010 with its registered office in Cambridge. Facts about Linaro:
  3. 3. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Growth of Linaro ! Left chart is data from 9-6-2011 (17 months ago) ! Right chart is data from 3-8-2012 (One year ago) ! We increased from 119 people to 132 people
  4. 4. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) One year later – Currently at Linaro ! 154 people involved in Linaro ! 144% increase in Linaro direct hires ! 16% increase in total company (22 people) ! 5 people with job offers currently (4 of 5) have accepted but not started yet ! (puts us at 71 people after the Connect week) 77 66 11 Linaro Assignees Direct Hires Linaro Consultants
  5. 5. Number of Linaro people per country: France 11, Finland 3, Germany 4, Italy 2, Latvia 1, Luxembourg 1, Poland 1, Russia 2, Serbia 2 ,Sweden 4, Switzerland 1, UK 25, Ukraine 1 ASIA 2013 (LCA13) UK
  6. 6. Number of Linaro people per country: Australia 2, New Zealand 1 ASIA 2013 (LCA13)
  7. 7. Number of Linaro people per country: China 16, India 33, Japan 1, Korea 4, Pakistan 2, Taiwan 1 ASIA 2013 (LCA13)
  8. 8. Number of Linaro people per country: Brazil 1, Canada 6, USA 27 ASIA 2013 (LCA13)
  9. 9. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Goal is to exceed member expectations! ! Our basic value is we share the investment that members are making and work on common problems for all our members together.. ! Any company that has a license for ARM Cortex-A series processor and running open source software will benefit from joining Linaro. ! Key benefit to Linaro is we are not judged on how much money we make. We are measured by the value we bring to our members. ! Members get to be part of our technical steering committee guiding what we work on. ! Key result is not every member is needing to build their own version of the kernel. Together our members can lead open source development on ARM. ! Goal of Linaro is to work together to build the core platform one time and share the cost with our members. Thus this reduces the cost of member companies individually. They get their products to the consumers faster and with higher quality. ! Benefit of joining Linaro is lower engineering costs and to shorten the time to the market. ! Linaro helps get new technology from ARM into the open source world. ! We can help get all of ARM's technology out to members and partners.
  10. 10. Key public sites/pages for excellent info on Linaro ASIA 2013 (LCA13) •  December 2012 Introductory Linaro PDF •  Meet Linaro's team •  Linaro's Engineering page •  Linaro's LEG Group •  Planet Linaro •  Linaro Facebook page •  Linaro's LinkedIn page •  Linaro's blog •  Linaro's developer wiki •  Linaro's Career page •  Linaro Connects main page •  Linaro's download page/ Questions about Linaro or this presentation? Please go to: Linaro's contact us page
  11. 11. More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: ASIA 2013 (LCA13)
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