LCA13: Connect Survival Guide


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Resource: LCA13
Name: Connect Survival Guide
Date: 04-03-2013
Speaker: Mark Orvek

Published in: Technology
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LCA13: Connect Survival Guide

  1. 1. Group photograph at Linaro Connect in Copenhagen Monday 29 Oct 2012 Mark Orvek 04 March 2013 Connect Survival Guide LCA13 Hong Kong
  2. 2. www.linaro.orgSlide 2 Survival Guide Breaking News  enacts-no-work-at-home-policy  As of today, new Linaro work policy:  All Linaro employees and assignees must work on the same planet  Policy will be reviewed after colonization of Mars  Linaro has proven this is wrong headed  However, working remotely does have it’s challenges  You may have a tendency to forget a few important things…
  3. 3. www.linaro.orgSlide 3 Don’t be this guy Naked man gets locked out of hotel room
  4. 4. www.linaro.orgSlide 4 Linaro: World wind of change  In a time of tremendous change and innovation  With great change comes great opportunity  “Perfect storm” of technologies, companies and people  We need to be storm chasers
  5. 5. www.linaro.orgSlide 5 Challenges and Opportunities ▪ Power demand and data explosion ▪ Billions of embedded and mobile devices ▪ ARM partners shipped 8.7 Billion chips in 2012[1] ▪ Smartphone and tablets generating a mobile data explosion ▪ Mobile data to hit 134 Exabytes by 2017 [2] ▪ The Cloud requires massive data centers ▪ Power consumption is no longer just about mobile devices ▪ 3 million data centers, 2.2% of US power consumption[3] ▪ Doubling of big data growth by 2014 [4] [1] Source: ARM [2] [3] Source: Fortune [4]
  6. 6. www.linaro.orgSlide 6 The Power Of AND  Linux AND ARM  32 bit AND 64 bit  Big AND LITTLE  Performance AND lower power  Throughput AND determinism  Linaro AND Community  Employees AND Assignees  Core Engineering AND Groups  Member Services AND Engineering  Openness AND Upstream AND Collaboration AND Integrity AND Excellence  AMD AND ARM AND Applied Micro AND Calexda AND Canonical AND Cavium AND ENEA AND Facebook AND Freescale AND HiSilicon AND HP AND IBM AND LG Electronics AND LSI AND Marvell AND MontaVista AND Nokia Siemens Networks AND Red Hat AND Samsung AND ST-Ericsson AND Texas Instruments
  7. 7. www.linaro.orgSlide 7 Working Together  This Connect, like all others, is about the AND of all of us working together  Take time to enjoy this event and the people you work with  Remember, talented people make great things happen  Buckle up, we’re accelerating!
  8. 8. Group photograph at Linaro Connect in Copenhagen Monday 29 Oct 2012 LCA13 Logistics & Highlights
  9. 9. www.linaro.orgSlide 9 LCA2013  WOW!!  350+ Attendees  ~100 sessions planned  Hong Kong!  The fabulous Gold Coast Hotel 2
  10. 10. www.linaro.orgSlide 10  SSID: linaroconnect  Password: linaroconnect (Also printed on your badge) Wifi @Connect
  11. 11. www.linaro.orgSlide 11 Session & Meeting Schedules  New scheduling tools  Download the Android or iOS app to your smartphone  It’s all at your fingertips  or  Event displays
  12. 12. www.linaro.orgSlide 12 Group Photo!  Tuesday 10:45  Common area outside Ballroom C+D
  13. 13. www.linaro.orgSlide 13 Opening Keynote Plenaries Here @8:30 SHARP!  Tuesday – Lars Kurth, Citrix  Wednesday – Jason Taylor, Facebook  Thursday – Greg Kroah-Hartman  Friday – LCA Awards!
  14. 14. www.linaro.orgSlide 14 Connect Meet & Greet Tonight!  Starts @7pm  Yue Restaurant off hotel lobby  Buffet & Drinks  Reconnect with your friends and welcome newbies
  15. 15. www.linaro.orgSlide 15 Linaro Intro for New Employees & Assignees  Today @11AM  Grand Ballroom A  Mike Levine
  16. 16. www.linaro.orgSlide 16 Embedded Android Training Karim Yaghmour – CEO, Opersys Monday – Android Internals Wednesday – Working with AOSP Thursday –Native Android User-space Friday – Using & Customizing the Android Framework
  17. 17. www.linaro.orgSlide 17 LAVA Workshop @LCA-­13 Mar 4-­6, 2013: 4 hours full of LAVA Intro, Hacking & Discussion The Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) is an open source test and validation platform available for individuals and companies who wish to establish a test infrastructure for any flavor of Linux running on  ARM chips. The Workshop The LAVA Workshop @LCA-­13 consists of  4 hours of packed LAVA information  for interested attendees of LCA13. All you need is your LCA13 registration badge, your laptop with some prerequisites pre-­installed and the motivation to get your hands dirty on LAVA administration and test case development. 1. Introduction -­ Tue, 4. Mar 2013/10am-­11am in Grand Ballroom B Dave Piggott will give a high level introduction about LAVA, including a historical overview as well as insight into  the current state  of development and plans. After this, Tyler Baker will present a 15 minute story of an Android OEM that chose LAVA as a  central piece of their sophisticated CI and validation solution. 2. Hands-­On LAVA -­ Wed, 5. Mar 2013/4pm-­6pm in Grand Ballroom B The Hands-­on LAVA session is the core piece of the LAVA workshop. During the first hour Antonio Terceiro and Senthil Kumaran will guide the audience through the installation process of a complete LAVA system on their laptop. The second hour will then focus on teaching  the audience how to use lava-­test-­shell to develop and run custom  LAVA test cases in their just-­installed  LAVA server. 3. Q&A  + Wrap-­Up -­ Thu, 6. Mar 2013/12pm-­1pm in Grand Ballroom A To wrap up the LCA13 LAVA Workshop, we have set aside a full hour dedicated to open discussion and Q&A. Kate Stewart, t and Alexander Sack, will moderate this discussion with our LAVA experts (on site and dialing in). To make this session as productive as possible, we plan to collect questions before and during the workshop, in addition to answering those raised in the session. In case you can’t attend this session, rest assured that we will write a FAQ capturing the questions and answers discussed and make it available after LCA13. The LAVA workshop is part of the Linaro Connect event, which is packed with discussion and planning sessions on most aspects of Linux on ARM, hacking sessions and a few morning keynotes by leading industry players. The full event runs from Monday 3 March through to Friday 7 March and the schedule is published here: How to participate 1. Register for LCA13: 2. Register for the “Hands-­On LAVA” Session (Wed 4pm) ● max. 20 participants -­ first come, first served. ● e-­mail lca13-­ with Subject: “LAVA Workshop” (allow 3 days for a response) ● we will send detailed hardware/software requirements to you 1 week before the event 3. Show up for the  “Introduction” Session (Tue 11am) ● constrained by room size -­> show up early to get a comfortable seat! 4. Send in your questions for the “Q&A + Wrap-­Up” Session  (Tue 11am) LAVA Training Worskshop
  18. 18. www.linaro.orgSlide 18 LAVA LMP! Andy Green - Wednesday @ 2pm Grand Ballroom A
  19. 19. www.linaro.orgSlide 19 Other session highlights  ARM Server mini-Summit Tuesday  Networking mini-Summit Wednesday  Technical Overview of Big.LITTLE Monday 3pm, Grand Ballroom A  Big.LITTLE MP Updates Monday 10AM, Grand Ballroom C & D  LCA13 Wrap-up Panel & Demo Friday!
  20. 20. www.linaro.orgSlide 20 Other Evening Events  Wednesday  Chill out & Hacking – Grand Ballroom C & D  Member Services Dinner in Hong Kong  Tuesday & Thursday Night  Buses into Hong Kong  Steering Committees Dinner
  21. 21. www.linaro.orgSlide 21 LCA13 Gold Coast Hong Kong  Have a GREAT week  Please let us know if we can help make your week better  Don’t forget to have some fun!