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9 frame

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis - Rise against: Hero of War By Liam Walker
  2. 2. Frame 1: 0:00 (3 Seconds long) This is the first shot of the video, and it is a long shot of Tim sat on a swing playing an acoustic guitar. This could be a use of a star image as he is the vocalist in the band. There is a slight tunnel effect used to black out the surroundings of Tim and the light to be focused on the singer, this is used to put the focus on Tim to show that he is the main thing on the screen. He is wearing typical casual clothing which goes with the genre, showing he does not care for fancy designer clothes ad setting a tend like you would expect to see in a pop music video. The setting is that of an deserted playground that seems to be built upon some sort of desert area, this fits in with the title of the song ‘Hero of war’ as this sort of desert area is what you would expect to see in Afghanistan
  3. 3. Frame 2: 0:14 (3 seconds long) In this frame we see a close up over the shoulder shot of two soldiers carrying out their duties of patrol. They are wearing typical army combat wear and they are in a building that is set on fire suggesting there is about to be some conflict. The use of the camera makes the audience feel asif they are there with the soldiers and are at the war. The soldiers are apart of the narrative which we are not certain of what it is yet but left t guess that it is the story of a role of a soldier.
  4. 4. Frame 3: 0:17 (4 seconds long) In this shot we see a slow zoom shot of a little boy sat at a table with a plate full of fruit, while poverty surrounds him. The boy is at the center of the screen and is the main focus of the shot as it is zooming in on him, this boy seems to have a nice plate of food and a glass of orange juice while the area surrounds him has next to nothing apart from a donkey. This could suggest that war punishes the innocent by taking a life of food and drink away from innocent people and leaves them with donkey or nothing at all.
  5. 5. Frame 4: 0:33 (3 seconds long) In this frame we see a medium shot of a boy sat in a chair getting his hair shaved off. Once again a slight tunnel effect is used to center focus the boy in the middle of the screen so the viewer knows what they should be looking at. While this is going on the lyrics sang are ‘black leather boots, spit shined so bright. They cut off my hair but it looks alright.’ The video is representative of the lyrics which is one of Andrew Goodwins theories, it fits in with the lyrics as spit shining boots and getting your head shaved is things that are required to be done when entering the army
  6. 6. Frame 5: 0:57 (3 seconds long) The mise en scene of a soldier with some children on his back and cuddling one of them and lifting him up is shown with the use of a medium shot. This scene also fits in with the lyrics, the chorus is currently playing with the words hero of war being sung while showing a soldier nicely interacting with the people of the country.
  7. 7. Frame 6: 1:52 (2 seconds long) In this frame the good guy soldier image has gone as we see a long shot of two men torturing this captive in a room with prison like doors. The prisoner has been given conventional inmate clothing that you would tend to see in a prison, the soldiers are wearing their typical casual army clothes. This is so we know who is who in this scene. The whole verse is about how soldiers are not always behaving themselves with the lyrics telling how they have taken a man away from his family and abused him and even though the protagonist felt that what his mates was doing was wrong he gave in and ended up joining in.
  8. 8. Frame 7: 2:15 (2 seconds long) • In this frame we see a medium shot of our protagonist standing in a bathroom staring at himself as if he is angry or disappointed at himself after committing horrible actions to the people of the country. The darkness of the room could suggest that he is capable of dark acts which was shown earlier on in the video. The tunnel effect which has becoming a typical frequent use in the video is shown once again here putting the emphasis on our protagonist.
  9. 9. Frame 8: 3:35 (2 seconds long) • In this scene we a close up of three of the soldiers shouting at an injured child. We know they are soldiers due to the dog tags around their necks. At this point of the song the chorus is playing, however it is an alternate chorus that suggests that he is no hero of war more a criminal and a bad human being, we get this by the line ‘is that what they see?’ after the line ‘a hero of war’.
  10. 10. Frame 9: 4:08 (9 seconds long) • In the final scene of the video we see a long shot of the protagonist as he walks towards the camera. He has some sort of white paint or powder on his face and has a huge nervous grin on his face, suggesting that what he has done and what he ahs witnessed has scarred him so much that he has become slightly insane. Once again the tunnel effect is used to centralise the soldier but he is standing slightly to the left which could suggest obscurity in his way of thinking and thus him gone a little bit crazy. There is no sound from either the band or the video which could suggest that he has no thoughts in his head and that there is just silence.