SATC/Yes Man Teaser Trailer Analysis


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Here are our anaylsis' of two teaser trailers - enjoy.

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SATC/Yes Man Teaser Trailer Analysis

  1. 1. The beginning of the trailer reveals the production company New Line Cinema. However, the logo has been personalised to reinforce the stereotypical view of Sex and the City. The pink is iconic to this film, as it was continuous throughout the TV series. The first three shots used in the teaser trailer are establishing shots. They are symbolic to New York, as it is typical night life in New York, as we would imagine it. The effect of using shots of the city at night, gives the connotations of wealth and glamour. Due to these shots it establishes the setting of the movie, and it shows the stereotypical view of romance in the City. This enhances what the genre is/may be. These shots at the beginning are the longest ones used in the teaser trailer. All together, they last about 10 seconds. From the first shot, it is taking you from the outside of the city, towards the heart of the city. This is done by a ‘fast forward’ effect between the three shots shown on the left. Shot duration: 5 seconds Shot duration:5 seconds Shot duration: 2 seconds (fades into next shot) Sex and the city: teaser trailer analysis
  2. 2. This long shot establishes the possible main characters. It doesn’t show much about their characteristics or lifestyle, apart from a small aspect of their fashion, we can just simply see a group of women, which look as if they are close friends. With the shot being at night, it links to the nightlife of New York City. This medium shot immediately establishes the main character. From the clothes she is wearing, particularly the big flower, it represents her personality, showing that she is a big character and has a big personality. Also, the Louis Vuitton shop in the background enhances her character, and the feel of New York shopping. This shot is also a medium shot. This helps to show a possible narrative in the film. It links to romance as she is wearing a wedding dress, and her pose is over exaggerated which suggests that it could be a photo shoot, and in the whole scene of the trailer you can hear the diagetic sound of camera’s clicking and see the flashing lights. Shot duration: 3 seconds Shot duration: 2 seconds Shot duration: 1 second
  3. 3. These words on the trailer fly in from a close up shot, towards the middle of the page. The pink writing is also iconic here as it is at the beginning of the trailer. The minimal writing is more memorable and it gives the audience an idea of when the film will be released – a teaser. The words ‘Get Carried Away’ enhance the possible narrative and with the main character being called Carrie, which most people would know from the TV series, it links to the film. “Get Carrie d away”. This shot represents the women’s fashion, and also reinforces their friendship group. The different colours that they are wearing also show their individuality. This close up clearly represents romance and also links to the short scene in the trailer that we see with Carrie in the wedding dress, as it leaves the audience wondering if they will get married and teases them into watching it to find out. Shot duration: 2 seconds Shot duration: 2 seconds Shot duration: 2 seconds Shot duration: 3 seconds
  4. 4. These are similar to the previous texts within the trailer with the pink writing. It also has a shine to it which links to the glamour aspect of the film. This adds information to ‘This Spring’, but it is still minimal information as it teases the audience because they do not know the exact date. The website is featured on the bottom which is to promote the film, and get people to look on it for more information. The logos are also in pink, which again links to the film. The non-diagetic music in the trailer enhances the romance and the glamour of the film. The voiceover is continuity from the TV series and it also gives a hint of the narrative from what she says, such as ‘Trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style’. This gives an insight into her life and the way that her and her friends are with each other. Shot duration: 4 seconds Shot duration: 6 seconds
  5. 5. (Shot duration: 0.02 secs) (Duration of all children shots: 0.011secs) YES man (teaser trailer analysis) The yes man teaser trailer begins with introducing which company produced the film. Warner Brothers are a world wide known company, and are the producers of many films such as Scooby-Doo, Music and Lyrics, Ps. I love you, A Cinderella Story and many more! The first shots of the trailer are not featured in the film – however they do have a purpose. The shots of the young children contain the children saying ‘No’ whilst a narrator over the clips is saying ‘It’s the first word we learn and some people never grow out of it.’ The narrator says this over a period of around 11 seconds – the last word ending on a shot of Jim Carrey. The effect of using clips of children saying ‘no’ is because it is of an importance to the film even though the clips are not featured within. This is because is links to the narrative of the film.
  6. 6. (Shot duration: 0.07 secs) (Shot duration: 0.02 secs) (Shot duration: 0.01 secs) (Shot duration: 0.01 secs) About half way through the trailer is gives the audience a rough idea of when the film is due to feature in cinema’s however is does not give away the exact date – they almost tease the audience. These two scenes of the trailer represent the genre as they are humorous to the audience. They also almost represent stereotypical actions of people today for example; simply passing by or saying no to people who try to pass us their leaflets or people who try to sell stuff to you among the streets. The trailer introduces the main character to the audience (Jim Carrey). It shows a 7 second clip that features within the film and is an important clip to feature in the trailer as it links to the title of the film and helps the audience to establish the genre.
  7. 7. (Shot duration: 0.07 secs) (Shot duration: 0.02 secs) (Shot duration: 0.03 secs) (Shot duration: 0.01 secs) The trailer introduces Jim Carrey as a main actor in the film but it does not reveal any other actors or actresses names. Jim Carrey is an extremely famous actor well known for Bruce Almighty, The Mask and many, many others. He is a comedic figure in the film industry and thus allows the audience to make assumptions of the genre. This two second clip gives the audience clues as to what the film may be called. It also has an extremely strong link to the narrative of the film. The clip featured in the trailer and within the film portrays the genre as being a comedic film. It also gives a rough idea as to what the narrative is – which is told on a basic level throughout the trailer. This shot reinforces the genre of the film and makes it clear to the audience.
  8. 8. (Shot duration: 0.02 secs) (Shot duration: 0.09 secs) (Shot duration: 0.01 secs) The title of the film is not revealed until the end of the trailer. However, throughout the trailer there are clues for the audience to make assumptions on what the film may be called e.g. the amount of times ‘no’ or ‘yes’ is said in the trailer and the voice over that occurs in the trailer. The shot introduces other possible characters however does not reveal their name or what their relationship is with the main character – is it just friendship or something more? This clip, featured in both the trailer and the film, introduces yet more potential characters. The clip contains some crude sexual humour, language and brief nudity and thus gives an idea as to what age rating the film will be.