AccessU at CSUN12: Law is a Key to Accessibility


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  • Heard a great talk about a mango tree and the guy held a mango – so powerful. So my main takeaway – law is a KEY…
  • Q1: if not, we can all go back to sleep! Q2: YES – I think lack of understanding of legal issues around web accessibility doesn’t serve us.Q3: because even advocates somehow have negative connotations about the law. Why is that? Let’s leave them behind in this room. Hope to emerge with a different understanding. See law as a KEY to opening the doors of web accessibility.
  • End of story first: law does matter. CAN be used as agent for positive change. We are in very reactoinary times legally: lost right to bring national class actions, corporations are citizens, people can be forced into arbitration. In any area we still have strong laws, we as advocates and champions have to USE them… [phililppinesexerpt]
  • Guidelines give life to rights. Web guidelines build electronic curb cuts.Web guidelines build ramps, elevators, lowered sinks
  • Since theme is “key” I had to look up in dictionary..Word “key” has several meanings: (1) the metal device put into a locak (i) fundamental and important / (2) something that affords a means of access: the key to happiness. LAW CAN BE THAT THING FOR WEB ACCESS. The key is knowing what STRATEGY to use.. Knowing HOW to use the law
  • What is the help buttonBlind person at ATMBlind people with cancerLack of information: law not clear… only fed govt requires…
  • Subtitle: Do these strategies work?Penn state: doe complaint
  • Carrot or stick – gently turn key in lock / or bang down doorFear or encouragement: partly a philosophy. I think most lack of access is from..
  • LAW: Love in Action with Wisdom 
—a Wisdom that contains Compassion
  • AccessU at CSUN12: Law is a Key to Accessibility

    1. 1. LAW IS A KEY TO WEB ACCESS Lainey Feingold Twitter: @LFLegal AccessU @ CSUN 2012
    2. 2. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LAWQ: Is the law useful in advancing the cause of webaccessibility? If yes, HOW?Q: How can advocates best use the to advanceinclusion?Q: What is the current state of the law and webaccess?
    3. 3. THE LAW MATTERS Laws ACCESSStrategy
    4. 4. WEB ACCESS = CIVIL RIGHT• Right to information• Right to education• Right to services• Right to participation• Right to community• Right to be free from discrimination
    5. 5. LAWS ALREADY REQUIRE ACCESSADASection 50821st Century CVAAState LawsSection 504
    6. 6. WEBGUIDELINES = Access
    8. 8. BEHIND THE LOCKED DOORS Lack of Information Misunderstanding Fear of Unknown
    9. 9. LEGAL STRATEGIES FOR WEB INCLUSION (KEYS TO USING THE LAWS) Structured Negotiations Lawsuits State Attorney General Investigations Federal Administrative Complaints U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Education
    10. 10. IS THE LAW USEFUL? THIS LIST SAYS YES Bank of America  Target Ticket Master  Rite Aid CVS  Credit Reports Major League Baseball  Law School Admissions American Cancer Society Council Staples  HSBC Amazon  Price Line Travelocity  Ramada Penn State  eBay
    11. 11. WHICH STRATEGY?Carrot or Stick?Fear or Encouragement?Collaboration or ImpositionLegal precedentCosts
    12. 12. USING THE LAW WITHOUT LAWYERS• Who is an advocate? Who is a champion?• How can we incorporate the language of the law?• Document all contacts