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CSUN 2013 Structured Negotiations (Lainey Feingold + Linda Dardarian)

Presentation given at the 2013 CSUN Technology and Disability Conference about Structured Negotiations. Structured Negotiations is an alternative to litigation that has resulted in increased accessibility to people with disabilities, particularly on issues of accessible technology and information.

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CSUN 2013 Structured Negotiations (Lainey Feingold + Linda Dardarian)

  1. 1. Structured Negotiations: A Winning Strategy for Technology and Information AccessLainey Feingold @LFLegal Linda Dardarian
  2. 2. Presentation Overview What are Structured Negotiations? How have Structured Negotiationsincreased accessibility? Nuts, Bolts.. and making it work Getting involved!
  3. 3. What are Structured Negotiations? An alternate to litigation for resolving access claims A solution-driven cooperative advocacy approach
  4. 4. Structured Negotiations: 18 Years and 44 AgreementsThousands of: Talking ATMsAccessible web pagesTactile keypadsAudio Pedestrian Signals (APS)
  5. 5. Structured Negotiations: Even MoreThousands of Braille and LargePrint pagesAudio CDsEmployees trainedHundreds ofTalking pill bottlesAudio descriptionheadsets
  6. 6. Structured Negotiations: Who Said YesBank of America Wells FargoCVS CitibankWalmart TargetAmerican Cancer Rite Aid Society American ExpressCredit Reporting Companies And more.. VisitCharles Schwab http:lflegal/com/neg7-Eleven otiations for list
  7. 7. International Ripples of Structured Negotiations  Global corporations  Global manufacturers  International advocacy
  8. 8. Structured Negotiations: Key Components to Start the ProcessGrassroots AdvocacyBackground ResearchOpening LetterStructured Negotiations Agreement
  9. 9. Structured Negotiations: Key Components During the ProcessInformation SharingSolution discussion / testingExperts and Consultants
  10. 10. Structured Negotiations: Role of Experts and ConsultantsPartner vs. AdversaryCorporate Culture Choosing “Yes”
  11. 11. Structured Negotiations: The Written AgreementFixing the ProblemStandards + TimingTrainingMonitoringEnforcementMoney
  12. 12. TRAININGDisability 101Customer serviceTech
  13. 13. Keeping the (Access) Ball RollingMaintenanceChecklistsCustomer serviceFuture releases
  14. 14. Monitoring and Enforcement Consumer feedback TestingReporting Meetings
  15. 15. Structured Negotiations: Publicity Positive Press Release Intended Audience Mainstream Disability Community
  16. 16. Structured Negotiations: Money  Payments to individuals  Payments to organizations Attorneys’ Fees
  17. 17. Structured Negotiations: Making itWork
  18. 18. Active Patience
  19. 19. Flexibility
  20. 20. One Step at a TimePilot AgreementsAgreement Extensions
  21. 21. Learning a New Language xDefendantOpposing Counsel ?Discrimination
  22. 22. How can You Get Involved? Help with investigations Help with settled matters New Structured Negotiations
  23. 23. Learn More HTTP://LFLEGAL.COMHTTP://GBDHLEGAL.COM @LFLegal 1-800-822-5000