CSUN 2013 Structured Negotiations (Lainey Feingold + Linda Dardarian)

Lainey Feingold
Lainey Feingolddisability rights lawyer, author at Law Office of Lainey Feingold
Structured Negotiations: A Winning
   Strategy for Technology and
        Information Access

Lainey Feingold http://LFLegal.com @LFLegal
   Linda Dardarian http://gbdhlegal.com
Presentation Overview
 What are Structured Negotiations?

 How have Structured Negotiations
increased accessibility?

 Nuts, Bolts.. and making it work

 Getting involved!
What are Structured Negotiations?

 An alternate to litigation for resolving access

 A solution-driven cooperative advocacy
Structured Negotiations: 18 Years
        and 44 Agreements
Thousands of:
 Talking ATMs
Accessible web pages
Tactile keypads
Audio Pedestrian
 Signals (APS)
Structured Negotiations: Even More
Thousands of
 Braille and Large
Print pages
Audio CDs
Employees trained

Hundreds of
Talking pill bottles
Audio description
Structured Negotiations: Who Said Yes
Bank of America    Wells Fargo
CVS                Citibank
Walmart            Target
American Cancer
                    Rite Aid
                    American Express
Credit Reporting
 Companies          And more.. Visit
Charles Schwab     http:lflegal/com/neg
7-Eleven           otiations for list
International Ripples of
    Structured Negotiations

                     Global corporations

                   Global

                   International
Structured Negotiations: Key
 Components to Start the Process
Grassroots Advocacy

Background Research

Opening Letter

Structured Negotiations
Structured Negotiations: Key
    Components During the Process

Information Sharing

Solution discussion /

Experts and
Structured Negotiations: Role of
      Experts and Consultants
Partner vs. Adversary

Corporate Culture

 Choosing “Yes”
Structured Negotiations: The
         Written Agreement
Fixing the Problem

Standards + Timing





Disability 101

Customer service

Keeping the (Access) Ball Rolling



Customer service

Future releases
Monitoring and Enforcement

 Consumer feedback

 Testing


 Meetings
Structured Negotiations: Publicity

                 Positive Press

                 Intended Audience


                 Disability Community
Structured Negotiations: Money

                  Payments to

                  Payments to

                 Attorneys’ Fees
Structured Negotiations: Making it
Active Patience
One Step at a Time

Pilot Agreements

Agreement Extensions
Learning a New Language


Opposing Counsel

How can You Get Involved?
 Help with investigations

 Help with settled

 New Structured
Learn More




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CSUN 2013 Structured Negotiations (Lainey Feingold + Linda Dardarian)

Editor's Notes

  1. The path sign on this slide, indicating only “path” in three different directions, symbolizes that Structured Negotiations is an alternative path to resolve disability access claims.
  2. Woman using Barclays talking ATM machine as a result of RNIB Money Talks Campaign. In a global economy, advocacy must be global too.
  3. The image on this slide of a young boy (around 7 years old) pushing a hug baseball many times larger than him is meant to symbolize the need to continue maintenance (keep the ball rolling) after an agreement is signed, and after accessibility is put in place.
  4. The stone lion at the 42d Street Library in New York City is named Patience, an important quality for a negotiator!
  5. The image on this slide is of blind surfer Derek Rabelo paddling on a surfobard with only the ocean and sky in front of him. Derek is a perfect symbol for active patience, an important aspect for a successful Structured Negotiations.