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Csun2012: Role of the Law in the Quest for an Inclusive Web


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Lainey Feingold and Linda Dardarian's 2012 CSUN presentation on the role of law in creating accessible and inclusive websites. More information from the presenters at and

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Csun2012: Role of the Law in the Quest for an Inclusive Web

  1. 1. The Role of Law in the Quest for an Accessible, Inclusive WebLainey Feingold ( (@LFLegal) Linda M. Dardarian ( CSUN 2012 San Diego, California USA
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW WHAT laws require the web to be accessible? HOW are advocates using those laws? What are the results of those advocacy efforts? How can you be your own advocate?
  3. 3. WEB ACCESS IS A CIVIL RIGHTRight to:  EducationInformation  TravelServices  CommunityParticipationRight to be free from discrimination
  4. 4. WHAT LAWS REQUIRE WEBSITE ACCESS? Americans With  21st Century CVAA Disabilities Act  Air Carriers Access Act State Laws Section 508  International Section 504
  5. 5. WebGuidelines =More than a Code
  7. 7. LEGAL STRATEGIES FOR WEB INCLUSION Structured Negotiations LawsuitsState Attorney General Investigations Federal Administrative Complaints
  8. 8. LAW + ADVOCACY = ACCESS Bank of America  Chase Ticket Master  Target CVS  Rite Aid Major League Baseball  Credit Reports American Cancer Society  LSAC Staples  HSBC Amazon  Price Line Travelocity  Ramada Penn State  eBay
  9. 9. LITIGATION EFFORTS PENDING CNN Captioning Netflix Captioning Disney JetBlue Airways
  10. 10. SETTLEMENT TERMS Accessibility  Training Standard  Web Development  Customer Service 3rd party content Term of Agreement  Monitoring  Enforcement Publicity
  11. 11. MONEY IS PART OF THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAW Attorney’s fees and expert costs Payments to individuals/organizations Damages in class actions Money means law is part of the business case
  12. 12. Punch in the Stomach or Outstretched Hand?
  13. 13. Carrot or Stick?
  14. 14. CHOOSING A STRATEGY: FACTORS TO CONSIDER Who decides outcome Money and how? Precedent Cost Flexibility Risks Relationships Who has a voice at the Experts table?
  15. 15. LAW WITHOUT LAWYERS Advocacy Efforts BEFORE you Call a Lawyer
  16. 16. Complaints to Website Owners On-line contact pages Toll-free phone numbers Facebook Twitter
  17. 17. Document Document Document Keep track of communications Give deadlines Follow-up
  18. 18. Use the Language of the Law» Everyone Deserves the Right to Travel …. On the Information Highway