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StartingBloc Essay #3 StartingBloc Essay #3 Presentation Transcript

  • my name isArielle Lehuanani Simon everyone calls me LEHUA pronounced (lay – who – ahhh) Lehua is the name of a native Hawaiian flower that looks like this
  • I come from a small townon the island of Maui called Pukalani Pukalani means “the heavenly gate”
  • I am a performance artist, media designer, and (of course) social activist.
  • this is the performance of an original song called“the matriarch” which is about a woman’s ability to govern and build communityas a performance artist andmedia designer, I aminterested in the effect oflive or digital presentations this womanon public consciousness is using a trash can as a musical instrument
  • The first TV During the dark commercial is ages, theatre was only broadcast in theallowed to be presented United States. by the Catholic Bulova, a watch Church, who used it to company, paid $9 to spread biblical broadcast before a baseball game 2009propaganda and attract between the Dodgers the populace to the and the Phillies. church with theatrical 1930 spectacle. 1941 James Cameron Theatre artist produces Avatar.1000 A. D and Marxist, "If you can get a theater full Bertolt Brecht of people in Kentucky to conceptualizes stand and applaud the “Epic Theatre,” a form defeat of their country in that forces audiences war, then you’ve got some to recognize social amazing special effects.” injustice and Russell D. Moore exploitation. The Christian Post Throughout history we have used the technology oftheatre and its derivatives (such as film, television, etc) as a method to sway the masses through the tactical presentation of information.
  • But I think we fail to recognize the impact our“entertainment” has on our society.
  • We can tellstories thathave a positivesocial impact.This is an advertisement for aproduction of A Christmas Carolthat I directed in 2010. Not onlydid we raise money for the FoodBank, a cancer foundation, andchildren who could not affordChristmas presents, but we alsoportrayed the story about offinding joy and generosity duringan economic recession.
  • The performing and media arts are one of ourgreatest tools for social innovation.It is my mission in life toshow the world the powerof theatre and use it forthe good of mankind.(And I believe that becoming a StartingBloc Fellow at the Institutefor Social Innovation will help me fulfill my mission!)