Volunteer work in kenya, volunteering in kenya, volunteers working holiday


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Volunteer Work in Kenya, Volunteering in Kenya, Volunteers Working Holiday.

Volunteer in Kenya Volunteer Work Opportunities Volunteer Working Abroad Kenya.

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Volunteer Projects in Kenya,Projects in Kenya, Volunteer Projects,Learning Projects, Explore Projects
Volunteer in kenya with kenya Volunteer Aboad in Kenya community volunteer orgarnization kenya volunteering programs and kenya volunteer work opportunities .
Lecden-Kenya currently has opportunities to help develop communities through our partner organization in Kenya.
Lecden-kenya comprehensively organized directory of volunteer abroad programs in Kenya.


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Volunteer work in kenya, volunteering in kenya, volunteers working holiday

  1. 1. Volunteer Work in Kenya, Volunteering in Kenya,Volunteers Working HolidayKenya is Africa’s quintessential safari destination. In Kenya’s native Swahili, the wordSafari translates to ‘journey’…. the land that inspired some of Ernest Hemingway’sgreatest classics. A visit to this East African destination offers the best in wildlife, Masaiand Samburu culture and community volunteering and wildlife volunteering experiences Volunteering in Kenya | Working HolidayKenya is the ideal all-in-one working holiday and volunteer option as it proudly boastssun and sea on its beautiful unspoilt beaches and warm tropical waters, and primesavannah in it’s carefully protected wildlife reserves.The famous Masai Mara National Reserve is really the jewel in Kenya’s crown, and ourvolunteer project in the Masai Mara offers you a fascinating insight into both Masaiculture and the picturesque wildlife-filled plains of the Mara that take centre stage. Thereserve remains unfenced even today, and the border to the south stretches through theendless plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The Mara-Serengeti plains playhost twice a year to the glorious rumble of hoofbeats of tens of thousands of animals asthe Great Migration moves through their grasslands. Lake Naivasha is an unusual gem amongst thesurrounding area that is dotted with soda lates, as her waters are clean and fresh. Thecharming Naivasha is home to over 400 birds species as well as a large number of hippo.Travel further north and more magnificent safari options stretch out before you. You willfind the saline, flamingo-packed and Lake Nakuru and also Hell’s Gate National Park.
  2. 2. Amboseli National Park is where many tourists venture to take their classic photographof African wildlife against the breath-taking backdrop of the nearby Mount Kilimanjaroin neighbouring Tanzania.Kenya Travel Highlights• Kenya offers you the enthralling mighty Masai warriors clad in their scarlet wardress• Flamingo sanctuaries• Sprawling tea and coffee plantations, and bustling African marketplaces• The coastal city of Mombasa is an eclectic mix of African and Eastern culturesand Kenya’s capital Nairobi is one of East Africa’s largest modern cities• Visit the very interesting Gedi Ruins, near Mombasa and Malindi• For the energetic traveler, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount KenyaFEATURED PROJECTS IN KENYAOrphan And Teaching Project, Kenya As an Orphan and Teaching volunteer you will spend your timeproviding much needed assistance with the often understaffed, under-resourced andovercrowded orphanage and educational establishments In Kogelo village in Siaya andNairobi Slum areas, From our volunteer project base on the outskirts of Kenya’s capitalcity, you will work closely with the teachers and orphanage carers to establish andenhance lesson plans which promote active participation and understanding.Orphanages and Pre-school Teaching inThere are over a million orphans in Kenya mainly due to AIDS, of which only 5 % getany kind of support. There is a huge need for assisting orphanages, children’s homes andpre-schools in the local community.
  3. 3. There are several orphanages and centres for vulnerable children in Nairobi and Kogelovillage that we are involved with. These children come from backgrounds that have beenaffected by Hiv/Aids and poverty related issues.How Long: 2 weeks up to 8 weeksWhere:Nairobi and Kogelo village, KenyaInquire NowHIV/AIDS Orphans Work In Hospitals & SlumsKenyaKenya’s population is hugely affected by the struggles of HIV/AIDS, poverty andunemployment. It is known to be one of the poorest countries in Africa. There arecountless possibilities to impact the lives of those that are affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse,poverty or illness. These children are in need of love and attention. Many of them aredevelopmentally delayed and need extra attention in order to promote their development.The children’s ages range mainly between 4 and 15 years.The orphanages offer opportunities to become involved in:• Helping with the teaching of the children, and helping to develop better learningmaterials and lesson plans.• General care such as cooking for the children’s meals or organizing sports and playactivities to promote the well being of the children.• Building/improving the facilities to make it feel more like home for the children: bypainting pictures on the walls etc. Some of the orphanages we partner with are buildingto expand and improve their facilities. Your pair of hands will be greatly appreciated inthis practical work.• Assisting orphanage workers in offering moral support and guidance to the children,training of basic life skills and any activities for various rehabilitative programmes in theorphanages.• Creating and teaching the children various arts and sport activities that make creativeuse of their time and hone their hidden skills and talents!The kids are very energetic and will gladly challenge you to a game of basketball orsoccer. You will have a chance to make a huge impact on these children’s lives byspending time with them, and contributing to their learning and development.Kenya‘s health care and provision suffers as much as any other public service sector inthe country. Whilst structures are in place for an effective heath service, there is anenormous deficit in terms of staff and resources. Which is why the volunteers’ help isvery much appreciated by the nurses and doctors we do volunteer work with.
  4. 4. As a volunteer, you will spend every Friday in one of the community or teaching projectsin the Nairobi slums and every alternative Wednesday will be spent assisting at Kibera/Kiambiu /Kogelo village feeding program which serves over three hundred destituteelderly and vulnerable persons who often walk over two hours to actually get to theprogram. The other four days you will invest your time at one of our medical placements,schools or community project where you will really be able to get stuck in, formrelationships and and work together with the project.Your medical background will determine your placement at the various public healthcentres or hospital. If you have no medical background at all, you will be placed at oneof the orphanages, pre-schools or community projects.This initiative is run by a local community health worker and six untrained communityfield workers. This initiative aims to act as the middle man between the public healthcenters and destitute and vulnerable who often do not have access to proper medicalcare. The community based initiatives offers services in:• Home based care / economic empowerment• Dressing of wounds• HIV care and counseling (VCT)• Treating of jigger infestation (sand fleas which dig into the skin under toenails causingmajor infection)• Community awareness of various health issues• Training of staff• Guidance and counseling (working with the youth of the community)One of the programme’s most obvious attributes is its ability to expose participants to adiverse array of health care issue while remaining within the boundaries of a smallAfrican village. Volunteers get the opportunity to assist in treating patients who areafflicted with Jiggers, TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cancer, and Elephantitis, while alsowitnessing the community’s culture, economy, and the major limitations of its health caresystem. This is particularly beneficial as it is clear that many of the health care issuespresent within the village are common among most of the rural areas in the country andperhaps the continent. Additionally, the challenges presented by the lack of resourcesencourage volunteers and community health workers to bring their heads together to findways to assist the community in dealing with health issues. It is clear that the medicalknowledge volunteers bring to the slum or village is desperately needed and appreciatedwithin the local community.Medical Opportunities ,Public Health CentresLecden-kenya medical volunteers are able to get involved in various departments andgain much experience under the supervision of a local qualified health professional.Opportunities for involvement include laboratory, physiotherapy, maternity, paediatricand child-care unit, comprehensive care clinic (HIV & TB patients), counselling,orthopaedics, administration, outpatient care, pharmacy and x-ray.
  5. 5. There are a host of opportunities to gain medical experience, learn from healthprofessionals, and have an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge whereappropriate. The exposure to medical care in an African country is certainly an eye-opener.Medical Outreach: Home Based Care Home Visits in Slums and Village:Kiambiu slum Private HospitalThis is a large general hospital that offers medical care to the community regardless ofwhether they can afford their treatment or not. The hospital is therefore buzzing withpatients, and doctors attend to around 350 patients a day. It is a great environment forvolunteers to work in who are wishing to undertake a medical elective, however an extraadministration fees is to be paid to the hospital, which is about 50USD and there is aminimum placement of 6 weeks.This hospital is particularly well-known for itsspecialized eye unit. It has a variety of departments and wards that volunteers can getinvolved in, such as the maternity ward, orthopedics, the HIV and diabetic clinic,theater/surgery, nursing and emergency care. Unless volunteers are qualified, licensedand have received approval from the Kenyan medical board before arrival, involvementis limited to observation, for this reason volunteers will only be placed in this Hospitalupon request.Nairobi Slum, ClinicChallenged by the problem of the increase in child mortality and the decline in maternalhealth and coupled with the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS-related complications, a localclinic has been created with the goal of playing a part in helping to provide healthsolutions to a slum population of around 62 000 people.Volunteers would have the opportunity of helping this local clinic situated on theoutskirts of these slums. The clinic provides services such as maternal & child healthcare, family health care, curative health care, primary health care, voluntary counselingand testing, training in health and HIV/AIDS awareness.Volunteers are needed to help with the administration, as well as working hand-in-handwith the nurses or visiting doctor. There is also an extra optional opportunity for you toassist with the clinics vaccination clinic which happens every Saturday morning wherenursing staff can often serve over 300 children in the morning alone. There is always aneed for an extra pair of hands.Kibera and Kiambiu Slums – Educational and Community Support, NairobiEvery year Kenya loses a lot of people due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses and even moreto water-borne diseases. 85% of these deaths occur in the slum areas. This is due tounemployment and poor housing and drainage systems.Slums in Kenya are shanty houses built using torn cartons, recycled wood or even wornout iron sheets. The houses are single rooms of about 2 square metres. Each roomhouses a family, consisting of anything from a young mother with 2 children, to a family
  6. 6. of 9 children. The slums are heavily populated with a single pit latrine serving over 20families. Those who stay in these slums are generally unemployed.Volunteer work in the slum school would involve helping teachers enhance theeducational environment in the classroom, assist in extra lessons and the reading lab forchildren needing one on one attention and planning sports days and outside play time.This may require you to think out the box for games and ideas as space is often achallenge.Adult community workThere are also great opportunities to work with adult in the community with various foodrelief and income generating projects. Some of which include:• A biweekly feeding program we aim to assist over 300 elderly and destitute peopleliving in villages surrounding Kogelo village.• Assisting in a baking program established by the church committee which completelysupports a preschool , this offers free education and support to vulnerable and severelyimpoverished children and orphans.• Test out your marketing and business skills by assisting a group of HIV positive womenget the bead working project to a sustainable and successful level where they support all7 members and their families. Alternatively you can host health talks and workshopswith the women to encourage them to be empowered to speak up and speak out on issuesregarding HIV/AIDS/ Poverty and Women abuse in their community.• Get down and dirty with the special needs children of Kiambiu Special unit. Help us inrenovating their accommodation and classroom and assist in developing a skillsdevelopment and life skills program for the children. Socialize with the children andhelp all the relevant role players in the schools from the church committee, to theteachers, to the caregiver to improve their quality of life.This placement is not a walk in the park, but will give you the “real” African experiencein an area desperate for help. It is likely that your time spent in Mukuru will never beforgotten.How Long: Prices shown are for 2 weeks duration, project available up to 8 weeks.Where: Nairobi Kibera slum and Kiambiu slum in Nairobi and Kogelo village in Siayadistrict,western KenyaInquire NowMasai Mara Big Cat, Wildlife Research & Conservation Project KenyaAs a volunteer on this project, which borders the famous Masai Mara National Reservein Kenya, you will have the unique opportunity to get involved in vital conservation andwildlife research. Assist with exciting lion research, You will be located in Kenya’samazing wildlife reserve the Masai Mara National Reserve. The Masai Mara has anabundance of game all year round and is renowned for its annual Great Migration. Youwill be spoilt by the variety of wildlife and vast Masai Mara plains.
  7. 7. The Mara is home to ‘The GreatestWildlife Show on Earth’ in the form of the Great Migration that takes place every year.The migration includes over one million animals and the sheer magnificence of thedisplay makes it one of the seven natural wonders of the world.General Information on Volunteer InvolvementBoth qualified and non-qualified volunteers can join this project. Your qualification willdetermine your level and area of involvement at the different placements.Volunteer Involvement is in the following areas:Conservation ProjectsBig Cat Monitoring Project – this project is run in partnership with the BasecampFoundation.This project aims to monitor the lion, leopard and cheetah populations and movements ofprides within the conservancy, as well as the interaction between lions and the localcommunities. Volunteers will be involved in taking pictures of the big cats, identifyingeach individually and creating its own profile, while building the database of cats withinthe conservancy.There is also a great need for the consistent and accurate collection of data on theConservancy, including regular censuses of the wild animal population in the area.Under the guidance of the experienced conservancy team, you will assist in the regularcollection of this data in order to empower the conservation efforts further and measurethe progress of the conservancy.Conservation projects will also include game drive routing, road identification andcrossing marking, species recording and wildlife monitoring, depending on the needs ofthe conservancy during the time of your visit.Safari Guide School85% of the tourism guides in the Masai Mara are not from the area, with only a handfulof the local people benefiting from the multi-billion shilling tourism business due to alack of the required skills.The Koiyaki project is an initiative to place guiding in the Mara in the hands of the localpeople – after all, it is their own ‘back yard.’ The school and wilderness camp is owned
  8. 8. by the Koiyaki community (Koiyaki Group Ranch is situated north of the Mara reserve)and is now under the guidance of the Basecamp Foundation.Goals of the guiding school and camp:• To enhance conservation of the Masai Mara wildlife by converting this region into aneconomically viable conservation area• To equip local people with the professional skills needed for them to participate in andpromote conservation and wildlife management• To improve the facilities at the Koiyaki guiding school (e.g.: building dormitories,dining area and kitchen).• To reduce encroachment of wildlife habitat by farming communities and thereby reduceman-wildlife conflictWhat do they learn?In three terms of full time residence training of 8 weeks each, the students will cover thefollowing diverse and interesting modules:• Culture, Anthropology, History, Customs• Animal Behavior• Visitor Handling• Photography• Environment and Wildlife Management• Natural History• Camp Management and Cuisine• First Aid• Driving Skills• Placements: Students will be placed either in the company that sponsors them, or othersafari companies. Each student will spend time working in every sector of tourismemployment (i.e. not just guiding), as part of their training.Olesere Primary SchoolOlesere Primary School has approximately 250 students enrolled, ranging from pre-school to grade 6. The school itself is very basic and there is much potential to developthe facilities further. Thanks to the Headmaster, there is noticeable pride in the school byboth the community and the children. The school now has five classrooms and a pre-school unit.Volunteers will be involved in running an environmental club once a week with selectstudents at the school, encouraging learning about the environment and conservationthrough interactive methods. These students will then be responsible for transferringtheir learning and skills to other students at the school through workshops andpresentations.Please be advised that volunteers will also be involved with the practical construction ofadditional facilities at the Koiyaki Guiding School, improving resources and developingthe school as a whole.
  9. 9. How Long: 2 weeks – 6 weeksWhere: Masai Mara, KenyaInquire NowMobile Clinics Assistance In Rural KenyaKenyaWith 4×4 vehicle or camels for transport, join the Mobile Rural Clinics of the NomadicCommunities Trust as they venture out to remote areas of the Kenyan wilderness. Theclinics in operation in these areas serve over 70,000 people a year .This project has its base in the Laikipia wildlife area. First settlers arrived in the area in1907 to find a few Maasai manyattas and a great deal of game. The nearby town ofNanyuki was established as a trading centre and continues to have a countryatmosphere.Laikipia is home to fascinating and ethnically diverse communities, including theMaasai, who live side-by-side with Europeans, Turkana and Samburu. Despite being anon protected area, wildlife in Laikipia is abundant and total numbers are higher thanany of Kenya’s protected areas, except the Maasai Mara. It has the highest diversity oflarge mammals in Kenya, including significant populations of all major predators andthe famous ‘Big 5′.This is the enthralling scene that is the backdrop to the Nomadic Communities Trust andthe Mpala Communities Trust (mobile rural clinics using 4×4 vehicles and camels fortransport).Note: This programme is aimed at those who wish to offer volunteer assistance to theNomadic Communities Trust EITHER in an administrative/ fundraising capacity.Volunteers with medical skills are also welcome but must be prepared to doadministrative work.How an Administrator/Fundraiser can be of assistance – Your basic job description:
  10. 10. The Mobile Clinic’s founder and chief facilitator, Shanni Wreford-Smith, is desperatelyin need of assistance in her tasks of heading up the formidable force that these clinics areand the impact that they have on the local communities.Shanni is seeking administrators and fundraisers to assist her with the following tasks:• Documenting information on the clinics• Preparing proposals to present to potential donors• Preparing reports for current donors• Taking video footage to record events at the clinics and to be made intopromotional documentaries and for use as fundraising tools• Possibly edit previously gathered footage• Preparing write-ups and descriptions of both the Nomadic Communities Trust(NCT) and the Mpala Communities Trust (MCT) 4×4 vehicle and camel mobile clinicsfor their respective websites• From time to time you will need to travel out into the field with the mobile ruralclinics to gather data and prepare reportsHow trained Medical Staff can be of assistanceExperienced and qualified medical staff who are able to travel out into the field will be agreat help to the teams on the groundDocumenting information on the clinicsDocumenting progress reports on the medical teams and statistics from the fieldSupporting the trained NCT medical staff in their various duties and tasks at base and inthe field.For doctor volunteers we have recently decided that the most efficient way for them towork with the communities, so that there is an immediate benefit for all, would be that weemploy a locum nurse to work with them as interpreting takes a lot of time and thisallows them time to get used to the environment they will be working in. Many of thestations are busy and they only get the benefit of the mobile services once a month, so byhaving this extra nurse for the volunteer means that no one is hindered in their jobs andthis leaves the usual NCT staff to get on with the jobs undeterred.The nurses salary for the month will cost the volunteer an additional $465 per month.
  11. 11. Please be advised that in order you use your specialized skills in Kenya we need to get“special permission” which allows you to work as a doctor in Kenya and this will costyou an additional USD$200 on top of your project fee.Ideally we ask volunteers to spend at least 3 months on the project. A situation that mostvolunteers would not be aware of is that just as they are leaving the project they takeimmense experience with them, but this can leave the communities behind having notgained much from their experience.Special note: The candidates for this placement should bear in mind that a very activesocial life will not be available to them whilst in Kenya. Much time will be out in the fieldand in Laikipia researching, gathering data, preparing reports etc. and individuals whoare comfortable leading a fairly quiet life for a few months are more suitable to thisposition. This is not to say your life will be dull, as travelling through Maasai andSamburu villages, and experiencing the amazing wildlife in the Laikipia region will be anamazing experience. African Impact staff have travelled through the region recently, andfound it to be one of the most fascinating and enthralling corners of Africa that they havehad the privilege of exploring. Shanni and her team are completely dedicated andinspiring in their brave drive towards providing health services and education for theremote communities in which they work.How Long: Prices shown are for 3 months duration, project available up to 6 months.Where: the Laikipia wildlife area,Kogelo village in SiayaInquire Now
  12. 12. HIV/AIDS Volunteer Work in Orphanages – Medical & Community Work in ruralclinics and slums, Nairobi.Masai Mara, Kenya, conservation, wildlife research, community, volunteering,sustainable development.Mobile Clinics Assistance In Rural KenyaVolunteer Assistance in Mobile RuralClinics,Rural Villages – Medical Assistance – Mobile Clinics, Laikipia & SamburuRegions.Rural Villages – Medical Assistance – Mobile Clinics, Rural Districts.In just 6 minutes you will be one step closer to making a difference in the lives ofunder-privileged children and adults by providing education and counselling inschools and orphanages, HIV education, and medical care!Volunteer in Kenya Volunteer Work Opportunities Voluntary Work ,Volunteer Kenya,Volunteer in Kenya: International Volunteering Opportunities at Volunteering inKenya,Volunteer in Kenya – Volunteering Programs and Reports, Kenya Volunteer –Volunteer work in Kenya,Volunteer in Kenya » Volunteer Kenya Opportunity » KenyaVolunteer ,Lecden-Kenya Volunteering in Kenya,Volunteer in Kenya,Lecden-KenyaVolunteer Kenya – Volunteering in Kenya– Just $70 Per WeekVolunteer Projects in Kenya,Projects in Kenya, Volunteer Projects,Learning Projects,Explore ProjectsVolunteer in kenya with kenya Volunteer Aboad in Kenya community volunteerorgarnization kenya volunteering programs and kenya volunteer work opportunities .Lecden-Kenya currently has opportunities to help develop communities through ourpartner organization in Kenya.Lecden-kenya comprehensively organized directory of volunteer abroad programs inKenya.Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Lecden-kenya in Kenya ,volunteer programs in Kenya along with participant reports by those who volunteeredwith various organizations.Lecden-kenya provide volunteer work in Kenya, projects, programs & voluntary workin Kenya. Volunteer in Kenya with wildlife, communities or children.Volunteer in Kenya: Kenya volunteering opportunities – International volunteers getKenya volunteer jobs, work & opportunity in orphanages,
  13. 13. Lecden-kenya is an innovative online charity assisting with sustainable developmentvia online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa.Volunteer in Kenya and see the best of Africa’s wildlife while helping to preserve theirnatural habitat and make a vital contribution to local ,So volunteer in Kenya Maasai project and help these unique tribes to prosper. Byaiding in this effort, you’ll also learn about their amazing culture,Volunteer vacation in Kenya, Kenya holidays and safaris, A taste ofvolunteering14Days 13NightsLinking volunteers and charities worldwide, VOLUNTEERS TYPICAL ACTIVITIES,Everything you need to be an effective and efficient volunteer!If you’re looking for a trip or holiday that goes beyond the boundaries of an averagesafari, EYES ON NATURE EXPEDITIONS excursions offers a whole host ofactivities.Our aim is to make your Volunteer holiday as convenient, relevant, interesting andexciting as possible for you plus the Local people.Our Holidays and vacations give you a chance to use your work skills in the voluntarysector to promote intercultural learning and improve the lives of the people you meet.Finally, volunteer Holidays offer you a chance to meet like minded people and to makenew friends not only among the local people but also people from around the Worldand you get to see the real Africa, International Association for CommunityDevelopment, Connect with community development activists around the globe,Support community development as a key method of addressing issues of poverty,inequality, discrimination, and exclusion,Build sustainable peace using communitydevelopment processes,Support community development in rural and other areas,Promote quality education, training, research, practice exchange, and support foractivists and community workers, ngo in kenya Supporting community development inrural and other areas, aids orphans in Kenya, Children Orphaned By AIDS in Kenya,HIV/AIDS Orphans, Children with Hiv/ Aids, , over 500 abandoned boys and girlsranging from five to sixteen years old, Nonprofits: Making a Difference,Volunteers &Internships ProgramsVolunteering Projects in Kenya-Make a difference in the lives of under-privilegedchildren and adults by providing education and counselling in schools andorphanages, HIV education, and medical care,Volunteer Vacations,Responsible Tourism, Cooperate social responsibility(CSR),Ecotourism Tours, Community and Cultural Tours in Western Kenya, HomeStays in Africa, Home stays in Africa Cities, Church missionaries to Africa, Charity
  14. 14. Work and Volunteers vacations safaris in Kenya, Kenya Community DevelopmentInternship, Receive personal development opportunities while interning on care,education, counseling, arts and sports projects for impoverished children and orphansfrom Mombasa.Action Against Child Cruelty in Orphanages Worldwide,Helping children worldwide inorphanages for the chance of a better future.