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Setting salon standards ver6

  1. 1. Setting Salon StandardsLaurenStiles
  2. 2.  What are appropriate standards? Why are standards important? How do standards help you and your staff? How do you establish standards for your salon? How do you enforce standards in your salon? How do you get employees on board with the standards program? How can you use the Position Agreement?
  3. 3.  Your goal with a salon standards program is to achieve salon CONSISTENCY with your entire staff. It ensures and certifies that salons and personnel are following proper processes and procedures. Standards keep everyone on the same page Standards measure progress and growth
  4. 4.  Salon Operations Standards Staff Training Standards Guest Service Standards Salon Décor Standards Stylist Image Standards Stylist Business Etiquette and Performance Standards Manager Business Etiquette and Performance Standards
  5. 5.  Define the standards in writing (employee manual) Share the standards with the employees Explain the Rationale for standards Explain the benefits Explain compliance Set the expectations for compliance Get agreement on the standards and compliance Explain and outline consequences
  6. 6.  Standards should be consistent across all employees Document them in your Salon Manual or Handbook Document standards in your position agreements/job description Ensure new employees are given standards as soon as they start (if not before) Standards are dynamic and should be used in
  7. 7.  Benefits to the salon  More professional place to work  Better reputation  Consistent guest experience  Consistent staff relations  Increased sales  Profitability Benefits to each employee  Better relations with colleagues  Better relations with management Better service mean better tips  Improved career skills  Training (technical, retails sales, and guest service)  Profitable salon means continued employment
  8. 8.  Publish your standards Have a group meeting with all staff Post Them Solicit questions (privately) Distribute job descriptions “One-on-Ones” Get signed copies of job descriptions and employee manual acknowledgements on file
  9. 9.  All employees must meet minimum standards Set time frame for implementation Establish Goals around compliance, I.E.  Month 1- Each stylist must meet 50% of salon standards  Month 2- Each stylist must meet 75% of salon standards  Month 3- Each stylist must meet 90% of salon standards Employees failing to meet the standards will receive coaching / counseling Employees who fail to meet minimum standards within four months should expect consequences
  10. 10.  How will the standards be enforced? Secret Shopper POS Reports Training Performance reviews Make it clear that the standards are NOT just words on paper but required behavior that will be
  11. 11.  Guest Service Performance Evaluation Guest Feedback Form Salon Operations Evaluation Form Manager Evaluation Stylist Evaluation Owner Evaluation Salon Décor Evaluation Interior Exterior
  12. 12. You have the option to selectively change standards What happens when you change standards to often:  Lose credibility with employees – opens the door for negotiating on any / all standards.  Reduces your salon’s performance  Provide reduced guest service.
  13. 13.  Standards should be enforced like any other salon discipline situation Apply all standards fairly With an escalating penalty Reward for early adoption Coaching to get to the standards Counseling for non-compliance Verbal Warning for non-compliance Written warning for non-compliance Termination for non-compliance
  14. 14.  It takes time for change to occur Do not expect compliance overnight Recognize employees embracing the standards early  Reward them Use training where appropriate Have a “Salon Makeover Party” with before and after pictures to make dress code standards more fun
  15. 15. Set Goals Highe rStandards are a Minimum Bar
  16. 16.  As an owner or manager, you must lead by example Be in compliance with your own dress code every time you are in a salon Demonstrate excellent guest service Pitch in and help clean the salon Walk the Walk
  17. 17.  Standards can help your salons become better places:  For your guests to get services  For your employees to work  To own Standards can help:  Your employees achieve their goals  Your managers have a positive relationship with the employees  You to have a positive relationship with all employees Standards are:  Important  Non-Negotiable  Fairly defined and
  18. 18.  What are appropriate standards? Why are standards important? How do standards help you and your staff? How do you establish standards for your salon? How do you enforce standards in your salon? How do you get employees on board with the standards program? How can you use the Position Agreement?
  19. 19. What Did You Learn