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renewable energy base oostende …

renewable energy base oostende
REBO transformed the port of Oostende into an offshore terminal for handling, storage, assembling and transportation of present and future offshore components and structures. ...

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  • 1. “REBO terminal Oostende, the ideal hub for offshore wind activities in the North Sea” www.reboostende.be
  • 2. REBO: Renewable Energy Base Oostende SHARE HOLDERS REBO is ... a good location for actual and future wind farms in a 200 km radius. REBO transformed ... the port of Oostende into an offshore terminal for handling, storage, assembling and transportation of present and future offshore components and structures. 15% 40% 15% 15% 15% REBO aims ... at specialized project developers, manufacturers and contractors in the offshore energy sector. REBO offers ... 127 hectares: 4 sites (Zeewezendok, Halve Maan, Visserijdok, Vlotdok). 800 m adapted heavy quay capacity up to 20 T/m². prepared surfaces over 10 T/m² for storage of foundations, nacelles, hubs, towers and blades. fully equipped offices, covered and open storage possibilities for project management and O&M. private a dedicated team to help project developers and suppliers with their activity in the energy port of Oostende. public offshore support services. www.reboostende.be
  • 3. 200 km
  • 4. www.portofoostende.be www.visitoostende.be EASY ACCESS The Port of Oostende, situated in Europe’s busiest maritime area (51°14’ N - 2° 56’ E), is a versatile short sea port. It can accommodate all types of coastal maritime traffic, including RORO, bulk and project cargo. In addition to its seaport, Oostende is also home to an international freight and passenger airport. The multi-modal function is further emphasized by the presence of comprehensive railroad infrastructure, of a canal leading up to the European inland waterway network and of course the motorway A10-E40 linked directly to the port terminals. ENERGY PORT OOSTENDE The port has recently been modernised in both infrastructure and organisation and is now the leading force in the industrialisation of the hinterland. The port gives priority to vessels active for the offshore wind industry. CITY Oostende is a medium-sized Belgian city, which has all the assets of a large town. image arrival of blades for C-Power wind farm, by bardge and by road
  • 5. BELGIAN WIND FARMS MERMAID ZONES RESERVED FOR WIND FARMS NORTHWESTERN II The wind farms in the North Sea make an important contribution to achieving the Belgian renewable energy targets. The various offshore wind farms (once fully operational) have an installed capacity of some 2,200 MW and an annual electricity output of 7,700,000 MWH. 449 490 MW BELWIND: 330 MW SEASTAR: 246 - 432 MW 49-73 x This is equivalent to: - 9% of total electricity consumption in Belgium (80 85 TWh) - 46% of Belgian households - All necessary energy for the 66 largest cities of Belgium (5.082 million inhabitants). NORTHWIND: 216 MW 20 x RENTEL: 288 - 312 MW 55 x Blighbank C-POWER: 325 MW 41-62 x 72 x Lodewijkbank Thorntonbank 36-78 x Besides supply, offshore wind in Belgium creates direct and indirect jobs (+ / - 20,000 jobs) in an innovative technology with export potential. Belgium is, to installed capacity (380 MW), currently among the European top three in the offshore wind business. NORTHER: 350 MW 30 x TOTAL: 2 120 MW 24 x ZEEBRUGGE NORTH SEA operational Visserijdok - terminal extension area - surface: 7 ha 29 km E LV HA C-Power SE RIJ DO K L EU NG N AA M VE HA VIS ongoing WE gri n db ed ZEE ZEN DO K Flansea REpower 20T/m² LM B in preparation Alstom GeoSea Rebo Falck Fabricom Parkwind Vestas ponto on Halve maan - site prepared for offshore wind works - surface: 5 ha - quay length: 100 m - quay capacity: 10 T/m² - draught: -8 TAW san comitary plex H Ene REpo rgy wer new Mu CM ltitech I Mu ltite ch OOSTENDE office crew changes & refueling VL OT D OK Zeewezendok - site prepared for offshore wind works - surface: 10-15 ha - quay length: 600 m - quay capacity: 4 T/m² to 20 T/m² - draught: - 8m TAW Vlotdok - site prepared for berthing & refueling - length: 800 m berthing places assembly & storage area with direct access to open sea assembly & storage area behind the locks offices & storage E40 - Brussels
  • 6. INSTALLATION Rebo terminal in the port of Oostende is ideal for installation of windmills because: ... easy access by road, by railway, by vessel ... 127 ha available in the port of Oostende for renewable energy activities … quays with a capacity able to handle from 4T/m2 to 20 T/m2 … 10 Ha of terminal surfaces (with heavy lift capacity) and with capacity of extension ... the port gives priority to vessels active for the offshore wind industry
  • 7. operations & maintenance The Rebo terminal is equiped with: - 4 pontoons and 2 cranes for service vessels - technical services: welding, construction, diving works, offshore transport & crew, .... www.multitech-oostende.be - storage, offices & sanitary complex for crew changes - easy and fast access to open sea on site infrastructure & services for O&M
  • 8. NEW & RENOVATED OFFICES renewable energy companies present in Oostende
  • 9. C-Power I - operational (6 x REpower 5 MW) C-Power II & III- construction (Zeewezendok) C-Power II & III - operational (48 x REpower 6 MW) Northwind - under construction (72 x Vestas 3 MW) © Northwind Belwind - operational (55 x Vestas 3 MW) © Belwind Alstom Haliade 6MW - construction (Zeewezendok) © C-Power N.V., fotograaf Tom D’Haenens C-Power I - construction (Halve Maan) © C-Power N.V., fotograaf Tom D’Haenens REFERENCES
  • 10. REBO nv Slijkensesteenweg 2 BE 8400 Oostende +32 59 34 07 11 www.reboostende.be twitter: @reboostende © Robert Pirotte Emmanuël Timmermans e.timmermans@reboostende.be + 32 475 42 48 85