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Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?<br />
  2. 2. Because the front cover is the first thing that my audience will see i knew i had to make it look pretty impressive, so with some help from the questionnaire that i did whilst planning the magazine i created it around them so they would actually pick it up and have a look. So i went with a contemporary feel, having the main fashion dominant image in the middle of the page, with anchorage around her and the title in a big font at the top with the slogan underneath which alltogther really looked like a front cover fit for the audience. However i knew that i had to make it look different from all of the other music magazines on the shelf so i went for a mix between a music magazine like NME which id say comes across as a well respected magazine by there audience and from me and put it together with a fashion magazine such as Vogue to give it that girly feel and fashionable feel and it gelled together well in a way that my audience found it interesting that its about music artists with elements of fashion what you would also see in a fashion magazine. And i also mixed up the front cover a little by making the image of the model in black and white and leaving the guitar in the colour, then making that the main colour scheme throughout the magazine, which i think addresses the audience nicely as it a bright orangey colour, which will stand out from the black and white and it co-notes a happy feeling. The model is also a pretty young woman of which every girl in my audience will want to look like, another good way to address my audience. From my audience research i set the price at £2.00 as this is the price that they said they would pay for it, addressing it for my audience which i also think is reasonable price.<br />
  3. 3. I think this attracts my audience in as i have used pages that would suite them in something that they would read, for example ‘Adele’s New Concert’ is one of the contents pages and Adele is a well respected women by my audience and as soon as they saw her name they would want to read on which attracts them perfectly – i feel like i have used this throughout my contents page and my consumer will enjoy to read on. At first i was lost as to what to include in my contents but from the results of the questionnaire i found out that my audience would want to read interviews and reviews and also about what artists get up to and what they are wearing, so i based my contents around that information. I also did an ‘on the cover section’ were i stated the page number and the title of that page with a little description underneath so they understand that they are the main features of the magazine which will attract my audience because they will want to read on from the little description underneath it. I have also stuck with the house-style of the orangey colour from the guitar on the front cover, which i think my audience will like as they will feel as if they are getting to know the magazine by getting familiar with the colours and contemporary feel. Also the two images used are of the same girl from the front cover (becoming familiar, attracting the audience) and one of ‘Sweet Harmony’ Which is a relevant name for this magazine. The language is quite formal within this page, yet still quite young, as there are no words that could complicate them. <br />
  4. 4. For my article, i think it attracts the audience as it looks like a real article, what you would see in both a music magazine AND a fashion magazine, what addresses my audience perfectly. I think the title of the artists name is very contemporary and classy as if it is actually her autograph what will attract the audience as they will feel as if they know something about her already. I think the two pictures of the artist are very relevant for this article as she looks very friendly, and happy which fits in with the house-style of the magazine, and following on with the orangey happy colour right from the front cover, and the contents now onto the article. I used a bigger image of the artist on the left hand side of the page as it fit in well for the rule of thirds within that first page, and also because it is very conventional to have a large picture next to the introduction and title of the article, which will attract my audience. Overall i think everything i have used on this page from the inteview language being formal and yet still girly and friendly, connecting it to the pictures. And from both pull quotes that i have used and from the boder at the bottom i believe that this is one of the most<br />attractive pages within the magazine as i think it looks the most realistic. And so do my audience from my feedback, which i am very impressed with. Therefore i have attracted and addressed my audience well throughout all of the pages in my media product.<br />