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  • We’re in business to help people make smarter decisions, faster.Given the volatile economic times we live in, it’s more important than ever for people to have detailed insight into how their business is doing at any time.QlikView is in a unique position to deliver on that need.We’ve enabled organizations across the globe to get there.We’re empowering them with a huge competitive advantage.
  • Let’s step back for a few minutes.Typically, there are serious challenges involved when finding and analyzing business information.Quadrant 1:First of all, it’s really hard to get to the right information. It’s also really tough to know if the data you’re getting is correct.Most users aren’t sure it is.Quadrant 2:Data is also in multiple formats and silos. Some business apps make users grapple with those formats and silos.The truth is, business users don’t care about this stuff. They just want the information and don’t care how it gets into the app.Quadrant 3:It also takes too long to benefit from these apps.The average deployment is 17 months, and the average app takes 5 months to create.This is absolutely unacceptable in this volatile economic climate.People need their business answers right now to solve critical problems. They don’t have months to wait around.Quadrant 4:Lastly, we can all agree it’s very expensive to use BI.Let’s pause for a moment.If most BI tools can’t get users the right information; can’t deal with multiple data formats; can’t get you up-and-running quickly; and are extremely costly, clearly they’re not meeting the needs of today’s businesses very well.
  • Now, let’s talk about something completely different.You use Google, right?We all do.It’s a fantastic tool.They took very complex technology and deployed it in a product where that technology fades into the background.Google serves hundreds of millions of people that use it with no training.Most people don’t know how it works—they just know it works.Imagine if they took Google away.What would that mean?People love it and depend on it.So, this is what people experience outside of their companies.And they wonder why they can’t have that experience inside them.They ask themselves “How can my company spend all of this time and money on BI and still have it not work?”
  • That’s where QlikView comes in.It combines the simplicity of the consumer app experience with the power of business apps to really deliver the information people need to run their businesses.And we’re not just talking about power users, but every single user inside your company.QlikView is also incredibly simple to use, and addictive too.It lets you see your business in new ways.It lets you spot new trends and opportunities.It lets you anticipate threats before they become a big problem.And it empowers every person in your company to make smarter business decisions.That’s why we have fanatical users who can’t live without it—just like Google.But don’t just take our word for it.
  • NOTE: THIS IS A THREE-PART, CLICKABLE BUILDAs part of our standard engagement process, we conduct an audit after 2-3 months to measure the value we deliver.Here are some amazing results the IDC, a major analyst firm, came up with when they looked into QlikView customer value.CLICK 1: They found that 96 percent of users are satisfied with QlikView.That’s unprecedented for enterprise software, and especially for BI.CLICK 2: We’re also delighted our customers realize ROI of 186 percent in about six months.Now, let’s dig a little deeper.In this turbulent period, time to value is more critical than ever because conditions change so quickly and unexpectedly.CLICK 3: We excel in that area with half of our customers deploying within 1 month, and almost 80 percent deploying within 3 months.Compare that with the industry average of 17 months.But what we’re most excited by is the fact that we reduce information access and analysis by 50 percent.What if you had your information available twice as fast as you’re used to?What would that mean for your business?
  • At the end of the day, what matters most about a BI tool is the business impact it creates.As you can see, we have a substantial impact on cash flow, revenue, productivity, and operating costs.Now, think about that for a minute. What if these numbers were even half-true?What would that mean?Would that be important to you?
  • Our customers have found that QlikView solves three fundamental problems for them.It consolidates information from multiple data sources very simply and easily.That’s really different from traditional BI, where that’s totally out of reach.And it’s really critical, because one of the key ways you generate business insight is by linking systems and data.For instance, you might want to compare sales performance with the budgetary plan that sits in the financial accounting system.QlikView makes those connections for you, so all you have to focus on is the data.It also lets you search data with Google-like ease.Our global search capability offers a similar white-box experience, and even has auto-complete to help you search faster.QlikView also lets you visualize your information with state-of-the-art graphics and charts so you can easily spot trends and opportunities.QlikView has always been focused on that, which is why it’s wildly popular with business users.
  • QlikView allows you to go deeper than most BI products.Out ability to let you spot trends and drill down into data for root cause analysis is unique.For instance, if you notice a region has performance problems, you can drill down to find the reason, and then perform what-if analyses to improve the situation.This empowers every user to make informed decisions that really make a difference.QlikView also puts the power of BI into the hands of every business user at your company.It gives them a guided, contextually-driven way to deeply explore all of their business data.With traditional BI, data models and queries are pre-defined and pushed out to the user. They can’t change anything without calling IT and getting put in a support queue.But with QlikView, users benefit from a “pull model” that gives them the data they need when they need it.
  • We’re proud to include some of the world’s most successful and recognizable companies in our customer base.Citigroup, the leading global financial services company, brought in QlikView to understand profitability by branch.Citi was using a competing product with an army of consultants, yet it couldn’t figure out which branches were profitable.Then one of its own team members, unbeknownst to us, downloaded QlikView.Within 5 days, that user was well on his way to solving the problem.Based on his success, Citi embraced QlikView and we’re now deployed across many of its business units.Campbell’s Soup, of course, is the world’s leading soup manufacturer.They needed to figure out how to manage 4,500 product SKUs so they could align demand with the supply chain. With QlikView, they were able boost inventory forecasting by 50 percent and ensure the right product mix is always available to customers.Qualcomm, the wireless telecommunications R&D company, had production data siloed in multiple systems including Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, and Excel.They wanted to bring it all together to ensure production processes across the company were on track and efficient. In just one day, they had their first QlikView application up and running. Now, they use QlikView to analyze data from all their sources.The consolidated views have helped them make product testing and quality control more efficient.That means QlikView is helping them get their products to market faster, with higher quality than ever.Fila, one of the world’s largest sportswear companies, was in a similar situation to Qualcomm.Their production is handled by many outside suppliers across many companies. Fila had trouble pulling and integrating these systems together to create a composite view of its business.QlikView brought the data from those systems under one roof.Now, Fila headquarters accesses them all through one QlikView dashboard for a consistent, up-to-the-minute view of production and order fulfillment.Shell, the global oil and gas giant, wanted to understand how each of its gas stations was performing at a detailed level.To do that, it uses QlikView to consolidate station data from its JD Edwards, Navision and Cognos systems into one view.Now, Shell can look at sales volume, fuel consumption, and employee productivity by station, and as an aggregate.The company now makes more precise inventory, staffing and station location decisions that are driving increased profitability.
  • QlikView initially achieved success by solving problems for SMB customers and enterprise workgroups.But over the last few years, we’ve been increasingly asked to solve major problems for largest global enterprises.These companies are looking for rapid time to value, scalability, and ability to handle large data sets—everything QlikView is fantastic at.Let’s look at a few of these customers in a little detail.
  • Everyone knows 3M. They makePost-it notes, Scotch tapes, packaging products, laminating systems, and computer accessories.They’re also one of the biggest users of QlikView with more than 13,000 users globally.Business Objects, their traditional BI tool, couldn’t respond fast enough to their business needs.It was too hard to use and couldn’t consolidate data from multiple sources. It also couldn’t handle the demands of Six Sigma projects or product margin analysis.They were able to initially deploy QlikView in a few hours for Six Sigma, and the rest soon after.As a result, they’ve experienced a 75% reduction in information analysis time.And their inventory levels mirror sales demands.Six Sigma projects are more also more successful than ever.
  • Gatorade is the world’s biggest selling sports drink.It’s available virtually everywhere beverages are sold and at every athletic event on the planet.With global sales of $1 billion a year, it’s unsurprising their data analysis requirements were enormous.They deal with tens of millions of data records related to sales, profitability, expenses, and billing.They’ve experienced amazing results since deploying QlikView to analyze these elements.They reduced the time it takes to create reports from hours to minutes.They save $237 per employee per report.They also realized full ROI in just a few months.
  • Dakotacare is the health care plan that covers every hospital in South Dakota and 98% of the state’s doctors and pharmacies.Their data volume is also incredible at 140 million doctor and patient records, stored in multiple systems like Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and Paradox.They turned to QlikView because they needed to bring that data under one umbrella.Without QlikView, all that data was disconnected. Now, QlikView brings it all together and lets them easily analyze it to identify performance trends, and ensure claims processing runs smoothly.They’re also using QlikView to analyze claims representative call data to ensure customer satisfaction.They deployed QlikView in less than two weeks and have made claims processing and provider reimbursements much more efficient.As a result, they’ve significantly improved profitability and customer satisfaction.


  • 1. QlikView Company Overview
    Lary Moseley, Account Executive, Qlikview
  • 2. Simplifying Decisions for Everyone.
  • 3. A New Kind of Software Company
    U.S.-based company, founded in 1993 in Sweden
    Highest customer success rate
    $120 million revenue and50% growth in 2008
    560,000 users in 12,500 customers in 95 countries
    800+ global partners
    530 employees across 22 offices in 12 countries
    Broad Base of 12,500 Customers
    *Worldwide BI Tools 2008 Vendor Shares, IDC June 2009
  • 4. The Typical Business App Experience
    Hard To Get the Right Data
    Data in Multiple Formats
    Users Certain Getting Right
    Users Unsure Getting
    BARC BI Survey 8
    Extremely Costly
    Long Time to Get Results
    Industry Average Deployment: 17 Months
    Industry Average App Creation: 5 Months
    SAP BW
    InfoWorld & IDC BI Survey
  • 5. Anyone can use them
    Simple and intuitive
    Results in seconds
    No training
    People love using them
    Today’s Consumer App Experience
  • 6. QlikView Combines The Power of Business Apps with the Consumer App Experience
    Easy to use as a consumer app
    Instant results
    Gorgeous, intuitive interface
    Delivers the big picture and deep analysis
    Makes the complex simple
    Lets business users achieve the impossible
    People love using it
  • 7. Achieving The Impossible:The QlikView Customer Experience
    Findings from IDC/QlikTech Joint Survey
    BI Initiative Success and Satisfaction• 96% of customers are satisfied with QlikView
    ROI (Return On Investment)• 186% Return On Investment• 6.5 month payback period
    Time to Value
    44% deployed QlikView in 1 Month
    77% deployed QlikView in 3 Months
    50% reduction in information access and analysis time
  • 8. Business Results
    23% increase in cash flow
    16% increase in revenue
    34% increase in employee productivity
    20% decrease in operating costs
  • 9. Making the Complex Simple
    Consolidate informationrapidly from any data source
    Search data withGoogle-like ease
    Visualize data withstate-of-the art graphics
  • 10. Empowering Business Users
    • Easily analyze and drill down into key elementsof the business
    Forecast, trend and createWhat-If? Scenarios
    Create self-service custom apps and dashboards
    • “Pull model” gives users what they need when they need it
  • The World’s Most Successful Companies Use QlikView
    Branch profitability
    Sales forecasting and production management
    Production and order management
    Real-time views of production and quality control performance
    Station profitability
  • 11. Proven Enterprise Capabilities
    Many Enterprise Deployments
    Highly Scalable
    • Perfect linear scalability
    • 20. Automatic load balancing
    • 21. Supports large, complex and concurrent queries
    Large numbers of users
    Large Data Sets
    13,000+ Users
    11,000+ Users
    2 Billion Records
    140 Million Records
  • 30. Customer Snapshot: 3M
    Consumer and office technology giant
    Deployed to 13,000+ users worldwide for:
    • Sales Analysis
    • 31. Supply Chain Analysis
    • 32. IT Analysis
    • 33. Six Sigma Analysis
    • 75% reduction in information analysis time
    • 34. Inventory levels more closely aligned to actual sales
    • 35. Six Sigma projects are consistently successful
    13,000+ Users
  • 36. Customer Snapshot: Gatorade
    Subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. and manufacturer of industry-leading sports drink Gatorade.
    Deployed QlikView to analyze tens of
    Millions of data records relating to:
    • Sales and profitability by account
    • 37. Sales expenses
    • 38. Billing
    • Reporting time reduced from 1-4 hours to 3 minutes
    • 39. $237 saved per employee, per report
    • 40. Realized full return on investment in four months
    • 41. Gained real-time visibility of company-wide sales performance
    Tens of Millionsof Data Records
  • 42. Customer Snapshot: Dakotacare
    U.S. health insurer covering 131,000 members in 14 states
    Deployed to claims application team for:
    • Performance trends and KPI analysis on 140 million subscriber and provider records
    • 43. Claims processing and provider reimbursement analysis
    • 44. Claims representative customer satisfaction tracking
    • Deployed in under two weeks
    • 45. Improved profitability through dramatic data accuracy improvements
    • 46. Increased customer satisfaction
    • 47. Integration of Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and Paradox data
    140 Million DataRecords
  • 48. Summary
    Provides a consumer app experience using sophisticated business data
    Highest customer satisfaction: 96%
    Fastest time to value: 1-3 Months
    30-day money back guarantee
    Seeing Is Believing—In a few days, we will build any company a working QlikView application using its own data