Battlestar Galactica IS A Science Fiction Mssterpiece


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Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." Check it out

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Battlestar Galactica IS A Science Fiction Mssterpiece

  1. 1. ==== ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out! ====When it was first announced that after years of speculation there would be a new BattlestarGalactica miniseries, science fiction and genre TV fans werent too sure whether or not it would beworth the effort. After all, as beloved as the original TV series was, it was far from brilliant. Withlovably questionable production values, an uneven cast and some very patchy writing, it was littlemore than an enjoyable diversion for those fans drawn into SF by Star Wars. A short lived first runin 1978 was followed by the spectacularly bad Galactica 80, which is really best left forgotten. Ifyou had told us at the start that a remake of this patchy SF yarn would become the greatestscience fiction TV franchise around, many of us would have laughed in your face.But here we are. After the miniseries showed so much promise, the new era of BattlestarGalactica became a cult hit, then an international phenomenon as each successive seasonbrought in new fans, eager to catch up with the drama. How the hell did this happen? Aside fromthe extremely high production values on this new vision of Galactica, it was down to a great cast,superb scripts and a very nice twist on the classic formula. Things were turned on their headsomewhat, but it worked, and worked beautifully.DVD sales of the new Battlestar Galactica series have proven the shows popularity withcontemporary audiences, and the retooling of the original concepts from the first Galactica showwere given enough of a modern sheen that fans became addicted. Hats off to the writers and starsof Ronald D Moores new Battlestar Galactica- they have brought us the definitive Science FictionTV event of the decade, as well as a new generation of genre TV stars such as Tricia Helfer andKatee Sackhoff, who have won the hearts of sci-fi fans the world over.There is talk of a new feature film based on the original incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, but thisseems awfully counter-productive, taking into account just how popular the new version of theseries is. Why not just leave the franchise to close with the end of the new era? Let it end properly.New fans dont want to see the classic series brought back again- they are more than happy withthe incredible new model.Despite the Cylons being redesigned, the story changed a little, and the complexity ramped up athousandfold, the new Battlestar Galactica won legions of new fans for a franchise many thoughtlong since dead, and through extras such as the spin-off project Razor (plus other forthcomingfilms) and the upcoming prequel series Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica story will continue to echoin the science fiction pantheon long after the series has ended.Andrew writes for the popular STARSTORE collectibles site and their many blogs, coveringmovies, TV, comics, geek culture, action figures, Battlestar Galactica merchandise, music and
  2. 2. more! He is also a globally published music journalist and SF author.Article Source: ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out! ====