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Smart phones. Computer assignment.

Smart phones. Computer assignment.



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Smart phones Smart phones Presentation Transcript

  • Smartphones
    How are they affecting Productivity, Communication in the work place, Social engagement and have an effect in Education.
  • What is a smart phone?
    A smart phone is a device that lets you make telephone calls but also add in feature that you might find on your personal digital assistant (PDA) or a computer- such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit office documents for example.
    In the beginning there were cell phone personal digital assistance (PDA), cell phones were used for making calls, while PDA like Palm Pilot were used as personal, portable organisers.
    Eventually, PDAs gained wireless connectivity and were able to send and receive e-mails, PDAs then added cellular phone features while cell phone added more PDA like features. This resulted as a smartphone.
  • Affects on Productivity
    Firstly there are many positive attributes on smart phones.
    Companies that are constantly developing these products are making huge profits, e.g Blackberry, HTC, iApple….
    Economically wise, they have a huge impact in the economy because more money is punched into the economy when these items are bought.
    In terms of competition, a lot of companies are now producing smart phones and these gadgets are continouslyupdated, creating greater competition for competitors.
    Better products are being invented daily to make life more easier and reduce time consumption.
  • Affects on Productivity
    So while smart phones have changed many aspects of our daily lives in a more conveniet way, it isn’t always a good thing.
    These a huge inbalance when it comes to cellphone companies and smartphone companies, because people opt to use smart phones instead of the ordinary cellphone, this effects the productivity of cellphone companies.
    The increasing number of updated phones is to much for people to keep up with.
    Companies using these smartphones for their workers need to constantly upgrade to keep up with technology costing them a lot of money.
    Most important these smart phones are expensive.
  • Communication in the workplace
    Smartphones help workers to do their work fast, effectively and almost anywhere in the world.
    It is no longer necessary for them to be at the office to send e-mails, faxes or to just sit behind a desk etc.
    Smartphones help to increase productivity in a lot of business because they do not limit the worker to be in a office working all the times.
    However smartphones can also have a negative on business, because worker don’t engage with eachother.
    Sometimes networks are offline and business cannot access information on the smartphones slowing down productivity.
  • Social Engagement
    Applications such as Skype, Facebook, Mixit, Twitter help people to interact for free or at a low rate all over the world.
    It is easy to talk live with your friends, family using smartphones with webcam
    Simply they make life easier for everyone.
    Moreover the cons of using a smartphones distant people from interacting with eachotherpersonally.
    People tend to get addicted to these gadgets side tracking themselves from self-time and interaction.
  • Education
    Students find it easy to use smartphonesand are constantly waiting to upgrade putting pressure on their parents.
    It is also convenient in terms of submitting work, accessing your school/personal portal.
    It also affects results of workers, because most student pay more attention to these applications instead of focusing on work
  • Personal views
    We can’t deny the fact that smartphones are fast taking over and these no way of reducing the usage of smartphonesor stopping companies from manufacturing them.
    But overall I personally conclude that smartphone don’t really have a huge effect on productivity, social engagement etc
    They actually make life easier.
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    “Technology Inspired”
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