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  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT QUESTION CYBER CRIMES IN MALAYSIA AND U.S.A.: WHAT SHOULD WE DO IN MALAYSIA?1. INTRODUCTION- In pursuit modernity current now, Malaysia always expanding as a country that is developedtowards year 2020. For realise that Vision 2020, various efforts that has been undertaken bygovernment in pass over modernity current so Malaysia continue to developed rapidlyparallel with other developing country. Hence, use of modern technology played an importantpart. So exist new generation known as cyber society. Internet usage also unable run for achieve this goal. Malaysia itself generally hadappropriated budget that is large to build area of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) that high-tech and rapid developing.Here there was various investments from within and overseas wasbeing conducted for economic development of the country. Hence, this world usage was veryimportant. However, in achieving this desire, there are still a few society do not know or a lackof knowledge related internet.Due to this technological sophistication and knowledgeconstraint, many society that cheated in this cyber world bring about cybercrime that may notbe realized. Situation this difficult to be prevented because cybercrime carried out in worldwhich encompasses borderless world. However, the implication can in see in nature real. Mywriting will discuss with much further related this issue. According to KamusDewanBahasa Dan Pustaka (EdisiEmpat), crime bring actmeaning or evil (such as steal, rob, murder and others) with no beside law or wrongful act(beside law) or kriminil act. As phrase example of use in sentence, police consider the matteras a criminal act that is determined. While cyber meaning on the other hand is everythingrelated to internet. For example internet like giant market that discover buyers and sellers incyberspace. Generally cybercrime may be classified as an act that is wrong or evil that carried outthrough internet which is known as cyber world. Crime this very difficult dam and haunt theauthorities in eradicating this cybercrime. There is no definition that right that can imagine cybercrime. Some parties givedefinition “cybercrime” are referring to “computer crime”. This based on computers capacitycapable of discharging conventional criminal activities such as fraud, theft, extortion, andinvasion which could cause adverse impact on individual property or organization. According to Donn B. Parker, a researcher in computer crime and security to fromSRI International California, computer crime definable as any performance that have the
  2. 2. intention and associated with computer through any way and creating victim suffering or cancause suffering, loss and continuously. This statement is supported by Department ofJusticeU.S.A which said that computer crime is any illegal activity use computertechnological knowledge as tool to realize.2. CONTENT2.1 Classifications Cybercrime- All computer usage level is always encounter with crime activity. Whether as victim tocrime or equipment to crime or both. Input operation, data processing, output operation anddata communication was invoked closely for purpose that is unhealthy. Our cyber type ofcrime that is usual listen and categorised as following:1) Fraud- Phishing namely impersonated legal website and consequently persuade victim clicks linkthrough which in turn e-mail will be bringing with consumer confidential information.Usually Phishing carried out through email or short message and usually direct consumer topocket details in certain webpages, however telephone relationship also have been usedbefore. Phishing is social an example engineering technique that used to deceive consumer.2) Damage or upper modification programme or computer data.- Refering to software that designed to escape or damage computer system unauthorizedclearly from owners. This term often used by computer professional class as umbrella term tocode forms software that is able detrimental to computer without the consumer knowledge ormost do not upset that consumer privacy. Most usual computer user still not used with that term and mostly never used. On theother hand, computer virus term often used including in the media announce to reflect all pesttypes of software, although not all malware is computer virus. Other term that were createdfor pest software is malicious software (badware), the possibility due to anti-malicioussoftware. Software regarded as based on malware based on inventor purpose presumption andnot based on certain characteristics. It including computer virus, computer worm, horseTrojan, most rootkit, spyware (spyware), advertisement software (adware) cheating, andmalicious software and that unwanted other. Legal, pest software sometimes regarded ascomputer pollution.3. Information theft.- In Internet, there were some unhealthy activity. Among them wasidentity theft incident. Itis crime which is done by certain parties where they steal personal data and later lodgedpurchase by using other persons name.
  3. 3. Criminal involved may be solicited and receive credit card on other persons name, orcheating identity by convince online seller that he is true owner something data. That sellerare going to sell the product and applied cost to others. Incident this will be trouble you those involved and would be destroying reputation,credit card record that is good and creating you facing financial problems that should not. Weunderstand that personal data theft incident not only occur in cyberspace,in fact in real lifealso this incident happen.4. By void access on system- Computer intrusion was upper access computer system without state or imagine thatcomputer system owners permission. Individual which involved with this activity known ascomputer intruders and had powerful interests to break security system that there was in thatcomputer. Intruder can obtain by access control by using the computer in his own house oroffice that connects to network telecommunication. Desire to get by void access uppercomputer system may be obtained because some motive or purpose. Among them justbecause curious, such as which done by hackers (computer intruders) until computer sabotageor espionage. By void access or without intention by individuals that were not allowed by owners orsystem administrator will be brought before as crime behavior. By void access createopportunity to produce in addition to data damages that unintended, data collision or valuableinformation theft. In the refractivity access can be implemented through control location duringtelecommunication network because either between many reason. Intruder will probablycapable to cash in on from weakness of security system to get access or can get back channelin security measure or procedure. Usually it also done by obtaining password to enter intosomething system. The usual password protection not a method that is safe to protect system from accessby individuals that were not allowed. This is because, in the refractivity, computer intruderscan overcome this protection easily him through one of three methodologies. If computerintruders afford to get keyword access truth. Then, Trojan software Horse will be placed toget other keyword for other users. Usually this type software can operate continuously with security system that ispresent and a bit hard to be detected. Eventually, computer intruders get software to getkeyword that had been stolen through control access. Third method that commonly used toachieve system-is "trapdoor" where access that were not allowed reached through pointaccess, or trapdoor that created for particular purpose such as to keep something system.5. Copy by void software.- Piracy (or copyright violation) mean material utilisationprotege copyright law withoutpermission, so violate either natural owner exclusive right copyright, such as authority to
  4. 4. reissue or conduct work that in copyright, or produce works products that based on work thatin the copyright.6. Get rich quick scheme- Get rich quick scheme is a scheme where certain amount of money will be deposited orinvested to organizer of get rich quick scheme with promise and condition that deposit moneythat will be returned back with interest or profit that promised for money that is depositedusually higher from what offered by licensed finance institutions. There is various get richquick scheme type, among them is Skim pyramid and Skim Ponzi. In Malaysia get rich quick scheme that is most famous is Pak Man Telo scheme. Inthat scheme beginning, organiser used money deposit received from new depositor to payreturn or depositor capital predecessor. In the mass, get rich quick scheme organisers notinvesting deposit received into investments or industry that cause profit that is same orhigher. Due to this, they cannot continue to bear return payment that is high to investor that ispresent. If no deposit recently accepted by organiser or this scheme cancelled, it would befailing and investors or depositor will lost their money. Between get rich quick scheme that there was in Malaysia is Pak Man Telo,LabuPeram (around 1980 an), LinggamTelo (1990 Klang Valley), Skim 350 (1980 an Kulim,Kedah), Platinum Lane SdnBhd (PLSB) (1991 Kulim Kedah), and Sri Emas Enterprise.7. Hacker- Hacker is one that create and modify computer software and hardware including computerprogramming, administration and business related to security. This term usually carry strongconnotation, but may be good or bad depend on to cultural context. In computer programming, hacker was a programmer that hack or achieving goals byuse one modification serial to exploit or extend code or source. Hacker was the person whichspecialises in work related computer systems security mechanism and network. Even thoughit including those try to strengthen that mechanisms, it more often used, are mainly in massmedia, to consult to those are trying to get in pass that mechanisms. In fields different techniques, hacker also meant people which made things functionoutside limit shows through their technical skill such as hardware hacker or reality hacker. Inhacker culture, hacker is one that has attained certain social status and known among thatcultural expert for his commitment on cultural value and technical know-how certain amount.8. Virus transmission- Computer virus was the name that taken from biological virus, is computer program thatable copy himself and infecting computer unauthorized or consumer knowledge. However thesimple virus word used to refer to various pest types of software that is different. Virusoriginal may be modifying the copy or copy itself that modify himself, as in metamorphicvirus. Virus only diffusible when the host reach to different computer, for example throughnetwork or portable intermediary such as floppy disk, compact disc or flash drive USB. Apart
  5. 5. from that, virus also could be spread by infect file in network file system or any filing systemthat achieved different computer. Some virus designed to be affected computer by damage program, wipe out file, orformatting again hard disk, while viruses that is other designed not to damages any, but onlyto change self and perhaps to push the existence through text broadcasting, video, or audiomessage. Although virus that is second harmless, it also can cause a problem to computeruser because it swallowing computer memory that used by program that is legal. Due to this,it often causing action that uncertain and could result in system failure. Apart from that, manyvirus also contains bug which could cause system failure and loss of data. The occasionally computer virus confounded with computer worm and Trojan. Boththis differ with respect to that computer worm could be spread to different computers withoutneed evacuate as part of host file, while Trojan is file that seemingly harmless untilimplemented. Contrasts with virus, Trojan also excludes the code into computer files that isother. Most personal computer currently connected with internet and local area networkthereby, facilitate virus transmission. It cash in on that administered by network service suchas World Wide Webs systems, e-mail, and file sharing to spread thereby, obscure differencebetween virus with computer worm. Furthermore, some resources use terminology alternativethat define virus as any form self reproduction malicious software.2.2 Compares Cybercrime in Malaysia and USA- As much as 8,090 criminal case cyber reported in this country in two months time this yearcompared 3,064 cases during last year. CyberSecurity Malaysia chairman, Jeneral (B) DatukSeri Mohd. Azumi Mohamed said, increase more 100% very worrying and it could begenerating new threat on otherwise national security dam. He stresses, among the causes thatincrease is consumer attitude that not considerate on current security surfing Internet. “We will increase awareness campaign in ensuring cyber security so that public andstudent unexposed to danger when surfing Internet,” he said in Perak Wifi launchingceremony and KarnivalSiber 2011 by MenteriBesar, Datuk Seri Dr. ZambryAbd. Kadir here,today. Also present Perak Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ahmad KamilMahmood.Mohd.Azumi said, as agency that accountable for in matters related cyber security,CyberSecurity take seriously that development and drafting specific plan to handle.He said, most people unconscious they are exposed to cyber threat including attack byhacker, virus threat and password stolen when surfing Internet. In accordance with that , he ask consumer so that more cautious and be careful toavoid their personal information invaded when using Internet.(Utusan Online - domestic, April 2, 2011)
  6. 6. Computer security firm, Symantec report about two-thirds from Internet users in theworld become cyber crime victim. According to cybercrime survey report Norton, consumerin China occupying highest position become victims when 83% users attacked computervirus, credit card forgery, identity fraud and various other criminal on the Internet. Brazil andIndia occupying second position with 76%, while United States on the other hand record 73%crime victim cyber in third grade. Although feeling cheated victim and angry, however they hesitate to take up actionbecause consider the effort would not be fruitful, report Norton consumer unit. Hard cybercrime reported because sometimes police found case involved has no solidproof. Deliberately cyber criminal steal in total that a little to avoid being detected , saidAdam Palmer, cyber security adviser chief, Norton. If you failed to report, you may beprotecting cyber criminal continue doing things them , said Palmer more. According to associate professor in Loyola Marymount university, Joseph LaBrie onthe other hand, lack of awareness on cybercrime among Internet users caused it gettingrampant. The state same when you do not know much matter on your car will be submittingall matter to mechanics if your vehicle break down , said LaBrie. Research showed most consumers think downloading song or film on the Internetwithout making any payment is not wrong. About 24% from research findings on the otherhand state read secretly other people e-mail also not a crime. (Harian Metro, September 9,2010) Generally cyber criminal is knowledgeable or professional group. Perhaps our friend,might be students, may be professor or whoever. They will commit crime on their own partyor competitor or they waged by certain parties for example. Business organization maybecome the competitor target, employee or former employee. Bank and financial institutionby robber and professional criminal.While, university become student target or formerstudent. Government agency on the other hand may become terrorist victim and computermay be sabotaged. If people that commit crime not in get to know law that in framework toprevent would not be meaningful. In America that sophisticated the technology also fail to track event mastermindSeptember 11. During event September 11 2001, 19 aircraft hijackers enter the United Statesof America by using visa that is legal. Apart from personally , they relating over Internet ormaking phone calls by using prepaid card to draw attack on New York and Washington.2.3 Recommendations Prevent Cybercrime- By right, all parties played an important part in overcoming this problem. Apart from theauthorities, member of the community also played role in giving information, awareness andalso lesson to teenagers on risk and also danger cyber world. Parents, teacher and the schoolshould also played important role in oversee their children or their student which carried out
  7. 7. activity on-line and their behaviour. There is various computer software that staying inmarket can be used to check and oversee activities that is potential appear danger toteenagers. This including limit access on content characterized by porn graphic, and limittheir period staying on-line. Psychological approach such as youth guidance program such as motivationprogramme, awareness programme, individual development programme, healthy youthprogramme without aids (Prostar) was held and can help teenagers in overcoming crimeproblem and social problem. Apart from that with crime prevention club establishment inschool nationwide, is hoped able to decrease teenagers involvement such as school student incriminal activity such as damage property, bully, gambling and so on. Government has enacted various laws to protect society especially society youngmembers such as teenagers from social problem and also crime related cyber world, such asJenayahKomputer Act 1997, Tandatangan Digital Act 1997, Komunikasi Act and Multimedia1998 and present law which allocates normal criminal offence and sentence for her such aspenal code, law which allocates protection to users, PerlindunganPengguna Act 1998,Perlindungan Data Peribadi Act (still deep legislation), and Telekomunikasi Act and HakciptaAct. With Act legislation KanakKanak 2001 and PencegahanPemerdaganganManusia Act2008, can set aside protection that is sufficiently to children and youth fromcommercialization children, pornography, pornographic, incest barrier, and sexualexploitation. In overcoming pornographic dumping materials, danger and immoral that occurin internet, a law that is strict need to be created to inflict punishment that heavier to internetservice provider for example so that more responsible with what displayed in websites.3. Conclusion- In world borderless, attack could be done the thousands of miles away or from people thatbeside we and very unlucky we difficult to recognize who are they and from where theyattack us. However we have to take move to protect our own computer system. Completeourselves with knowledge on computer and perhaps we can protect our computer system withsoftware that there is in market such as anti-virus, firewall, pop-up blocker, anti- spyware andanything security software that is other. In conclusion, technology nowadays increasingly sophisticated, but at the same timethere was also the lack, namely cybercrime also increasingly sophisticated. Most cybercriminal could not be caught because difficult to be traced. As such, we should cautious atevery time . Save something for a rainy day, we should protect our computer system withsoftware that is best and be careful while using internet network .