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Nov Dec Newsletter


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A bimonthly marketing newsletter

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Nov Dec Newsletter

  1. 1. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C C w w m m w w w w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k KSFX OZARKS FOX VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 S H O P TA L K NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Women will help fuel WOMEN SUR- 1 economic recovery PASS MEN IN US LABOR FORCE By Kerri Glensky families. Even as women Companies coming out of have become a larger part COMMUNITY 2 BANKS TARGET this deep recession will of the workforce. they still MEGABANKS work fewer hours on aver- face new economic reali- ties. Tighter credit. More age than men, hold more ECONOMIC 2 PRESSURES RE- cautious consumers. And part-time jobs and earn VIVE ART OF 77% of what men make, HAGGLING women who not only con- trol the family purse strings according to labor econo- but who earn most of the mist Heidi Hartmann, education and government. ADVERTISING 4 YOU CAN’ BUY T family income. president of the Institute for This is not the first time Women’ Policy Research s This year marks the first women have experienced a (from a 9/3/09 USA TO- time in US history that bump in their share of the DAY article written by women are the majority of labor market. When World Dennis Cauchon). the nation’ paid workers. s War II took hundreds of Women are also now the Men dominate higher- thousands of men out of the primary breadwinners or paying executive jobs while labor force, women stepped co-breadwinners in more women fill the ranks of the up to fill industrial jobs. than 63% of American only sectors of the economy still growing— health care, (Continued on page 3) SPECIAL POINTS OF IN- TEREST: Tax rebate checks may provide • Know the facts about short-term boost for economy advertising during eco- nomic downturns. Want your piece of the tax willing to spend their wind- most 41% of the tax rebate rebate checks being mailed fall rather than save it or checks, providing an imme- • Learn how people plan early this summer? Better pay off existing bills. diate $43 billion boost to to spend their tax rebate target women and 18–to the economy. The survey checks.. It appears that enough of 24-year olds. According to also found some $30 billion a February survey con- the rebate recipients will be going to pay down debt, ducted for the National Re- spending their money to, at almost $20 billion being tail Federation (NRF) by least temporarily, bolster saved, $4.4 billion being BIGresearch, those are the our troubled economy. The invested, and $4.6 billion people who will be most survey results show con- going to pay down medical sumers plan to spend al- (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C C w w m m w w w w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k SHOP TALK Page 2 Small banks grab market share as public outrage grows over bailouts Abraham Lincoln once risky Wall Street invest- includes television, radio noted, “ What kills a ment. Instead they stuck and print ads with the skunk is the publicity it with taking deposits and message, “ Banks don’ t gives itself.”According making old-fashioned need bailouts, people do.” to a November 2 article loans. “ re pretty We’ in The New York Times, much convinced that the The New York Times re- big national banks are public is very upset with ports that even credit un- following the skunk’ ex- s these big banks, and they ions and small banks, ample . . . . and their don’ have much use for t which have competed smaller colleagues are them anymore,”Speed fiercely against one an- capitalizing on it! says. other, are banding to- gether to combat the Across the country, com- Small banks are spread- megabanks. The reces- munity banks are trying ing their message on bill- sion has given small to tap into the public’s boards, in local television banks opportunities to outrage at banking giants spots, at town hall meet- promote their relative sta- rescued by taxpayer bail- ings, even at professional bility. According the Fed- outs. Their message, says baseball games. A group eral Deposit Insurance Across the the article: You can trust of 75 Indiana credit un- Corporation, the federal country, us, because we did not ions banded together to agency that insures de- community cause the crisis and did buy a radio spot empha- posits, banks with less not need bailouts. sizing “polices that serve than $1 billion in assets banks are trying people on your street, not remained the best capital- Texas banker Edward to tap into the Wall Street.“San Anto- ized in the industry, Speed has launched a nio-based USAA Federal meaning they have ade- public’ s campaign urging people Savings Bank is spending quate cash to absorb loan to switch their accounts outrage. . . . $25 million to lure cus- defaults. from “ out-of-state carpet- tomers from larger insti- baggers”to local institu- tutions. The campaign Small institutions are tions that never embraced (Continued on page 3) they will spend more of “While some will splurge the checks than any other on big-ticket items, many (Continued from page 1) age group (42.6%). consumers will use the checks for important day- “Many Americans will be to-day purchases.” wisely using their rebate bills. checks to save, spend, The tax rebates come as and pay down debt, so a result of the Recovery In other findings, women the overall result will be Rebates and Economic say they will spend a positive for the U.S. Stimulus for the Ameri- larger percentage of their economy,”said Vice can People Act of 2008 rebate check than men, President of Strategy for signed into law in Febru- just over 42% versus BIGresearch, Phil Rist. ary. The measure will 39% for men. Young provide rebate checks of adults, 18 to 24, indicate
  3. 3. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C C w w m m w w w w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 Page 3 Small banks (Continued from page 2) the survey in 1979. lenders in the country, community banks sense making the push as pub- In addition, most even more opportunity to lic sentiment toward the smaller banks have con- fill the void. banking industry has tinued to extend credit reached a low point. A to consumers and small So far, the small banks’ June Gallup poll showed businesses, while big efforts appear to be help- that only 18 percent of banks continue to cut ing attract new custom- respondents expressed back on their outstand- ers. According to an high confidence in the ing loan balances. With analysis by the Independ- “ image that The nation’ banking institu- s the bankruptcy of CIT ent Community Bankers the man has to tions, the lowest since Group, one of the big- of America, small banks Gallup began conducting gest small-business were the only segment of be the the industry to show breadwinner has growth in net loans and changed.” Women fuel reovery (Continued from page 1) “ image that the man The high as $28 trillion in the has to be the breadwinner next five years.”That When the conflict ended, has changed,”says represents a growth mar- women were not so sub- Maureen Honey, author ket bigger than China and tly encouraged to become of Creating Rosie the India combined. homemakers and make Riveter, a book about the way for returning sol- government’ campaign s The article recommends diers. to persuade women to businesses that want to work outside the home sell to women remember: Experts predict current women should not have employment gains by during World War II. to settle for products that women will, to some ex- Observant companies will only “ cynically or super- tent, follow previous accommodate working ficially”address their trends. “ Unemployment women. A recent article needs. “ Women will in- among men isn’ going to t in the Harvard Business creasingly resist being last forever,”USA TO- Review notes stereotyped, segmented DAY quotes University “ Women . . . have too only by age or income, of Chicago economist many demands on their lumped together into an Casey Mulligan as say- time and are constantly ‘ women’characteriza- all ing. “ People will move juggling priorities— tion or, worse, undiffer- from construction and work, home and family. entiated from men.” manufacturing to indus- Few companies have re- tries that are creating new sponded to their need for Astute businesses will jobs.”Mulligan expects time-saving solutions or also recognize that pres- the portion of jobs held for products or services sures on women tend to by women to peak just specifically for them.” change during their lives. above 50% this year, then The article, titled The Fe- They face their greatest drop below half as the male Economy, reveals challenges in their early economy recovers. that globally, women to mid 40s when many “ control about $20 tril- are juggling children and This time; however, the genie won‘ be so easily t lion a year in annual con- aging parents. put back in the bottle. sumer spending, and that figure could climb as
  4. 4. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic We are on the web! C C w w m m w w w w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k www.ozarksfirst.com Shop Talk is a bimonthly newsletter for the customers of Kerri Glensky, Account Executive for KSFX Ozarks FOX. This newsletter is intended to provide a forum for trading KSFX OZARKS FOX information about local business trends, business assistance, resources and ideas for marketing and promoting your business. 2650 E Division Springfield MO 65803 Please send ideas and suggestions to Editor Kerri Glensky, 2650 E. Division, Springfield MO 65803. Or call 988-0926. E-mail: kglensky@kolr10.com. Phone: 417-862-2727 Fax: 417-862-3446 Cell phone: (417) 988-0926 F R O M T H E S T A T I O N Y O U W A T C H . Advertising you can’ buy . . . . t Having a sale or event? surgical. No needles, no you leave with the mower Call me at (417) 988- chemicals, no knives. For that best fits your needs. 0926 or email me: more information, call If you have a problem kglensky@ozarksfox.com. Beverly at 889-FIRM they have a great service I’ share your informa- ll (3476) or stop by (after department. Call (417) tion in the next issue of May 1) at 4301 S Na- 736-2303. Or visit them Shop Talk. tional, Suite H, in Aun- at 9776 E State Highway dria Plaza. OO east of Strafford. I’ still surprised every m time I look in the mirror. Finally! The grass is I like having a garden. At I don’ feel any older than t green, and it won’ be t east tomatoes and pep- my college-age daughter, long before it’ mowing s pers. I know where the but that mirror tells a dif- time again. If your old food came from and how ferent story. So, in early mower just isn’ cutting t it was grown. . . and it May, I’ going to check m it anymore, make a short just tastes better. I’ m out the new Transforma- trip to Yarbrough even contemplating rais- tion Clinics in Spring- Equipment in Strafford. ing a few chickens this field. Word is: they can Danny and Rick carry summer. If you’ there, re help me look the way I Hustler mowers with too, SOMO Farm & feel by combining nutri- models ranging in price Ranch Supply can help tionist-approved meals and purpose for home- you with supplies and and muscle stimulation owners and contractors advice. Stop by at 2850 equipment. It’ non- s alike. Their employees W. Kearney for every- invasive and non- are trained to make sure thing from Muck Boots
  5. 5. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C C w w m m w w w w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k