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SciencoFAST Marine Sanitation, Water, Wastewater, Sewage Project Portfolio Book |


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General Overview of Scienco/FAST, Products, and examples of marine wastewater treatment system installations.

Our Solution… Installed on some of the ‘greenest’ ships in the world!

Marine Sewage Devises are required on all vessels with facilities. Even with marine vessels' constant movement, small space requirements, variable ship personnel, and flow surges, the MarineFast’s robust treatment process delivers consistent performance to make innovative patented FAST system technologically advanced and extraordinarily reliable.
MarineFAST is inherently self-regulating, with no adjustments required. The performance of MarineFAST is not dependent on the skill of the operator; Certified, reliable, and proven process in available Crew Sizes of Up to 1 – 39 People, 11 – 80 People, 33 – 900+ People:

* Self-starting, self-regulating operation
* Long service life
* Worldwide technical support
* Superior protection against corrosion
* Easy to upgrade older units

1. Tug Boat 2.Harbor Tug 3. Offshore Platforms 4. Tugs 5. Pilot Boats 6. Offshore Supply Vessels 7. Drill Ships 8. Crane Barges 9. Diving Support Vessels 10. Fire Boats 11. Semi-Submersibles 12. Shop and Office Barges 13. Tankers 14. Container Ships 15. Bulk Carriers 16. Survey Ships 17. Research Vessels 18. Cruise Ships 19. School Ships 20. Float Homes etc.

Flushing Medium
FAST can handle any combination of seawater, freshwater, blackwater, graywater, ground food waste, conventional toilets and vacuum toilets without adjustment.

Performance Based on Experience and Knowhow
The advantages and reliability of FAST sewage treatment systems are inherent in the FAST process. It is a winner where consistently good performance is required, where loading and operating conditions vary and where trained operators are not available. These applications include but are not limited to marine and offshore. The advantages and reliability of the FAST process also makes it ideal for many land applications (

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SciencoFAST Marine Sanitation, Water, Wastewater, Sewage Project Portfolio Book |

  2. 2.     A global leader in marine sanitation,   advanced wastewater treatment systems for   virtually every type of marine vessel and offshore platform. 
  3. 3.     2        Scienco/FAST – a subsidiary of Bio‐Microbics, Inc. is a global manufacturer of marine sewage  devices,  water  management  solutions,  sodium  hypochlorite  generators,  brinemakers,  and  environmentally‐friendly maintenance tablets and cleaners.  1.866.652.4539 | 1.314.756.9300 | |      Bio‐Microbics  manufactures  innovative,  advanced  wastewater/greywater  treatment  systems,  septic system alternative products, and stormwater treatment that provide unique solutions for  decentralized homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities & commercial properties. We  develop  products  to  integrate  the  treatment  and  management  of  water  resources  onsite  ensuring sustainable water utilization.  We are a global company that provides our distributors  high‐quality products and specialist support to customers worldwide.      Contact us how we can meet your needs! ...FITT® for the Purpose Intended.   1.800.753.3278 (FAST) | 1.913.422.0707 | |     SeptiTech  manufactures patented, PLC controlled, onsite wastewater treatment systems for  residential  and  commercial  applications.  The  STAARTM   smart  technology  is  known  in  the  industry for its design versatility and ability to accommodate non‐standard applications such as  high strength waste and strict effluent requirements.   1.800.753.3278 (FAST) | 1.913.422.0707 | |     Bio-Microbics, Inc. | 8450 Cole Parkway | Shawnee, KS 66227 USA Scienco/FAST – a division of Bio-Microbics, Inc. | Saint Louis Missouri SeptiTech – a subsidiary of Bio-Microbics, Inc. | Portland, Maine       Follow Bio‐Microbics Social Media Networks:                                    © 2016 Bio‐Microbics, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.      Any reproduction by any means of the photos in this book is prohibited without prior written permission from Bio-Microbics, Inc. Created by the Marketing Department of Bio-Microbics, Inc., images are provided by the Field Services Department, Installers of Distributors and/or Dealers of Bio-Microbics, or from any other Representative of Bio-Microbics. For questions about photos, images, products, or other, please contact Bio-Microbics, Inc. at 1-800-753-3278 (FAST), 1-913-422-0707, or email your inquiry to g+
  5. 5.     4  Company Overview   Scienco/FAST, a division of Bio‐Microbics, Inc. has delivered thousands of advanced, Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) that are  pre‐engineered, pre‐packaged blackwater/greywater treatment systems on a variety of vessels and offshore platforms around  the world.  With more than 60,000 installations ranging from harbor tugs to cruise ships and from single homes to small cities  in over 70 countries, our simple, low‐cost, robust  “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades  of real world operation and proven results…FITT® for the purpose intended.      With pioneering the development of wastewater treatment  technologies  since  the  first  our  installation  1969  in  the  maritime industry, Scienco/FAST has become a leading U.S.  manufacturer  and  educator  regarding  regulations,  technologies, installation experiences, and challenges facing  this sector and is the most experienced solutions provider in  the MSD retrofit market.   The  MarineFAST  MSD  process  uses  efficient,  aerobic  fixed  film  process  capable  of  meeting  or  exceeding  any  known  effluent  standard.  Combined  with  a  recommended  disinfection system to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive  species,  the  MarineFAST  MSD  System  offers  a  compact,  modular  design  with  simple,  fully  automatic  operation  to  provide  years  of  trouble‐free  existence  making  it  an  attractive solution for any type of vessel and Ship Operator!      The  process  can  produce  effluent  that  meets  virtually  any  requirement worldwide and will do so without adjustments,  clogging or other such problems.  Using the excellent FAST  process, the equipment itself is designed on the basis of the  applicable regulations.  Although many people treat sewage treatment as a public  service,  the  key  to  our  business  is  to  fully  meet  the  requirements  of  the  individual  customer  and  regulation  without unnecessary cost or complexity.  For example, units  certified  for  international  voyages  under  MARPOL  regulations  are  more  expensive  than  those  meeting  domestic  requirements  for  rivers  and  lakes  in  many  countries.    So, to determine if we can give you what you need, contact  us about your specific requirements:    Email us:
  6. 6.     5  The regulations have changed several times during the past 40+ years and have continuously updated/upgraded these  units to also take advantage of technical developments.  The most recent of these changes are:   Scienco/FAST  obtained  approval  from  US  Coast  Guard  and  Transport  Canada  using  peracetic  acid  (PAA)  as  a  disinfectant instead of chlorine.  PAA is environmentally friendly, eliminates the adverse effects of chlorine and its  use permits a substantial simplification and reduction in cost for disinfection systems meeting MARPOL.   Scienco/FAST  also  obtained  certification  under  MEPC.227(64)  with  PAA.  To  us,  the  most  significant  effect  of  MEPC.227(64) is that it stops the use of unrestricted dilution to pass certification tests.  International Standards:  Shipboard sewage systems manufactured in compliance with MARPOL Annex IV may be certified by the U.S.  Coast Guard Marine Safety Center (MSC) as meeting the requirements of both 33 CFR Part 159 and MARPOL Annex IV.  Type approval is  annotated on the U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Approval.  More information is available in the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation and Vessel  Inspection Circular No. 1‐09.  Vessel Manufacturers:  Manufacturers may not sell or distribute vessels having an installed toilet facility, unless it is equipped with an  installed and operational MSD of the type approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to meet the requirements of 33 CFR Part 159.  The term vessel  includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on the  waters of the United States.    Vessel Operators:  No person may operate any Vessel having an installed toilet facility, unless it is equipped with an installed and operable  MSD of a type approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to meet the requirements of 33 CFR Part 159.  Inspected Vessels:  In addition to the requirements in 33 CFR Part 159, inspected vessels must also comply with the marine engineering  regulations in 46 CFR Subchapter F and the marine electrical regulations in 46 CFR Subchapter J.  The U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Approval  and device label will both indicate inspected vessel for those devices that meet these additional requirements and therefore are suitable for  installation onboard inspected vessels.  For more information see 33 CFR 159.97.   International  Voyages:    U.S.  vessels  on  international  voyages  may  obtain  a  U.S.  Coast  Guard  Statement  of  Voluntary  Compliance  to  demonstrate compliance with international sewage regulations contained in Annex IV to MARPOL 73/78.  More information is available in the  U.S. Coast Guard Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular No. 1‐09. MARPOL Annex IV, a sewage treatment plant installed on a passenger  ship intending to discharge sewage effluent in special areas should additionally meet effluent standards when tested for its Certificate of Type  Approval by the Administration  Foreign vessels:  While in U.S. waters, foreign vessels having a valid International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISPPC) issued by  its  flag  Administration  indicating  that  the  installed  sewage  system  complies  with  MARPOL  Annex  IV  as  amended  by  either  resolution  MEPC.159(55) or MEPC.2(VI) will be accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard as being in compliance with 33 CFR 159.7(b) or (c) provided the system  is in operable condition.  For more information see Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular No. 1‐09.   “ All  of  us  at  Scienco/FAST  are  honored  that  so  many  ship  owners  and  operators  have  chosen  the  MarineFAST  technology  as  their  Wastewater  treatment  solution. ”   “ We  are  committed  to  providing  the  most  innovative and advanced  Wastewater  treatment  technology,  which  complies  with today  and  future  maritime  industry  sanitation  regulations. ”     ~ Robert J. Rebori, President   
  7. 7.     6  Marine Sanitation Devices   MarineFAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems are Type II Marine Sanitation Devices.  With a powerful, flow‐through, biological  (aerobics Digestion) process, MarineFAST systems do a better job of treatment blackwater and greywater on board to produce a  higher quality effluent.  Scienco/FAST adheres to the strictest quality control standards to ensure a superior product and long  service life.   Meets and exceeds most national and international standards set by Coast Guards and the International Maritime  Organization  (IMO)  regulations,  these  pre‐engineered,  modular  systems  are  ideal  for  new  and  retrofit  installations  aboard  vessels and platforms of all types:   Towboats   Tugs   Drill ships   Fireboats   Tankers   Icebreakers   Cruise ships   Harbor tugs   Pilot boats   Crane barges   Semi‐ submersibles   Container ships   Survey ships   School ships   Offshore  platforms   Offshore  supply  vessels   Diving  support  vessels   Shop  &  office  barges   Bulk carriers   Research vessels   Floating  homes,  etc…  All units (in‐stock or custom‐made) are put through a full “wet function” test right before shipping to customer.  “Let us help bring your system into compliance and keep it there at the lowest total cost for treatment.”
  8. 8.     7  MarineFAST® - How It Works: 1. Sewage enters the system.  No need for a macerator or bar  screen to clean or repair.   2. Quiet,  compact  BLOWER  provides  air  through  the  piping  system that connects to the airlift inside the media tank.  3. Aeration through the AIRLIFT circulates and aerates the tank  contents  to  promote  microorganisms  present  in  sewage  to  grow and become fixed on Media to digest organic material.   Media does not require replacement or cleaning.  4. From  center  line  SPILLOVER  pipe,  treated  effluent  passes  through TABLET CHLORINATOR and dissolves chlorine tablet  proportional  to  the  flow  rate.    Other  disinfection  methods  are available.  5. Sized  for  peak  flow  periods,  the  Chlorine  Contact  Tank  or  WETWELL  provides  the  chlorine  enough  time  to  disinfect  treated effluent prior to discharge.  Automatic Float Switches  (shown in yellow) located in the center line of the tank gauge water levels for on/off operation.    6. A submerged EFFLUENT PUMP in the wetwell transfers the treated effluent to discharge out of the tank.  Other transfer options available.   EFFLUENT STANDARDS Check which effluent requirements you must meet. See chlor/dechlor and PAA disinfection options, as well!  USCG 33CFR159 - Minimum 33CFR159 / MEPC.2(VI) standards for 150 TSS, 200 fecal, certified by U.S. Coast Guard installed aboard vessels and not subject to effluent sampling in service not required by regulations.  MARPOL 2010 - 25 BOD5, 35 TSS, 125 COD, 100 fecal effluent for USCG certified units and recommended for general marine use with 2 months internal sludge storage and dechlorination of effluent. Secondary treatment may be required for restricted waters, barges meeting local or harbor regulations, and offshore applications that are subject to state or other regulations.  USEPA Secondary Treatment - Applications requiring 85% removal, 30 BOD5, 30 TSS secondary treatment, 3 months internal sludge storage, and derate by 10% for dilute sewage.
  9. 9.     8  MarineFAST® LX-Series Marine Sanitation Devices ‐ (certified Type II MSDs) ‐ For the treatment of blackwater and  greywater on board vessels and offshore platforms from 1 – 44+ crew, these Type II Marine Sanitation Devices are installed on  floating  homes,  houseboats,  workboats,  tugboats,  and  some  of  the  ‘greenest’  boats  in  the  world  to  provide  total  sewage  treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities.  MarineFAST® Systems produce effluent having fecal  coliform bacteria not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not greater than 150 milligrams per liter.  All  Marine Sanitation Devices (whether Type I, II, or III) must be US Coast Guard (USCG) certified for vessels with galley(s) and toilet  facilities.   These  devices  (MSDs)  must  comply  with  the  33  Code  of  Federal  Regulation  (CFR)  Part  159  regulations  to  prevent  discharge of untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the United States.               
  10. 10.     9 
  11. 11.     10  ENGLISH – units measured in inches and weight is in pounds:   
  12. 12.     11  METRIC – units measured in centimeters and weight is in kilograms: 
  13. 13.     12 
  14. 14.     13 
  15. 15.     14     
  16. 16.     15  Options for floats 
  17. 17.     16 
  18. 18.     17   
  19. 19.     18   
  20. 20.     19   
  21. 21.     20  MarineFAST® M- & MX-Series Marine Sanitation Devices ‐ (Type II MSDs) ‐ For the treatment of blackwater and  greywater on board vessels and offshore platforms from 1–78+ crew, these Type II Marine Sanitation Devices are installed on  small to medium‐sized commercial vessels, workboats, tugboats, and some of the ‘greenest’ boats in the world to provide total  sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. MarineFAST® M‐Series (MX are assembled  versions of the M‐Series) Systems produce effluent having fecal coliform bacteria not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and  suspended solids not greater than 150 milligrams per liter. All Marine Sanitation Devices (whether Type I, II, or III) must be US  Coast Guard (USCG) certified for vessels with galley(s) and toilet facilities. These devices (MSDs) must comply with the 33 Code of  Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 159 regulations to prevent discharge of untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the USA.     
  22. 22.     21      
  23. 23.     22  ENGLISH – units measured in inches and weight is in pounds:   
  24. 24.     23  METRIC – units measured in centimeters and weight is in kilograms:   
  25. 25.     24 
  26. 26.     25   
  27. 27.     26   
  28. 28.     27   
  29. 29.     28   
  30. 30.     29     
  31. 31.     30   
  32. 32.     31   
  33. 33.     32  MarineFAST® DV-Series Marine Sanitation Devices ‐ (Type II MSDs) ‐ For the treatment of blackwater and greywater on board  vessels and off shore platforms from 1 – 2000+ crew, these Type II Marine Sanitation Devices are installed on large commercial vessels, offshore platforms,  and  some  of  the  ‘greenest’  boats  in  the  world  to  provide  total  sewage  treatment,  pretreatment,  and  (in  some  cases)  water  reuse  opportunities.  MarineFAST® Systems produce effluent having fecal coliform bacteria not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not  greater than 150 milligrams per liter.  All Marine Sanitation Devices (whether Type I, II, or III) must be US Coast Guard (USCG) certified for vessels with  galley(s) and toilet facilities.  These devices (MSDs) must comply with the 33 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 159 regulations to prevent discharge of  untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the United States.       
  34. 34.     33   
  35. 35.     34  ENGLISH – units measured in inches and weight is in pounds:     
  36. 36.     35  METRIC – units measured in centimeters and weight is in kilograms:   
  37. 37.     36 
  38. 38.     37   
  39. 39.     38   
  40. 40.     39 
  41. 41.     40 
  42. 42.     41 
  43. 43.     42  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiCCCHHHLLLOOORRR®®® SSSooodddiiiuuummm HHHyyypppoooccchhhlllooorrriiittteee GGGeeennneeerrraaatttooorrr wwwiiittthhh SSSccciiiCCCEEELLLLLL®®® TTTeeeccchhhnnnooolllooogggyyy  Complete On-Site Disinfecting Solution: With salt, water, and electricity, the Scienco® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator System with multi‐ pass SciCELL® Electro‐Chemical Activation (ECA) technology will produce an available supply of disinfectant  solution.  Available in 10lb‐60 lbs. chlorine equivalent per day sizes to provide a cost effective and reliable  method  of  safely  producing  liquid  chlorine  for  medium  to  large  onsite  disinfection  applications  (ex.  dairy  farms,  aquatics,  food/beverage  processing,  hospitals,  hotels/resorts,  and  water  treatment  facilities);  while  surpassing operational efficiency performance requirements. Connected to an incoming water source (55 to  85 degrees F) and with operating modes of batch, continuous, clean, setup and diagnostic, the brine solution  multi‐passes through low‐voltage DC electrolytic cell to produce the sodium hypochlorite.      CONSISTENT ON DEMAND PRODUCTION  COMPATIBLE WITH MANY SALT TYPES  AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZED SALINITY & CLEAN IN PLACE MAINTENANCE
  44. 44.     43  SCIENCO® SciCHLOR® technology uses a recirculation method to concentrate a brine solution, the SciCHLOR® system can produce up to a 0.8% strength  hypochlorite [below the hazardous material threshold of 1%].  The SciCHLOR® System includes integral brine tank(s), chlorine storage tank(s), control panel,  SciCELL® unit, and recirculation pump to allow the system to AUTOMATICALLY run at the optimum salinity and increase power efficiency.   When it reaches the low‐level float set point, the system automatically restarts to replenish its water supply. If no solution is used, the system shuts down  to save power.  With an 800 ppm FAC sample taken from the SciCHLOR Generator, the solution killed 100% of the Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia  coli organisms within 30 seconds.
  45. 45.     44  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiBBBRRRIIINNNEEE®®® BBBrrriiinnneeemmmaaakkkeeerrr wwwiiittthhh LLLeeevvveeetttrrrooolll®®® PPPllluuusss CCCooonnntttrrrooolllllleeerrrsss   CUT AWAY  VIEW 
  46. 46.     45  Complete On-Site Bulk Salt Dissolving System: Ideal  for  industrial  and  commercial  bulk‐salt  dissolving  (brine‐making)  applications produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used in  various applications, such as a water/wastewater treatment plants, food  additive processes, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an  ion exchange/water softening process, etc.   ELIMINATES BAG DISPOSAL  REDUCES MANUAL FILL LABOR  REDUCES WAREHOUSE SPACE  ECONOMICAL SOLUTION Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemakers use advantages of down‐flow processes  to  ensure  consistent,  near  saturated  brine  with  easy  maintenance.  Standard  with  Levetrol®  SR  “Smart  Relay”  controllers  to  automate  salt/water levels, alerts for high/low water level alarms, etc.   Any watertight tank can be used; however, filament‐wound, reinforced,  corrosive‐free fiberglass is recommended for the greatest combination of  strength, durability, and economy. Types of salts can be used (rock, solar,  or granular food grade), but will affect this sizing of system.   SciBRINE® systems are built to meet the standards of the US Department  of  Agriculture  (USDA)  and  Federal  Safety  and  Inspection  Service  (FSIS)  food processing requirements. 
  47. 47.     46  SSSccciiieeennncccooo®®® SSSccciiiRRROOO®®® RRReeevvveeerrrssseee OOOsssmmmooosssiiisss SSSyyysssttteeemmm   SHOW ME a Simple RO! By the Engineering Teams at Georg Fischer, LTD (; Scienco/FAST   In the “show‐me” state of Missouri, a St. Louis‐based manufacturer is taking “show‐me,” user‐friendly technology to a new level in clean water treatment.  Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of Bio‐Microbics, Inc., is well known for their innovative water treatment solutions (potable and waste) for shipboard use. With  over forty years in product development, they are no stranger to the industry or to the challenges that are inherent in the operation of water treatment  systems on oceangoing vessels.   Scienco® SciRO™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, encapsulates that knowledge. At the heart of the system is Georg Fischer’s innovative 0846 Profibus  Concentrator, a device that simplifies the integration of Signet measurement and Georg Fischer valves into a PLC with a minimum of programming and  wiring.  The  Scienco  Team  was  aided  in  unlocking  the  power  of  this  device  by  two  St.  Louis‐based  distributors,  Spec‐Tech  Industrial  Electric  (  and  Indelco  Plastics,  formerly  Corrosion  Products  (  The  result  is  a  compact  RO  unit  that  is  easily  customizable  for  deployment globally aboard ships and in land‐based applications.   
  48. 48.     47  Decades of engineering experience have given Scienco/FAST valuable insights into the world of shipboard water treatment.  Scienco Systems were the hallmark of salt‐based tableting and brine systems in the 1950‐60’s when it was a division of Morton  Salt during its expansion phase in its history and sold to combine with FAST Systems in 1985. “We’ve all been on the operating  side of it,” said Steve Carpenter, Director of Engineering at Scienco. “We know what works from being on the other side of the  fence. We’ve operated these systems in the Navy and aboard merchant vessels.” Jim Predeau, Senior General Manager of  Operations at Scienco/FAST, has been on that “other side of the fence” for over 46 years. He explained, “We are all very aware  of  where  the  trouble  spots  are  in  our  industry.  Severe  space  restrictions,  minimized  downtime,  as  well  as  operators  with  diverse responsibilities, backgrounds, and languages all present issues that often compete with each other. Addressing each  one  effectively  is  certainly  a  challenge.  With  our  background  in  the  industry,  we  have  experienced  the  results  of  great  execution. That’s why ease of operation is the DNA of Scienco.”  “In  catastrophic  situations,”  Jim  Predeau,  Senior  General  Manager  of  Operations  at  Scienco/FAST  noted,  “water  becomes  a  primary  need.  With  just  a  few  hours  of  operator  training  on  the  Profibus  Concentrator,  our  new  Scienco  SciRO  system can begin processing clean water.”  In  conjunction  with  their  simplified  operating  methods,  the  advanced  design  and  affordable  price  point  of  Signet  products  require  little  maintenance  or  troubleshooting  and  decreases  the  probability  of  human  error.  Scienco/FAST  predicts their new SciRO system will have  a global impact, both with shipboard and  land‐based applications.  # # # # #    “ It’s great to see the simple  design of this one and not be  concerned  about  the  technical  issues  we’ve  faced  with  the  more  complicated  systems . . .This is so simple  to use! ”   “ I  enjoy  examples  of  exceptional  design  and  engineering…[about  the  SciRO]…things that should be  automated  are,  and  more  importantly,  adjustments  better  done  by  humans  are  not….this machine gets a big  gold  star.  Everything  is  just  right. ”     ~ Comments from Bio‐Microbics  Distributors at the SciRO  introduction training event. 
  49. 49.     48  With our commitment to ensure the highest quality products that are safe for environment, Mighty Mike® products are tested in quality control laboratories or other industrial settings.  Mighty Mike® MAINTENANCE & CLEANING SUPPLIES     Our  Mighty  Mike®  diverse range of affordable  cleaners and  maintenance  tablets  are  available  to  meet  the  multiple  needs  of  varied applications.     You need a POWERFUL, MIGHTY tough cleaning agent that you can rely on, yet have the health of the environmental impact to consider. With an ever growing and extended range that supplies you more alternatives to environmentally harmful products:  household products that are 100% biodegradable  ideal for use around biological wastewater (septic) and grey water treatment systems  safe products that have no adverse effects on the broader environment  a good value for the money that is better for the earth and better for you!           All  Scienco  detergents  and  cleaners  are  manufactured  under  quality‐controlled  conditions.  Environmentally-responsible cleaning products are the essence of our business. Mighty  Mike® Cleaning Products are tested to the effectiveness and share one thing in common; they are MIGHTY tough, yet gentle on the environment. Product Lists   General Purpose Cleaners / Degreasers  Disinfectant Cleaners/Sanitizers  Household Bacteria Products  Municipal Bacteria Products  Descalers / Decalcification Products  Laundry Detergents  NEW! Odor Eliminator   We strive to make the safest and most effective cleaners on the  market. Ideal for use with biological wastewater (septic) treatment  systems  to  not  cause  upset  conditions  with  treatment  water  quality, Mighty Mike® complies with biodegradable standards.        
  50. 50.     49 
  51. 51.     50  Mighty Mike® Bond-SORB™ Odor Eliminator Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, highly-effective odor eliminator used to eliminate deeply embedded odors that is &. Use by diluting the solution & spraying on area where negative odors are noticed. Predominately made from essential oils, the odor absorbing power will have prolonged effect. Will not corrode, pit, oxidize, or have harmful effects on any surface. Mighty Mike® Bond-SORB™ Odor Eliminator is your maintenance of any commercial cleaning and restoration operation solution to fast-idioulsy, safely and effectively remove unwanted odors. Product Features  Ideal during clean-up of solid waste, commercial processes, headworks screening, solid waste disposal, industrial processes, and sludge process equipment  Perfect for use during maintenance procedures  Odor neutralizer to absorb and destroy odors on contact Product Available Size  Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator Concentrate 4 oz. bottle concentrate = 1 Gallon ready –to–use  Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator (Ready –to‐use) 32 oz. Spray bottle in Ready‐to‐use Formula Bond‐SORB™ Odor Eliminator Concentrate 16 oz. concentrate = 1 oz. to ½ to 1 pint of water
  52. 52.     51  Mighty Mike® Liquid Laundry Detergent Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, concentrated (x2) formula, revolutionary approach to laundry care. Safe and effective for all fabrics (including: neoprene, spandex, and Gore-Tex), this liquid, low-sudsing, scent-free laundry detergent is ideal for those with sensitive skin, high-efficiency (HE) washers, and properties with septic systems. Use only 1 fl. ounce (29.5 ml) per load. That's only 19¢ per load! Product Features  97% biodegradable. Targets the stains, not the surface  Ideal for High-Efficiency Washers and properties with septic or advanced wastewater treatment systems  Rinses away completely. (tested by SGS Testing Labs & Clemson University School of Textiles) AMAZON Customer Review:  | A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: “One ounce of this detergent cleans my laundry better than anything I’ve tried. Sensitive skin runs in the family, and this product has bothered no one. [With] how many loads a gallon does, it is well worth the money…including the savings!!”   Product  Available Size    Liquid Laundry Detergent  16 oz. (500 ml) Liquid Laundry Detergent  1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L)   
  53. 53.     52  Mighty Mike® All-Purpose cleaners Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, strong and effective cleaning products without compromising the environment, home, or office. Mighty Mike® All- Purpose Cleaner gently lifts dirt, oil, and grime on surfaces to effectively clean and degrease inside and outside of the home without leaving unpleasant fumes, harmful chemical residues or damaging surfaces. Product Features  97% biodegradable. Rated safe for use around lakes, streams and oceans. (Japan Food Research Labs)  Targets the stains, not the surface.  It rinses away completely. (Clemson University School of Textiles)  No gloves or masks required. Safe for your skin and pets. Product  Available Size   All‐Purpose Cleaner  16 oz. (500 ml) All‐Purpose Cleaner  32 oz. (1 L) Spay bottle All‐Purpose Cleaner  1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L)
  54. 54.     53  Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner Product Description: Biodegradable, non-toxic, strong & effective cleaning products without compromising the environment or waterway. Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner is rated safe to use around all bodies of water. A botanical mixture that contains no harmfu detergents, solvents, perfumes or dyes, the Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner effectively targets the stain, not the surface. Gently lifts dirt, oil, and grime on surfaces (inside and out, including surfaces that come in contact with the water) to effectively clean and degrease without leaving unpleasant fumes, harmful chemical residues or damaging surfaces. Unlike many conventional cleaning products (using anti-bacterial chemicals), the Mighty Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans everything in your float home, research vessel, workboat or cruise ship. Product Features  97% biodegradable. Rated safe for use around lakes, streams and oceans. (Japan Food Research Labs)  Targets the stains, not the surface. Nothing cleans as thoroughly. (SGS Testing Labs)  It rinses away completely. (Clemson University School of Textiles)  No gloves or masks required.  Safe for your skin and pets. Mike® Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaner is certified SAFE FOR ALL BODIES OF WATER Product  Available Size   Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  16 oz. (500 ml)  Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  32 oz. (1 L)  Spay bottle  Marine Multi‐Purpose Cleaner  1 gallon [128 oz.] (3.78 L) 
  55. 55.     54  Mighty Mike® Liquid Descalers Product Description:  (Marine Version Formulated to SAFELY USE on aluminum parts to keep vessel operating at optimum levels) SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE solution removes rock-like scale deposits from constricted pipes and parts with continuous water flow to keep system(s) operating at optimum levels. Formulated to not affect aluminum parts, the Mighty Mike® Marine Descaler is a biodegradable and designed for the maritime industry to safely dissolve calcium, rust, barnacles and other mineral deposits. Will not corrode or ruin gaskets, seals, plastic, or even cork, Teflon, packing or rubber. p Product Description: Commercial & industrial applications to remove the buildup of calcium, magnesium & other trace elements that precipitate out of water. Biodegradable, this SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE solution removes rock-like scale deposits from constricted pipes and parts with continuous water flow to keep system(s) operating at optimum levels. Mighty Mike® Industrial Liquid Descaler is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-injurious, non- toxic, yet fully biodegradable descaler, heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents. Product Features  No gloves or masks required. Product  Available Size   Marine Liquid Descaler  1 gallon (3.78 L) Industrial Liquid Descaler  1 gallon (3.78 L) Marine Liquid Descaler  5 gallon (19 L) Industrial Liquid Descaler  5 gallon (19 L)
  56. 56.     55  Mighty Mike® CPT (Calcium-Prevention Treatment) Tablets Product Description: Mighty Mike® CPT (Calcification-Prevention Treatment) Tablets are “time-release” treatment for the prevention or removal of calcium plaque and buildup in pipes and containers that processes hard water and other calcium-containing fluids. The Mighty Mike® CPT Tablets leave no waste product to be manually disposed of as an effective way to decalcify and break down the calcium buildup in plumbing fixtures and drains. Mighty Mike® CPT Tablets - Removes calcium build-up to keep vital water systems operating efficiently with minimum attention and expense. Product Features  3” diameter Tablet  Time-released by urinal flush U.S. Navy Testimonial Review: “The CPT Tablets aren’t very big and aren’t very expensive, but saves a ton in plumbing services!” Product  Available Size   CPT (Calcium‐Prevention Treatment) Tablets 16 lb. pail contains 50 Tablets – [3" (7.6 cm) Diameter]
  57. 57.     56  Mighty Mike® FOGHog® (Fats-Oils-Grease Treatment) Tablets Product Description: Mighty Mike® FOGHog® (Fats, Oils & Grease) Tablets utilizes a special formulation of over 25 billion active, robust “class 1” bacterium per gram that have been specifically designed to function in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. FOGHog® consumes and decreases the amount of FOG buildup in sewer lines, pump stations, treatment plants and septic systems to break fat down naturally. No pre-mixing, premeasuring or pre-soaking necessary. Product Features  Inexpensive, safe and, easy to use for septic systems, grease traps, municipal lift/pump stations  Improves flow to increase system/pump efficiency  Lowers corrosion on pipes due to sulfates  No pre-mixing, pre-measuring or pre-soaking necessary  Reduces sludge production and prevents sewage backups from FOG clogs             Product  Available Size   FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 6 oz. (~14 Tablets) FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 2 lb. (~90 Tablets) FOGHog®  Fats‐Oils‐Grease Treatment Tablets Hydraulic flow 500 Gallons: 5 lb. (~225 Tablets)
  58. 58.     57    Mighty Mike® U&F-BOOST! ® Tablets (Billion Organisms Onsite Sewage Treatment) Product Description: Utilizes a special formulation of 25 billion active, robust “class 1” organisms per gram to provide onsite sewage treatment. Designed to give the treatment system a “boost” of healthy bacterial growth, the U&F-BOOST! Tablet consumes the waste and breaks down organic material naturally. Once introduced into the waste stream, the tablet immediately activates and feeds on the surrounding waste to provide a healthy population in the system. Ideal for when toxicity or starvation has caused the bacteria in the system to die off. 1 TABLET = ~1 month (per 1,000 gallon tank) normal domestic-strength treatment Product Features  Ideal Bacterial Septic Maintenance Product  Helps to consume Sewage/Grease in septic systems  Boosts septic system performance   Product Available Size  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets  Low flow: 250 Gallons 6 oz. (~25 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 6 oz. (~14 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   Low flow: 250 Gallons 2 lb. (~150 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 2 lb. (~90 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   Low flow: 250 Gallons 5 lb. (~390 Tablets)  U&F‐BOOST!® Sewage Treatment Tablets   High flow: 500 Gallons 5 lb. (~225 Tablets) 
  59. 59.     58  CCCooommmpppaaannnyyy AAAwwwaaarrrdddsss aaannnddd TTTeeeccchhhnnnooolllooogggyyy AAApppppprrrooovvvaaalllsss     With over 60,000 installations in more than 70 countries, our Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies (FITT®) are the result of decades of experience, research & development, and real world operating history.    Australian Dept. of Transportation & Royal Australian Navy - Technology Approval  Canadian Great Lakes (CGL) Maritime Certification – Canadian Coast Guard  CAN/BNQ 3680-600 (B-IV) Onsite Wastewater Technologies - BioBarrier® MBR  Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International Electrical Certification  CE – European Electrical Systems (including a “Tropical Certification Rating”)  China Classification Society (CCS) 中国船级社 – FAST® Technology Approval  EN 12566-3, Packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants for up to 50 People, PIA GmbH tested - BioBarrier® MBR 0.5, 1.0, & 1.5 & FITT®-ee  IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Research & Testing Inc. – Reclaimed Water Conservation System for Flushing Toilets (Standards CSA B128.1-2006 & CSA B128.2-2006) – Recover® Technology  IMO (International Maritime Organization) MARPOL Annex IV (2010) – provides guidance for the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) No. 1-09, US EPA and other effluent standards as may be required – FAST® Technology  Massachusetts Title 5 Innovative/Alternative System - Technologies Listed under “General Use Permit for Nitrogen Reduction”, “Provisional Use,” & “Remedial Use”  NSF/ANSI Std 40, class 1 Certified – MicroFAST®, BioBarrier® MBR and SeptiTech® Systems up to 1500 GPD – Recognized in domestic and international trade by regulatory agencies at the local, state/province, and federal levels.  NSF/ANSI Std 245 (Nitrogen Reduction) Certified – MicroFAST®, BioBarrier®-N MBR, BioBarrier® MBR and SeptiTech® Systems up to 1500 GPD  NSF/ANSI Std 350 class R (Water Reuse) Certified – BioBarrier® MBR 0.5, 1.0, & 1.5  Poland – Aprobata Techniczna (Technology Approval) ze Instytut Ochrony Srodowiska (Institute of Environmental Protection)  România – Avizează Favorabil – Consiliul Tehnic Permanent Pentru Constructii – Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale Si Turismului  Russia – Technology Approval – Федеральная Служба По Надзору В Сфере Защиты Прав Потребителей И Благополучия Человка (Federal Service of Environmental Protection)  Russia – CPT Свидетельство о Pоссийских Стандартах (Certification of Russian Standards) – BioSTORM® – All sizes  Russia – PMPC (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) МЕжДYНAРОДНОЕ СВИДЕТЕЛЬСТВО О ПРЕДОТВРАЩЕНИИ ЗАГРЯЗНЕНИЯ СТОЧНЫМИ ВОДАМИ - International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate  SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Certified  ETL (UL) – Listed to US electrical certification requirements  U.S. Coast Guard – 33CFR159, MEPC.159(55) – FAST® Technology Approval for Type II MSD (Marine Sanitation Devices)  U.S. EPA–ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) – validates the performance of technology that may improve the protection of the environment. – RetroFAST®, Report No. 03/08/WQPC-SWP – SeptiTech®, Report No. 02/04/WQPC-SWP Recent Awards  2017 Top 10 Green Building Products of the Year, BuildingGreen, Inc., “These Products Transform the Building Industry” – d-Rain Joint™ Device  2016 President’s “E Star” Award and the 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports, granted by the President of the United States, presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce  2015 Ingenuity Award Winner, Ingenuity Central @ K-State Olathe, Ingenuity Central (IC) showcases innovative companies that exemplify the newest thinking driving our community & growing our economy.  2015 Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology Offshore Excellence Award, based on environmental impact of marine sanitation devices and technology.  2014 “BEST of GreenBuild” Editor’s Choice Award, U.S. Builders Review, “Creating Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World…”  2011 Technology Innovation Award (Decentralized Commercial Outlets) – Frost & Sullivan – FAST® Technology  2011 New Product of the Year Award – Recycling Category. Environmental Protection Magazine ( “The financial, environmental and social benefits of ‘recycling’ are indisputable.” – BioBarrier® MBR Technology  2011 Kansas Governor’s Exporter of the Year – presented by the Governor of KS, KS Dept. of Commerce  2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost & Sullivan – FAST® Technology  2009 Technology Merit Business Achievement Award, Water/Wastewater – Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) – BioBarrier® MBR Technology  2002 U.S. Export Achievement Certificate, US Dept. of Commerce, US & Foreign Commercial Service  2000 U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Innovator Award – U.S. EPA, Region 1 – SeptiTech® Technology Bio-Microbics is heavily involved with the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Small Communities and Decentralized Systems Committee. Even as a Gold Member BBP for the National Onsite Water Recycling Association (NOWRA), Bio-Microbics is actively involved with several Employees being committee chairs, presenters, and members of State Onsite Associations, and other relevant organizations.
  60. 60.     59  CCCaaassseee SSStttuuudddiiieeesss &&& AAArrrtttiiicccllleeesss   Posted Sep 12, 2013 | Professional Mariner Magazine    MarineFAST Marine Sanitation Devices Meet Any Known Testing Standards for Inspected Vessels All Marine Sanitation Devices (whether Type I, II, or III) must be US Coast Guard  (USCG)  certified  for  inspected  or  uninspected  vessels  with  galley(s)  and  toilet  facilities.   These  devices  (MSDs)  must  comply  with  the  33  Code  of  Federal  Regulation (CFR) Part 159 regulations “to prevent discharge of untreated sewage  from vessels into the waters of the United States,” says the US Coast Guard. This  certification increasingly means the dilution of sewage is not an acceptable means  for removing pollution; however Type II systems with biological treatment process  (such  as  the  MarineFAST®  units  manufactured  by  Scienco/FAST,  are  ideal.  Type  II  Marine  Sanitation  Devices  are  flow  through discharge devices that produce effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria  count not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not greater  than 150 milligrams per liter.  MarineFAST  sanitation  devices  (MSDs)  are  installed  on  some  of  the  ‘greenest’  boats in the world to provide total sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some  cases)  water  reuse  opportunities.  The  MarineFAST  units  provide  outstanding  effluent quality and starts up much faster than conventional suspended growth  processes ‐ usually in half the time!  MarineFAST  units  are  capable  of  handling  any  combination  of  blackwater,  graywater,  ground  food  waste,  freshwater,  seawater,  vacuum  toilets  and  conventional  toilets.  MarineFAST  processes  raw,  unscreened  sewage  as  it  is  produced.  The  MarineFAST  process  supports  a  more  complex  microbial  culture  than  conventional  suspended  growth  systems.  Higher  ordered  microorganisms  predate  upon  simpler  microorganisms  and  reduce  the  mass  rate  of  sludge  accumulation  by  one‐third  or  more.  No  need  for  macerators,  grinders,  pretreatment or flow equalization tanks.  Usually  MarineFAST  handles  upset  conditions  and  surges  with  no  operator  intervention required. Clogging in everyday operation is virtually impossible; there  are no moving parts in contact with sewage, no filters, membranes or fine pore  aerators  to  blind  or  plug.  The  smallest  MarineFAST  units  are  sized  to  handle  harbor  tugs  and  individual  float  homes.  The  biggest  systems  have  handled  195,000+ gpd for full crew vessels.  Over a 33 year span and with standard production units, MarineFAST effluent meets any  known  marine  testing  standards  and  worldwide  regulations,  such  as,  33CFR159,  MEPC.159(55), MARPOL Annex IV (2010) – which provides guidance for the Navigation and  Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) No. 1‐09, US EPA and other effluent standards as may be  required.  All  claims  for  the  FAST  process  and  for  FAST  sewage  treatment  systems  are  supported by 45,000 installations worldwide and over 40 years of research, development  and real world operating experience.  After  30  years  of  continuous  service,  many  units  remain  in  everyday  operation.  When  requirements change, these units can be and are updated at minimal cost.  From  the  Systems  Engineering  Division  (CG‐ENG‐3)  of  USCG:   “In  addition  to  the  MSD  requirements  in  33  CFR  Part  159,  inspected  vessels  must  also  comply  with  the  marine  engineering regulations in 46 CFR Subchapter F and the marine electrical regulations in 46  CFR Subchapter J.”     For more information see  
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  64. 64.     63  Bio-Microbics Named a 2012 President's "E" Award Recipient for Outstanding Export Activity May 29, 2012, 10:00 a.m. (EDT) SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Bio-Microbics Inc., a global leader in manufacturing onsite wastewater and stormwater treatment systems, has been selected as a 2012 recipient of the prestigious President's "E" Award for Exports in recognition for its outstanding achievement in increasing U.S. exports. The Award, granted by the President of the United States, was recently presented in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Department of Commerce. "Bio-Microbics is honored to receive this prestigious 'E' Award," said Robert Rebori, President and CEO. "Most importantly, we are pleased to play an important role in providing innovative, wastewater treatment systems for homes, small communities, marine, and commercial properties around the world." Bio-Microbics is one of 41 U.S. companies being honored this year. Today, the company has more than 42,000 installations in over 60 countries to commercialize clean technologies. Exports currently make up approximately 70% of Bio-Microbics income compared to approximately 30% in 2008. Canada, Mexico and Russia are the three countries where Bio-Microbics has exported the most over the past four years. "I am pleased to recognize Bio-Microbics for receiving the President's 'E' Award, which honors companies that make significant contributions toward increasing U.S. exports," said U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson. The "E" and "E Star" Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for supporting export activity. Bio-Microbics has successfully propelled its export trade business with the assistance of U.S. Commercial Service and the Kansas Department of Commerce. Bio-Microbics participates in trade missions, and sponsored events that focus on a particular country and the environmental/water industry. Employees regularly attend international trade shows and often provide product training in foreign settings. "Exports are a part of our DNA and we have worked diligently to market creatively and help the businesses in these countries succeed with our products," said Rebori. In addition, Bio-Microbics provides a co-op advertising program for both domestic and international customers. Social media sites, such as: YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook are used to quickly and cost-effectively share information. Products are promoted on the website in many languages and there are plans to add more. Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and storm water treatment that provide solutions for people around the world. For more information visit the website .    SOURCE Bio-Microbics Inc. Copyright (C) 2012 PR Newswire. All rights reserved ABOUT: Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and storm water treatment that provide solutions for people around the world. For more information visit the website   UPDATE! Bio‐Microbics received the  President’s “E Star” Award in 2016 for  8 years of continus exporting success! 
  65. 65.     64 Inspected Vessels and Offshore Structures Require Marine Sanitation Devices All Marine Sanitation Devices (whether Type I, II, or III) must be US Coast Guard (USCG) certified for inspected or uninspected vessels with galley(s) and toilet facilities. Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) must comply with the 33 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 159 regulations “to prevent discharge of untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the United States,” says the US Coast Guard (USCG). From their site, the System Engineering Division (CG-ENG-3) of USCG states (, “In addition to the MSD requirements in 33 CFR part 159, inspected vessels must also comply with the marine engineering regulations in 46 CFR Subchapter F and the marine electrical regulations in 46 CFR Subchapter J.” They are certified, flow-through discharge devices that produce effluent having fecal coliform bacteria count not greater than 200 per 100 milliliters and suspended solids not greater than 150 milligrams per liter. This certification means the dilution of sewage is not an acceptable means for removing pollution. That is why Type II systems with biological treatment process, such as MarineFAST (, are ideal. The MarineFAST® technology does a better job of treating all blackwater (toilet(s), galley sink(s), ground food waste, etc.) and graywater (laundry, personal wash water, dishwater(s), etc.) generated on board. The MarineFAST process supports a more complex microbial culture than conventional suspended growth systems and reduces the mass rate of sludge accumulation by one-third or more. No need for macerators, grinders, pretreatment or flow equalization tanks. MarineFAST systems are certified by the US Coast Guard’s USCG and International Maritime Organization’s MEPC.159 (55) effluent standards. The certification process involves thorough testing of how the system handles shock and vibration in the most extreme environments above and beyond standard requirements. Typical effluent standards include the following:  USCG 33CFR159 - Minimum 33CFR159 / MEPC.2(VI) standards for 150 TSS, 200 fecal count, certified by U.S. Coast Guard installed aboard vessels and not subject to effluent sampling.  MARPOL 2010 - 25 BOD5, 35 TSS, 125 COD, and 100 fecal count for USCG certified units and recommended for general marine use with 2 months internal sludge storage and dechlorination of effluent. Secondary treatment may be required for restricted waters, barges meeting local or harbor regulations, and offshore applications that are subject to state or other regulations.  USEPA Secondary Treatment - Applications requiring 85% removal, 30 BOD5, 30 TSS, 3 months internal sludge storage, and derate by 10% for dilute sewage. Not only are type II MSDs required for all inspected vessels, the MarineFAST’s patented, robust treatment process delivers consistent performance, system reliability, and easy maintenance. With a marine vessel’s constant movement, small space requirements, variable ship personnel, and flow surges, the MarineFAST is self-regulating and has a long service life. Installed for new ship-building construction or retrofit for upgrading current systems, these MarineFAST® LX- (1-40 crew), M- & MX- (1-80 crew), and DV- (1-2,000+ crew) Series wastewater treatment systems help lessen the environmental impact of contaminants and produce high-quality effluent to help keep the vessel in compliance. MarineFAST sanitation devices (MSDs) are installed on some of the ‘greenest’ boats in the world to provide total sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. The MarineFAST units provide outstanding effluent quality and starts up much faster than conventional suspended growth processes - usually in half the time! For more information, please download this free white paper.
  66. 66.     65  USCG Systems Engineering Division (CG-ENG-3) Marine Sanitation Device
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