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Christian Zionism & Freemasonry

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One of the best reports to provide a balanced review of Christian Zionism as well as understanding the links between political Zionism and Freemasonry.

One of the best reports to provide a balanced review of Christian Zionism as well as understanding the links between political Zionism and Freemasonry.

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  • 1.  A Weekly Global Watch Media Publication (www.globalreport2010.com)                      January 13th 2012 The Global Watch Weekly Report is a publication of Rema Marketing (www.remamarketing.com) and is published every Friday.  For any queries regarding this service please contact us at admin@remamarketing.com. ©Rema Marketing 2011. All Rights Reserved. 
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  • 3. Welcome to the Global Watch Weekly Report  How many times have you heard that as Christians it is your duty to be pro Israel because the Jews in the Middle East are surrounded by Arab enemies hell bent on their destruction. I am sure you will be aware that historically the United States position on Israel has been influenced significantly by the prominent Christian conservatives who with an apocalyptic end time view of the second coming of Christ believe that the existence of Israel at all costs is necessary for the fulfilment of Bible Prophecy and the return of the messiah. The image on the cover page of this edition is just a small drop in the ocean of books written by mainstream bible prophecy authors, whose primary belief is that the nation of Israel as God’s chosen people, is surrounded in the Middle East by the enemy (Islam) and as such, it is a Christian duty to protect and stand for her when her back is against the wall. It would seem from the time of the great Diaspora after the destruction of the Jewish Temple by the Romans in AD 70 that the Jews have never found rest. From the persecutions of Jews under the reign of Catholicism across Europe during the middle ages, to the persecution of the Jews in Russia towards the end of the nineteenth century and then the atrocities of Nazi Germany during the 1940s. It would seem that Israel is continually fighting for its survival. There is debate as to who really is a Jew. For instance there are some who believe that modern day "Jews" are not in fact physically descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but are instead descended from the Khazars, a Turkish, non-semitic race who ruled the Khazar Empire which was located between the Caspian and Black Seas in what is now southern Russia and whom converted to Judaism during the early centuries. Others believe that occupants of modern day Israel are Jews who are mainly the descendants of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin as these were the main tribes living in Israel at the time of Christ who were then were dispersed after the revolt against the roman rule in AD 70. For the purpose of this edition we address the controversy of Christian Zionism. Yes we do believe that there is a significant prophetical role for the nation of Israel because of Gods unconditional promise to Abraham however we also believe this does not negate the fact that Israel must still be subject to the same rules we use to identify corruption, apostasy and falsehood elsewhere. We do not believe they are exempt and this is the major issue with mainstream Christian Zionism. It is a movement which is always focusing on the enemies of Israel rather than taking time to assess what is going on inside within Israel at the highest levels. The greatest enemy is the one that is within. This edition is sure to create debate amongst members because it is a subject which has even caused division within mainstream Christianity because of the theological implications. However the ultimate question remains “is there a reason why Christian Zionists ignore the facts about Israel which most of the popular bible prophecy authors simply dont address yet must be faced head on. See for yourself in this edition. "When 50 million evangelical bible-believing Christians unite with five million American Jews standing together on behalf of Israel, it is a match made in heaven." John Hagee, President of Christians United for Israel 4  THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  10  CHRISTIAN ZIONISM AND THE TEMPLE  13   THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL  www.globalreport2010.com     The Global Watch Weekly Report is a publication of Rema Marketing (www.remamarketing.com) and is published every Friday. For any queries regarding this service please contact us at admin@remamarketing.com. ©Rema Marketing 2011. All Rights Reserved. 
  • 4. D THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight  voiced support and Christians United for Israel was created (CUFI). Christians United for Israel" was originally formed in 1992 by David Lewis. After a period of inactivity, Hagee sought and received permission from Lewis to use the title for his own organization. Legally incorporated on February 7, 2006, and operated out of Hagees hometown of San Antonio, Texas, CUFI is focused on communicating the perceived need for closer links between Christian ministries in America and the state of Israel. Today Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States with over 900,000 members and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world.John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is an CUFI says it draws support from the Christian Bible.American founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Operating under the leadership of John Hagee, itChurch in San Antonio, Texas, a non- provides a national association through whichdenominational charismatic mega church with more churches, parachurch organizations, ministries, andthan 19,000 active members. He is also the chief individuals in America promote pro-Israelismexecutive officer (CEO) of his non-profit corporation, financially and politically.Global Evangelism Television (GETV) as well asPresident and CEO of John Hagee Ministries, which CUFI states that during the Holocaust, too manytelecasts his national radio and television ministry Christians were silent and that Christians todaycarried in the United States on 160 TV stations, 50 must stand up for Israel and protect Israel’s 6 millionradio stations, and eight networks, including The Jews from the second Holocaust, concluding that:Inspiration Network (INSP), Trinity Broadcasting "We must get it right this time. Our faith demands it.Network (TBN), and Inspiration Now TV. The times require it. Silence is not an option."The ministries can be seen and heard weekly in 99million homes. John Hagee Ministries is in Canadaon the Miracle Channel and CTS and can be seenin Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and inmost Third World nations.Whilst Hagee believes in traditional Pentecostalpractices such as the "baptism of the Holy Spirit,""absolute authority of the scripture," baptism byimmersion, and evangelism he has createdsignificant debate within mainstream Christianitybecause of his controversial beliefs and comments Because the land now known as Israel, Gaza, andregarding Israel. the West Bank was ruled by the Ottoman Turks prior to World War I, then controlled by the British,In February 2006, John Hagee revived a movement and later partitioned under United Nations mandate,focused on the support of Israel. He called upon Hagee argues that the land does not belong to theChristian leaders in America to join him in launching Arabs, and that the name "Palestine" (deriving fromhis new initiative. Over 400 leaders, each that of the ancient Philistines) was imposed by therepresenting a denomination, mega-church, media Roman Emperor Hadrian to punish the Jews forministry, publishing company, or Christian university their revolt against the Roman Empire. Hagee www.globalreport2010.com 4
  • 5. DINTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight maintains there is no Palestinian language and no 2. St. Paul recorded in Romans 15:27 "For if thehistoric Palestinian nation. Gentiles have shared in their (the Jews) spiritual things, they are indebted to minister to them also inBIBLICAL SUPPORT FOR CUFI POSITION material things."CUFI on its website has a pledge which states Christians owe a debt of eternal gratitude to the Jewish people for their contributions that gave birth1. We believe that the Jewish people have a right to to the Christian faith. Jesus Christ, a prominentlive in their ancient land of Israel, and that the Rabbi from Nazareth said, "Salvation is of themodern State of Israel is the fulfillment of this Jews!" (St. John 4:22) consider what the Jewishhistoric right. people have given to Christianity:2. We maintain that there is no excuse for acts of a) The Sacred Scriptureterrorism against Israel and that Israel has the same b) The Prophetsright as every other nation to defend her citizens c) The Patriarchsfrom such violent attacks. d) Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth e) The Twelve Disciples3. We pledge to stand with our brothers and sisters f) The Apostlesin Israel and to speak out on their behalf wheneverand wherever necessary until the attacks stop and It is not possible to say, "I am a Christian" and notthey are finally living in peace and security with their love the Jewish people. The Bible teaches that loveneighbors. is not what you say, but what you do. (1 John 3:18) "A bell is not a bell until you ring it, a song is not a song until you sing it, love is not love until you share it." 3. While some Christians try to deny the connection between Jesus of Nazareth and the Jews of the world, Jesus never denied his Jewishness. He was born Jewish, He was circumcised on the eighth day in keeping with Jewish tradition, He had his Bar Mitzvah on his 13th birthday, He kept the law of Moses, He wore the Prayer Shawl Moses commanded all Jewish men to wear, He died on a cross with an inscription over His head, "King of the Jews! Jesus considered the Jewish people His family. Jesus said (Matthew 25:40) "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the leastThe biblical support used by CUFI to justify their of these my brethren (the Jewish people… Gentilesposition is as follows were never called His brethren), ye have done it unto me.1. Genesis 12:3 "And I will bless them that blessthee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee 4. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shallshall all nations of the earth be blessed." Point: God prosper that love thee." (Psalm 122:6) the scripturalhas promised to bless the man or nation that principle of prosperity is tied to blessing Israel andblesses the Chosen People. History has proven the city of Jerusalem.beyond reasonable doubt that the nations that haveblessed the Jewish people have had the blessing of 5. Why did Jesus Christ go to the house ofGod; the nations that have cursed the Jewish Cornelius in Capernaum and heal his servant, whichpeople have experienced the curse of God. was ready to die? What logic did the Jewish elders www.globalreport2010.com 5
  • 6. DINTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight use with Jesus to convince Him to come into the THE HOLY SPIRIT came first to Gentiles thathouse of a Gentile and perform a miracle? blessed the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in a practical manner.The logic they used is recorded in Luke 7:5; "For Heloveth our nation, and He hath built us a 7. We support Israel because all other nations weresynagogue." The message? This Gentile deserves created by an act of men, but Israel was created bythe blessing of God because he loves our nation an act of God! The Royal Land Grant that was givenand has done something practical to bless the to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and JacobJewish people. with an everlasting and unconditional covenant. (Genesis 12:1-3, 13:14-18, 15:1-21, 17:4-8, 22:15-6. Why did God the Father select the house of 18, 26:1-5 and Psalm 89:28-37.)Cornelius in Caesarea (Acts Chapter 10) to be thefirst Gentile house in Israel to receive the Gospel? PUBLIC SUPPORTThe answer is given repeatedly in Acts 10. On July 22 CUFI held their 2008 National Night toActs 10:2 "a devout man, (Cornelius) and one that Honor Israel. Ambassador Dan Gillerman, Pastorfeared God with all his house, which gave much John Hagee and Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT)alms to the people, and prayed to God always." spoke with live music interludes. Senator LiebermanWho were the people to whom Cornelius gave opened his speech by saying "I am your brotherthese alms? They were the Jews Joseph." In his speech Lieberman re-affirmed his support for CUFI, Israel and Pastor Hagee. InAgain is Acts 10:4 "… thy prayers and thine alms addition Hagee cleared up some myths regardingare come up for a memorial before God." his beliefs on Israel. The attendance, which many thought would beAgain in Acts 10:31 "… and thine alms are had inremembrance in the sight of God." down from previous years, exceeded all expectations. With the Washington DC Convention The point is made three times in the same chapter. Center packed from front to back without an openA godly Gentile who expressed his unconditional seat in sight attendees waved American and Israelilove for the Jewish people in a practical manner flags in support for CUFI, America and the State ofwas divinely selected by heaven to be the first Israel. For the first time CUFI hosted severalGentile house to receive the Gospel and the first toreceive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. prominent Catholic leaders in a show of unity between Pastor Hagee and the Catholic Church.These combined Scriptures verify that Father Roger Hunter-Hall spoke and praised CUFIPROSPERITY (Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 122:6), and Pastor Hagee. Pastor Hagee said when theHEALING (Luke 7:1-5) and the OUTPOURING OF www.globalreport2010.com 6
  • 7. DINTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight statements regarding his beliefs on the Catholic relationship with, and covenantal purposes for theChurch surfaced he did something that the media Jewish people, apart from the church, and that thewasnt expecting, they acted like Christians. Hagee Jewish people have a divine right to posses the landand the head of the Catholic League met and of Israel / Palestine.quickly realized they were being pitted against eachother by their enemies for political gain. This is based on a literal and futurist interpretation of the Bible and the conviction that Old Testament prophecies concerning the Jewish people are being fulfilled today in and through the contemporary secular State of Israel. Christian Zionists are therefore defenders of, and apologists for the State of Israel, which involves the justification of Israel’s occupation and settlement of the West Bank, Golan and Gaza based on biblical grounds. Quotes from prominent Christian Zionists: “I firmly believe God has blessed America because America has blessed the Jew. If this nation wantsCUFI held an annual Washington Summit beginning her fields to remain white with grain, her scientificin July 20 – 23, 2009. In the July 20 – 22, 2010 achievements to remain notable, and her freedomCUFI annual Washington Summit, Israeli Prime to remain intact, America must continue to standMinister, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the with Israel.” - Jerry Falwell (now deceased)gathering by videoconference from Israel. “For 25 almost 26 years now, I have been pounding the Evangelical community over television. The Bible is a very pro-Israel book. If a Christian admits “I believe the Bible”, I can make him a pro-Israel supporter or they will have to denounce their faith. So I have Christians over a barrel you might say.” - John Hagee Christian Zionism largely grew out of Protestants in Britain and later those in the USA. In 1621, the British MP Sir Henry Finch wrote "The Worlds Great Restoration", a book in which he encouraged Jews to reassert their claim to the Holy Land. Camped outside Acre in 1799, Napoleon issued a proclamation promising to restore Palestine to theTHE HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM? Jews. After this the concept of Christian support shifted back to Britain. Supporters included LordZionism can be defined as “the national movement Lindsay, Lord Shaftesbury Lord Palmerston, Lordfor the return of the Jewish people to their homeland Manchester, George Eliot, Holman Hunt, Sirand the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Charles Warren, Hall Caine and others includingLand of Israel”. Disraeli (who was born Jewish but was baptised in the Anglican Church at an early age).The term “Christian Zionism” in its most basic formis Christian support for Zionism. Christian Zionists It was Lord Shaftesebury who said "There isbelieve that God has a continuing “special” unbroken identity of Jewish race and Jewish mind www.globalreport2010.com 7
  • 8. DINTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight down to our times; but the great revival can take Christian Zionism also has significant developmentplace only in the Holy Land." He is also credited on a theological view called Dispensationlism (seewith the phrase "A country without a nation for a image above). The founder of this theological viewnation without a country," this later become a Zionist was John Nelson Darby.slogan "A land without a people for a people withouta land." While recognising the right of todays A key component ofPalestinians to a country along side Israel, it must Dispensationlism isbe recognised that historically, the Palestinians the idea that God iswere no different from other Arab peoples within the dealing with theOtterman empire. Later under the British Mandate Church (Body ofof Palestine, some of the people of the Mandate Christ) separatelywould be come Jordanians, and others would from the Jewishbecome Palestinians... at the time there was no people. Basically,difference. that God has “two Chosen peoples”,A follower of Lord Shaftesbury, F. Laurence the church andOliphant (1829-1888), an MP and an Evangelical Israel. Those thatChristian, published a book entitled "The Land of adhere to aGilead" (1880), which urged the British Parliament Dispensational view, believe that we are now in theto assist Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe go “Church Age” where God has put a hold on histo Palestine (a plan Israel later persued), and divine dealings with the Jewish people in order toadvocating that Palestinian Arabs be removed to work with Gentiles through the Church. At the “endreservations like those of the North American of days” God will then rapture the church, bringingIndians (a plan never on the books in Israel, a an end to this age and will then continue his divinecountry that from independence promised freedom purposes with the Jewish people.for all and today has an Arab minority of 20%). The theology of Dispensationlism became more widespread after Darby made a series of trips to the United States and people like Dwight .L. Moody and Cyrus I. Scofield were heavily influenced by Darby. The “Scofield Reference Bible” became one of the best selling Bible’s of all time and had in it many of Scofield’s personal notes involving interpretation of certain biblical passages regarding Israel and the end times. Rather then printing a separate commentary, Scofield chose to interweave his notes with biblical texts. www.globalreport2010.com 8
  • 9. DINTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE CHAMPION OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM  Blackberry Under the Spotlight Today, the teachings of Christian Zionists such as Pro-Israel groups and fundamentalist ChristianHal Linsey, Tim Lahaye, Mike Evans and others groups have brought significant political andderive their teachings from Darby and Scofield. economic pressures to bear on Congress and the american presidency. Their support for Israel is unquestioned and usually supported by selected Biblical footnotes. Policies such as increased Israeli settlements, the pre-emptive assassination of Palestinian leaders, Israeli sovereignty over all of historic Palestine (especially Jerusalem) which lead to the expulsion of now deceased, former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat (and indeed the mass expulsion of large sectors of the Palestinian population), would find ready support within theA DILEMNA FOR CHRISTIANITY Christian right.The dilemma facing many bible prophecy scholars Christian Zionism is an integral element of the mostis that despite the evidence that the United States is dynamic sector of the religious right, and Johncountry whose origins and history are steeped in Hagee has been its leading figure since the death offreemasonry and under the control of the federal Jerry Falwell and the semi-retirement of Patreserve, there is still a cultural tendency to believe Robertson. Until recently, many non-Orthodox Jewsthat the United States is a great Christian nation looked at John Hagee as the archetypal militant,whose leaders are born again Christians with an bible-thumping Christian fundamentalist they wereevangelical knowledge and background. That it is taught to dislike and mistrust.the country’s role to be the protector of Israel andthe Jews during the last days. Christian Zionism is However his growing grassroots movements hasan integral element of this religious right school of changed opinion due to the massive financialthought. support and influence he has generated within the political right and their support for Israel.As the conservative evangelical movementbecomes the fastest growing sector within the The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) hasAmerican Christian churches, estimates of the strongly praised John Hagee, In a speech madenumber of evangelicals range from 100-130 million, several years ago, Rabbi ZOA National Presidentout of which 20-25 percent could be classified as Morton A. Klein said,fundamentalist - some 20-26 million Americans. Ofthe fundamentalists, most, but not all, are inclined to "In the end, when Israel is under enormoussupport the Christian Zionist position. A poll pressure with few defenders and supporters, Pastorconducted by the Pew Research Center several Hagees support is critical. He sends a message toyears ago noted that 58 percent of evangelicals the President and Congress and to the media thatbelieve in the Battle of Armageddon, an indicator the Jews are not alone, thank G-d. For Pastorthat they would be predisposed to Christian Zionism Hagee, in addition to his great work throughout the year throughout the country, he brings 5,000Today, Christian Zionists form the largest base of Christians to Washington every year with vigor andsupport for pro-Israeli interests in the US. Working love and support for Israel that we Jews can learnsince the late 1970s, the pro-Israel lobby has something from. He takes our holy Torah seriously.mobilized both economic and political support for Should Jews criticize him for that? And he hasIsrael among fundamentalists. For example, a reawakened the Christian heart and soul inspiringrelatively efective organization, Stand for Israel, has them to realize G-ds holy land was given to theemerged in the past five years to work closely with Jews, his chosen people. They love us – and weAIPAC, the leading pro-Israel lobby, to support and love them."hold rallies on behalf of Ariel Sharon’s policies. www.globalreport2010.com 9
  • 10. D CHRISTIAN ZIONISM AND THE TEMPLE INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 Blackberry Under the Spotlight Christian Zionists believe so passionately that the Over the past 19 centuries, religious Jews haverebuilding of the Jewish Temple is imminent and prayed three times a day, "May it be Thy will thatactively support those committed to achieving it. the Temple be speedily rebuilt in our days." Randall Price claims that the Torah, obligates the JewishBelief in a rebuilt Jewish temple lies at the heart of nation to rebuild the Temple whenever it becomesthe controversy concerning the claim to exclusive possible to do so (Ex 25:8). However, whenJewish sovereignty over Jerusalem as well as the Chaplain Rabbi Shlomo Goren blew the shofar andexpansion of the borders of Israel to include not performed a religious ceremony near the Dome ofonly the Palestinian Territories but, based on the the Rock on the Temple Mount in August 1967 justliteral fulfilment of Genesis 15:18, most of the days after its capture, he was criticised by both theMiddle East from Egypt to the Euphrates. secular Israeli press and orthodox Jews. By 1989 Time Magazine reported the findings of a surveyWe should not forget... that the supreme purpose of showing that some 20 years later, 18% of Israelisthe ingathering of exiles and the establishment of thought it was time to rebuild the Temple. A similarour state is the building of the temple. The temple is Gallup poll was conducted in Israel in 1996 toat the very top of the pyramid. assess opinions on the question of sovereignty over the Temple Mount and the rebuilding the JewishIt is all a matter of sovereignty. He who controls the Temple. It found that 58% of Israelis now supportedTemple Mount, controls Jerusalem. And he who the Temple Mount Faithful and the rebuilding of thecontrols Jerusalem, controls the land of Israel. Jewish Temple. This was allegedly the largest show of support any organisation had ever received inUsing an analogy of three concentric rings, the Land Israel on any subject. Significantly, the highestrepresents the outer ring, Jerusalem the middle and percentage of support came from young Israelis. Athe Temple the centre. The three rings comprise the simple Internet search of the words Temple MountZionist expansionist agenda of which the outer was reveals 23 million pages. Add the word Christianclaimed in 1948, the middle in 1967 and the inner and there are still 3 million web pages of data.now under heightened threat. www.globalreport2010.com 10
  • 11. D CHRISTIAN ZIONISM AND THE TEMPLE INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 Blackberry Under the Spotlight Contemporary Christian Zionists who have written Obstacle or no obstacle, it is certain that the Templeon the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple include will be rebuilt. Prophecy demands it... With theThomas Ice and Randall Price, Grant Jeffrey, Hal Jewish nation reborn in the land of Palestine,Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and Dave Hunt. Their ancient Jerusalem once again under total Jewishcombined published book sales exceed 70 million in control for the first time in 2600 years, and talk ofmore than 50 languages. Their views are therefore rebuilding the great Temple, the most important signinfluential and cannot be dismissed as marginal or of Jesus Christs soon coming is before us... It isesoteric. like the key piece of a jigsaw puzzle being found... For all those who trust in Jesus Christ, it is a time of electrifying excitement. Since the 1960s, I have been writing and saying that the single most important key to prophecies yet to be fulfilled involve rebuilding the Temple. Twenty- five years ago, the whole idea of Jews actually rebuilding their holy Temple seemed quaint-even far fetched. Today, nobodys laughing about the notion. Jews for Jesus also endorse and sell Ready to Rebuild: The Imminent Plan to Rebuild the Last Days Temple, by Thomas Ice and Randall Price. These dispensational writers advocate the rebuilding of the Jewish temple next to, if not inThey are endorsed by some of the largest place of, the Dome of the Rock. The book review,theological colleges and missionary institutions as quoting John Walvoord, chancellor of Dallaswell as a significant proportion of evangelical, Theological Seminary, also implies the State ofCharismatic, Pentecostal and fundamentalist Israel supports moves to rebuild the Temple.Christians world-wide. Grace Halsell speculates that10% of Americans support this movement. Something is happening in Israel! For many years there has been speculation as to whether theOther Christian Zionist leaders including James Second Temple, destroyed in 70 AD, will ever beDeLoach, Terry Risenhoover and Doug Kreiger rebuilt - even though Scripture predicts it. Now youhave also been influential in gathering significant can read the startling evidence. The move isAmerican financial and political support for extreme already underway. This fascinating, fast-movingJewish organisations such as Gush Emunim and overview of contemporary events shows why thethe Temple Mount Faithful. Christian and Jewish Temple is significant in Bible prophecy and how,Zionists are united in the conviction that the Muslim more than ever, Israel is ready to rebuild. "ADome of the Rock must be destroyed, the third masterpiece presenting all the various views withJewish Temple built, priests consecrated and substantiating evidence... A mine of information forsacrifices reinstituted in fulfilment of biblical those concerned about prophecy... A solid basis forprophecy and to ensure the coming of Messiah. faith and what can actually be expected in regard to the rebuilding of the Temple... (it) is highlyChristian Zionists see the founding of the State of recommended." - John F. WalvoordIsrael in 1948 and the capture of Jerusalem in 1967as highly significant, signalling the end of 2000 Of the three eschatological positions, amillennial,years exile, and the end of the Times of the postmillennial and premillennial, it is the latter, withGentiles. Hal Lindsey is regarded as the Father of its belief in a literal and physical thousand yearthe Modern-Day Bible Prophecy movement and a Messianic reign on earth, centred on Jerusalem,leading representative of Christian Zionists. He which has sustained belief in a future Jewishinsists the Temple Mount is the most disputed Temple. While this view was held prior to 1948, itacres on the Planet, and the fate of the earth will be was the founding of the State of Israel, and moredetermined by its contested ownership. especially, the Israeli capture of the Old City of www.globalreport2010.com 11
  • 12. D CHRISTIAN ZIONISM AND THE TEMPLE INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 Blackberry Under the Spotlight Jerusalem in 1967, which became the catalyst for they say".speculation on the imminent rebuilding of theTemple. In the early 19th Century the dominant Orthodox Jews for many years have been prayingeschatological position among evangelicals was daily for the rebuilding of the temple. In thispostmillennial, believing the Church would triumph expectation, they have had the support ofover evil, progressively converting the world before premillennarians who interpret Scriptural propheciesthe return of Jesus. Gradually the influence of as meaning what they say when they refer to aEdward Irvings apocalyptism and J. N. Darbys future temple in Jerusalem. The world as a whole,pessimistic dispensationalism, brought about a as well as the majority of the church, have tended torevival in premillennial thinking to the point when by ignore this expectation as being too literal anthe mid 20th Century it had come to dominate interpretation of prophecy.evangelical and fundamentalist circles, virtuallysynonymous with dispensationalism.. Walvoord claims history has proved the premillennialist correct.Speculation about the rebuilding of the Temple islargely the consequence of a futurist literal The fact that Israel is now in their ancient landhermeneutic popularised in the early 19th Century organized as a nation, and the impressive recentby Edward Irving and the Albury Circle meeting in events which have put the city of Jerusalem itselfSurrey, later by John Nelson Darby and the into the hands of Israel, have to a large extentPowerscourt Conferences in Ireland and then most revealed the premises and conclusions of both theeffectively by Cyrus Scofield in the United States amillennarians and postmillennarians to be in error.through his Scofield Reference Bible. It is based onthe premise that prophecies made in the Old The religious aspirations of Jewish and ChristianTestament which have not yet been fulfilled literally, Zionists working toward the rebuilding of the Jewishword for word, must await future fulfilment. Similarly Temple clearly have political ramifications whichthe futurizing of passages such as the Olivet threaten to destabilise the entire Middle East.Discourse in Matthew 24 require a rebuilt Templefor their fulfilment. So, Scofield insisted, Hal Lindsey suggests that a Jewish Temple could be built alongside the Muslim shrine and becomeNot one instance exists of a spiritual or figurative the greatest tourist attraction in the world.fulfilment of prophecy... Jerusalem is alwaysJerusalem, Israel is always Israel, Zion is always But lets think even more practically. Not only wouldZion... Prophecies may never be spiritualised, but the Temple become a unifying force for Israelsare always literal. diverse and pluralistic society, it would also, without doubt, become the greatest tourist attraction in theOne of Scofields disciples, Lewis Sperry Chafer, world. Its basic economics. Imagine what a newwho founded Dallas Theological Seminary in 1924, Temple would do for the Israeli economy, whichbecame his most articulate and influential exponent relies so heavily on tourism. The Temple would alsoproducing the first and definitive eight volume serve to attract more Jews from all over the world-systematic theology of Dispensationalism based on and... The Bible tells us that eventually all of theScofields scheme. Chafer defines the literal dispersed will return to their homeland. The Templehermeneutic upon which dispensationalism and the would serve as a kind of spiritual magnet. This, too,Christian Zionist belief in a rebuilt Temple is based. would fit into the prophetic scenario, which indicates that Israel is destined to play a major role in theThe outstanding characteristic of the world and experience vast wealth, power anddispensationalist is... That he believes every prestige in the last days.statement of the Bible and gives to it the plain,natural meaning its words imply. In his earlier writings Lindsey stated that the dispute to trigger the war of Armageddon will arise betweenJohn Walvoord, Chancellor of Dallas Theological the Arabs and Israelis over the Temple Mount andSeminary, summarises the position of premillennial Old Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2-3), the mostdispensationalists who take the authors of the Bible contested and strategic piece of real estate in the"to mean what world. www.globalreport2010.com 12
  • 13. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL  THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight So far we have seen that many Bible Prophecy writers are pro Israel and believe in Israels rights to theland that it presently occupies. Also many of the same bible prophecy teachers also have producedsignificant material about their excitement about the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.However the one question that must be asked is thisWhy is it that none of these bible prophecy teachers make any reference to the fact that the funding behindthe rebuilding of a Jewish Temple is to a large extent funded by freemasons. Is this a coincidence? Thereis much emphasis regarding the restoration of the Levitical priesthood and the ashes of the red heifer butnone of these bible prophecy teachers focus at all on the fact that rebuilding of King Solomons temple isalso at the heart of freemasonry. Neither do they make mention that the vast majority of the Israeligovernment are members of secret masonic lodges who religious fervour is not built on the mosaic Torahbut on the Babylonian influenced Talmud and its Kabbalistic and Jewish Magic influences. It would seem that mainstream bible prophecy has only addressed one side of the coin. Yes Israel are a people for whom the original Abrahamic covenant still remains however at this present moment Israel is in a state of spiritual blindness in which its leaders have made covenants with death. In this section we understand the masonic relevance to Israel and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. In order to do this we need to first understand the historical relevance. In 1099, the original Knights Templar established their Jerusalem headquarters in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. According to Holy Blood, Holy Grail, "The knights and monks who occupied the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also installed by Godfroi [de Bouillon], were formed into an official and duly constituted order -- the Order of the Holy Sepulchre." [p.112] Two centuries later, by 1291, the Western crusaders were thrust out of the Holy Land by the Saracens and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem was lost to the Roman Empire.The Templars, who had absorbed the esoteric Kabbalism of the Mideast and brought it to Europe, fell intodisfavor with the Holy Roman Empire and, in 1309, Pope Clement V and King Philippe IV of Francedissolved the Order. Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was executed in 1314 and the knights of the Orderof the Temple were either executed or fled Europe for safety. In Scotland, a Templar refuge, Robert theBruce made a vow to go to Jerusalem and reclaim that city from the Saracens. However "In 1329, Brucedied. . . Before his death, he had expressed the wish that his heart be removed, placed in a casket, takento Jerusalem and buried in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre" the original Templar headquarters. [Temple& Lodge, p.39]Robert the Bruces heart never reached Jerusalem and was returned to Scotland where it was buried inMelrose Abbey. The Templars kept alive his dream to reclaim the Holy Land and it is therefore conceivablethat the heart of Alisdair Sinclair was a substitute for that of Robert the Bruce. Burial in the Church of theHoly Sepulchre would symbolize claim of the Sinclairs, as the head of the Merovingian dynasty (aka, theroyal bloodline of Jesus Christ), to be the rightful heirs of the throne of Jerusalem.Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, by author Barry Chamish, includes a chapter on theMasonic control of Jerusalem and mentions the real reason for the Masonic presence: "The Masons covetthe Temple Mount, site of Solomons Temple, because their mythology has the organization beingestablished by one Hiram, the mason who supposedly built the Temple three thousand years ago." www.globalreport2010.com 13 11
  • 14. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight King Solomon "excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom" according to the Bible. The sonof King David and Bathsheba, Solomon (in Hebrew, Shlomo) ruled Israel from about 960 to 922 B.C. andbuilt a magnificent temple in Jerusalem which housed the Ark of the Covenant. Solomon reportedly hadhundreds of wives and concubines, including the daughter of the pharaoh of Egypt. He also had a famousmeeting with the Queen of Sheba who, after observing his wealth and wisdom, showered him with gifts.Solomon is historically credited with authoring the Bibles Song of Songs and book of Ecclesiastes, thoughmany scholars believe the latter was written after his death.The biblical King Solomon was known for his wisdom, his wealth and his writings. He became ruler inapproximately 967 B.C. and his kingdom extended from the Euphrates River in the north to Egypt in thesouth. His crowning achievement was the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Solomon was the sonof King David and Bathsheba. Solomon was not the oldest son of David, but David promised Bathshebathat Solomon would be the next king. Solomon accumulated enormous wealth. He controlled the entireregion west of the Euphrates and had peace on his borders.On the summit of Mount Moriah Solomon built a magnificent Temple dedicated to the God of the Israelites,a project which his father King David had not undertaken for various reasons. The exclusive concentrationof religious ritual in the Temple, together with the institutionalization of the biblical injunction regarding thepilgrimage festivals, transformed Jerusalem - despite its unpromising natural features - into an importantpolitical and commercial center during Solomons reign.As part of its creation Solomon was provided with the services of a skilful Tyrian artisan named Hiram, totake charge of the castings and of the fabrication of the more valuable furniture and furnishings of thetemple. In return for all of the services to be provided by Hiram, Solomon agreed to send to him every year4,400,000 litres of crushed wheat and 4,400,000 litres of barley, as well as 440,000 litres of wine and440,000 litres of oil.Later kings, including even Hezekiah who adorned the temple, used its treasures to purchase the favour ofallies or to pay tribute and buy off invaders. Then followed idolatrous kings who desecrated the temple andallowed it to fall into decay. By the time of Josiah, three centuries after it was built, the temple was in needof considerable repair, which had to be financed by contributions from the worshippers. FinallyNebuchadnezzar sacked and looted the temple in 587 BC, when he destroyed Jerusalem when theIsraelites came under Babylonian captivity.The temple was rebuilt for a second time when the Israelites were allowed to return their homeland butthen again was destroyed in AD70 when the Romans repelled the Jewish revolt against their rule.The crusading Templars and the Knights of St. John were dedicated to rebuilding Solomons Temple, andso today are the Freemasons who are the on going lineage of the Knights Templars. Rebuilding theTemple is not just a construction work but an ideal symbol, corresponding to the Holy Grail, a symbol ofParadise Again on Earth. In the days of Solomon and while the Temple was still intact, the tribes of Israelwere prosperous and high-spirited and lived harmoniously in a state of perfect order, as if under divinegovernance. All this was a product of the temple and the cycle of rituals performed in and around it. Whenthe Temple was destroyed, they say, the world fell into disorder and nothing has ever gone right since.Legends of the Temple according to freemasonry describe it as the instrument of a mystical, priestlyscience, a form of alchemy by which oppositely charged elements in the earth and atmosphere werebrought together and ritually married. The product of their union was a spirit that blessed and sanctified thepeople of Israel. In the Holy of Holies dwelt the Shekinah, the native goddess of the land of Israel. It washer marriage chamber, entered at certain seasons by the bridegroom. His name was the Glory of the Godof Israel, and he came from the east, from over the Mount of Olives. He penetrated the Holy of Holies (IKings, 8, 10-11), and in Ezekiel, 43 is a description of his coming. www.globalreport2010.com 14 11
  • 15. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight According to the Masonic legend, Hiram Abiff was a man of Tyre, the son of a widow, and the chiefarchitect of the Temple built by King Solomon...“Hiram Abiff, Masonry teaches, was the only one on Earth who knew ‘the secrets of a Master Mason,’including the most important secret of all, the ‘Grand Masonic Word,’ the name of God (the ‘ineffablename’). This Hiram had promised to reveal the ‘secrets of a Master Mason,’ including the name of God(‘Grand Masonic Word’), upon completion of the Temple, and to make the workmen Master Masons, ablethen to go out on their own as masters (they were, as yet, only ‘fellowcraft’ Masons). One day Hiram went,as was his custom, into the unfinished Holy of Holies at noon (‘High Twelve’) to worship and to draw up thework plans (on his ‘trestleboard’) for the workmen to follow the next day....“As Hiram was leaving the Temple he was accosted by three ‘ruffians,’ in succession, who demanded thatthey be given the secrets immediately (without waiting for the Temple to be completed). He was handledroughly by the first ruffian (Jubela), but escaped. Accosted and handled roughly by the second ruffian(Jubelo), he again refused to divulge the secrets and again escaped. The third ruffian (Jubelum) thenaccosted him and, when Hiram again refused to divulge the secrets, killed him with a blow to the foreheadwith a setting maul. The body was hastily concealed under some rubbish in the Temple until midnight (‘lowtwelve’) when it was taken out to the brow of a hill and buried....” The reference to Hiram Abiff as the “son of the widow” is an esoteric allusion to the lineage of Ruth in the Bible, the family line into which the Messiah would be born. The great-grandson of Ruth was King David and one of her great great-grandsons was Solomon. “Hiram Abiff, the architect of King Solomon’s Temple, was a Hermetic alchemist – described as ‘an artificer in metals’... In Freemasonry, Hiram Abiff is identified as the ‘Son of the Widow’ – and in Grail lore, the constant epithet of Perceval is precisely the same. The original ‘widow’ of the Grail bloodline was Ruth the Moabite (heroine of the book of Ruth), who married Boaz to become the great-grandmother of David. Her descendants were called Sons of the Widow.” In the Masonic Bible, quoted above, the Temple Illustrated Edition, the author of the Foreword sheds some further light upon the importance of Solomons Temple to Freemasonry."The traditions and romance of King Solomons Temple are of great interest to everyone who reads theBible. But they are of transcendent importance to Masons. The Temple is the outstanding symbol inMasonry, and the legendary story of the building of the Temple is the fundamental basis of the Masonicrule and guide for conduct in life ... The cream of Masonic historical and philosophical writing has beendrawn upon for his description of the Temple and its relation to Masonic ritual." [The Holy Bible: The GreatLight In Masonry", King James Version, Temple Illustrated Edition, A.J. Holman Company, 1968, Forwardentitled,"The word, "transcendent", is used by genuine Biblical Christianity to describe God Himself. Just as thedictionary explains, God is truly "transcendent", "to pass beyond the limit that humans can grasp"; "to existabove and independently of material experience or the universe". In other words, Solomons Temple is tothe Freemason what God is to the genuine Christian!Thus, belief in Solomons Temple transcends all of Freemasonry itself, existing above and independentlyof it. Masonry has placed its "transcendent" faith in a building that the True God Himself destroyed, notonce, but twice! www.globalreport2010.com 15 11
  • 16. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight Starting at the end of the quote from the Temple Illustrated Edition Bible, above, we read:"... In all the rich symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry two symbols, or symbolic themes, predominate. Oneis the search for light; the other is the labor of building. The source of light is the Holy Bible, and the grandrepresentation of the builders art is King Solomons Temple .... It was natural that imaginative stoneMasons, long before the development of anything like our modern fraternity, should have felt a kinship withthe great builders of all ages. It was natural also that they should have acknowledge a peculiar attractionfor the most famous and glorious of all building enterprises, King Solomons Temple and Citadel. Interestand attraction for the wonderful structure on Mt. Moriah have increased rather than diminished ... untiltoday the Temple of Solomon is the spiritual home of every Mason."A short while later, these authors explain: "King Solomons Temple was the perfect architectural expression of the religious faith of a people." Perhaps Masonic interest also increased from a more or less incidental notice of the Temple to a final preoccupation with it as a symbol of spiritual man. Indeed, Masonic leadership has spiritualized the meaning of the Temple in the life of each and every Mason. Albert Mackey explains: "To the Master Mason, the Temple of Solomon is truly the symbol of human life ... it becomes a fit symbol of human life occupied in the search after Divine Truth, which is nowhere to be found ... Such is the symbolism of the first Temple, that of Solomon, as familiar to the class of Master Masons." However, while Solomons Temple is the symbol of mortal human life to the Master Mason, a higher class of Masons ascribe a different interpretation to yet another Temple. Listen to Mackey explain:"But there is a second and higher class of the Fraternity, the Masons ofthe Royal Arch, by whom this temple symbolism is still further developed.This second class, leaving their early symbolism, and looking beyond thisTemple of Solomon, find in Scriptural history another Temple, whichyears after the destruction of the first one, was erected upon its ruins; andthey have selected the second Temple, the Temple of Zerubbabel, astheir prominent symbol. And, as the first class of Masons find in theirTemple the symbol of mortal life, limited and perishable, they, on thecontrary, see in this second Temple, built upon the foundations of thefirst, a symbol of life eternal, where the lost truth shall be found, wherenew incense shall arise from a new altar, and whose perpetuity theirgreat Master had promised when, in the very spirit of symbolism, heexclaimed, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."And so to these two classes or Orders of Masons the symbolism of theTemple presents itself in a connected and continuous form. To theMaster Mason, the Temple of Solomon is the symbol of this life; to theRoyal Arch Mason, the Temple of Zerubbabel is the symbol of the futurelife. To the former, his Temple is the symbol of the search for truth; to the latter, his is the symbol of thediscovery of truth; and thus the circle is completed and the system made perfect." www.globalreport2010.com 16 11
  • 18. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight In the late 1800s, Masonic author and authority, Edward Waite, boldly stated that a secret plan does existwithin Freemasonry to "build yet another temple at Jerusalem. The work to rebuild the Jewish Temple inJerusalem has to a large extent been influenced by the following groups.THE UNITED GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND (UGLE):The United Grand Lodge of England is The Mother Lodge of worldwide Freemasonry. It was formed bycombining the two existing forms of Freemasonry in 1813 (The Scottish Rite and the York Rite). Membersof the "Club of the Isles" fill the uppermost ranks of the "United Grand Lodge of England" (UGLE) the"mother lodge of world freemasonry." The entire Masonic hierarchy is based on aristocratic rank andfortune.The first Grand Master was the Duke of Sussex. Edward, the Duke of Kent is now the Grand Master of thislodge and therefore the worldwide king of Freemasonry. The Assistant Grand Master of UGLE is LordNorthampton, Spencer Douglas David Compton, the 7th Marquis of Northampton (he runs the coordinationand directs the plans to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem). a maternal descendant of the Baringfamily, of British East India Company notoriety. Lord Northampton -Spencer Douglas David Compton, born1946. His great grandfather was William Bingham Baring, head of the Baring Bank, descended fromFrancis Baring the chairman of the British East India Company.The BEIC brought England into the lucrative international opium trade, a business that the British RoyalFamily and their agents now monopolize. According to EIRs "Dope, Inc." Baring Brothers bank has beenthe premier merchant bank of the opium business from 1783 to the present day. In 1987 LordNorthampton held a London conference funded by his own Hermetic Research Trust to commemoratedthe 100th anniversary of the Golden Dawn. Lord Northampton has been the Assistant Grand Master since1995 and he has been appointed as the Pro Grand Master, to replace the present one in April 2001. ThePGM acts in place of the GM when the GM is absent.Lord Northampton, who has been atop the Temple Mount conducting "Temple studies," candidly hasadmitted in interviews, that he is an adherent of British Israelism, which holds that the British oligarchy hasmystical powers, because England was colonized by one of the lost tribes of Israel. "I think the tradition ofthe Kabbalah is very strong in England, because I think one of the lost tribes came to England. And I thinkyou can spot them, quite clearly, in old English families. I am sure you can. I know they came to Ireland,then to the north of Wales, and then down into England. And then that became some of the oldest familieswe have."In Lord Northamptons view America was also colonised by another of the lost Tribes...He told aninterviewer: . . so I think that America and England got the Two Lost Tribes, and that is why they then, in avery intellectual Jewish way, started to run the world! It gets even stranger because Lord Northampton is,by his own admission, a practitioner of the Golden Dawn rituals of occultist Aleister Crowley. LordNorthamptons right hand man on the Temple Mount project is Giuliano de Bernardo, Grand Master ofItalian Regular Freemasonry. www.globalreport2010.com 18 11
  • 19. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight THE QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE, (THE FOUR CROWNS LODGE) This lodge was founded as a special research lodge by the Grand Master of UGLE, the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, in 1884. The QC Lodge was then officially chartered in 1886. The inaugurating speech was entitled "Freemasonry as Seen in the Light of the Cabala." The lodge was to focus on Palestine, the Cabala, establishing a Jewish homeland, and rebuilding Solomons Temple. Sir Charles Warren was the first grand master of the QC Lodge. He was also the president of the Palestine Exploration Fund, and two decades earlier had been the chief engineer for British excavations of the Temple Mount. Sir Walter Besant was a founding member of QC and was the treasurer of the Palestine Exploration Fund under Warren . Besant was the brother-in-law of Annie Besant, the president of the Theosophical Society after Helena Blavatsky. - The PEF was founded in 1865 with money from the British Crown, UGLE, the Rothschilds Vatican illuminati and the Church of England. The event commemorating its foundingwas chaired by the Archbishop of York who proclaimed that the Holy Land was, by divine right, EnglishProperty.THE JERUSALEM LODGETwo weeks after the 1967 Six-Day War which saw Jerusalem and the TempleMount brought under Israeli control, there occurred the greatest freemasonicmeeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since the founding of UGLE,at which the Duke of Kent was installed as the new Grand Master.Shortly after, the QC Lodge dispatched a member, the Jewish physicist Dr. AsherKaufman, to begin studies on the exact location of where the Temple originallystood. The Temple Mount Faithful was also established at this time by StanleyGoldfoot, which is presently led by Gershon Solomon.In December of 1995, a month after Rabin was assassinated, the Jerusalem Lodge was establishedadjacent to the Temple Mount in the underground Grotto of King Solomon to work for the rebuilding ofSolomons Temple. The lodge worked side by side with the on-the-ground networks of Jewish andChristian fundamentalist fanatics, to foment a bloody religious war over the control of the Temple Mount.That such a lodge would be founded shortly after the Israel-Palestine peace breakthroughs at Oslo, andjust weeks after the assassination of Israels Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, an architect of that peace issurely no coincidence.The Jerusalem Lodge was founded by the Grand Master of Italian Regular Freemasonry, Giuliano diBernardo, the right-hand man of Lord Northampton on the Temple Mount project. At the ceremonylaunching the Jerusalem Lodge, Di Bernardo declared,"The rebuilding of the Temple is at the center of our studies."In June 1996, Di Bernardo published an Italian edition of his book, {Rebuilding the Temple}, which was tobe published in English by the Quatuor Coronati Lodge. In interviews, Di Bernardo candidly admitted thathe has constructed an entire irrationalist "utopian" belief system, centered on the revival of JewishCabbalism and the rebuilding of the Temple. "A new utopia may be based on the Cabbala. I see a utopiabased on Jewish mysticism, but Jewish mysticism as a place ... a material place, Solomons Temple.... www.globalreport2010.com 19 11
  • 20. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight Most Christians hear the word Zionism and think of Jerusalem, but is this a clever ploy of those whoworship Satan to confuse the terminology of their political agendas to lull the people to sleep and get themto agree to their policies because they sound good. Zionism is a political agenda, but when Christians hearit they think of Biblical Zion and Jerusalem.Some of the world’s most respected researchers on the history of the Illuminati and their secret plan forglobal government believe that Zionism became a political agenda of the Bolshevik Illuminati to capturethe area of Israel for their world leader. In fact, their agenda is to rule the world from Jerusalem. Accordingto scripture when the Battle of Armageddon takes place the Antichrist gathers all the worlds armies toIsrael through a series of power conflicts to eventually unite in a fight against the Second Coming of JesusChrist. At that time, the Antichrist is ruling from Jerusalem.Many such as authors Henry Makow and Texe Marrs believe this agenda started back when the EdomiteBolshevik Jews financed Hitlers rise to power in Germany to set up the conditions to establish their ownNation of Israel for Illuminati rule and that is exactly what happened with the Nazi Holocaust. They believeit was the edomite Jews who were behind this because their intention has always been to exterminate theTorah believing Jews and establish a Babylonian Talmudic Jewish nation in Israel. Evidence suggest thisis what we have today. Talmudic apostate Jews ruling, pushing the agenda of the New World Order andIlluminati to set the nation up for the rule of the Antichrist.Have the likes of John Hagee and other Christian Fundamentalists sincerely missed the mark in terms of adeeper understanding of the plans of the Illuminati. For instance is John Hagee aware that BenjaminNetanyahu is part of a major Masonic Lodge with a far different theological and strategic messianicobjective compared to the Messiah of the Bible that Hagee believes in?.Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated (see the Israeli publication Shishi, Spring1994) that he was initiated into the Masonic Lodge while in the United States. The La Republicanewspaper has confirmed that the now deceased ex prime minister of Israel, Yitzak Rabin was active inMasonry and estimates that there are 4,000 Israeli Freemasons, divided into 76 lodges. Most Israelijudges and religious figures are Masons. Additionally, the Rothschild-supported Hebrew University in Israelhas erected an Egyptian obelisk, symbol of Freemasonry, in its courtyard, and inside the new IsraeliSupreme Court building is a law library architecturally designed in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid.There is also the controversial masonic memorial in the middle of the only one road leading from Eilat tothe Egyptian border at Taba.As usual symbolism means everything in this organization. The two columns represents the two pillars ofSolomon’s Temple. Erecting a symbol like this at a strategic border crossing into Israel is somethingFreemasons would do when they feel well entrenched and want the public to know the extent of theirpower. www.globalreport2010.com 20 11
  • 21. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight Some believe that anyone who is now working to establish Jews in Israel is only assisting the RothschildIlluminati, and suggest that we let the Rothschilds and the Pharisaic/Kabalistic/Secular Jews fulfill the willof God in this regard because it is they who are slated for Condemnation...as a result of not placing theirhopes in the true Millennium, through Jesus, the true Grand Master.On May 3, 1996 in Israel, Tel Aviv police raided an apartment, joined by reporters from a TV newsprogram and the daily newspaper Davar Rishon. They found a bizarre scene. The walls were covered inLatin script, skulls and bones graced the shelves, swords were crossed and mounted behind an altar. Fivedoors led to secret passageways with red blinking intruder warning lights.The news reports the next day announced, “The apartments were used for ceremonies by theFreemasons, an organization whose membership boasts cabinet ministers and high ranking armyofficers.” (Inside Israel, August 1996 edition, pages 4-6)There is evidence that eight of the thirteen Prime Ministers of Israel were members of the masonic secretsociety. Let us note the enlightening summary given by the Israeli investigative reporter, Barry Chamish,on July 18, 2008 in the article titled, “Modern Insanity in Israel”:The Prime Minister of Israel is the head of the Israeli government and is the most powerful political officerin Israel (the President of Israel being a titular figurehead). He or she wields executive power in thecountry, and has an official residence in Israels capital, Jerusalem. A total of thirteen different people haveserved as Prime Minister of Israel. [including "acting" PMs]. Four of those people have served on two non-consecutive occasions. Of these 13 people, documentation and/or references found thus far indicate atleast eight (8) of these people are (were) Masons:David Ben-Gurion - FreemasonMoshe SharettLevi EshkolYigal AllonGolda Meir - Co-MasonYitzhak Rabin - FreemasonShimon Peres* - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trainedMenachem BeginYitzhak ShamirBenjamin Netanyahu - FreemasonEhud Barak - FreemasonAriel Sharon - FreemasonEhud Olmert** - FreemasonAccording to Camish, for eighteen years, the land of Israel has been under the rule by members of asecret world order that many biblical scholars postulate will host the final Masonic anti-Christ, whom wecall the Anti-Messiah. For any election today in the Land of Israel, the only candidates are those whose www.globalreport2010.com 21 11
  • 22. D THE MASONIC INFLUENCE OVER ISRAEL INTELLIGENT CORPORATE DESIGN ‐ PART 1 THE GREAT WHORE ‐ MYSTERY BABYLON  Blackberry Under the Spotlight influence has been “bought” by the Freemasons. To understand history, we also know that the AmericanRevolution erupted because of the messianic vision started by Scottish Rite Freemasons that were agentsof the messianic vision of anti-Messiah Shabbatai Zevi; Jacob Frank and the Dolmeh Islamic-Jewish sect,the protégées of Shabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Rothschilds who have vast geo-political influence andeconomic control on every continent of the globe, and Adam Weishaupt, the Roman Catholic Jesuit trainedfounder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.Only two Israeli Prime Ministers, Menachem Begin (June 17, 1977 to October 10, 1983) and YitzhakShamir (October 10, 1983 to September 14, 1984 and October 20, 1986 to July 13, 1992) weredefendants of a Biblical Zionist Israel, whose existence came by the will of the Divine Mandate given to theprophets of old, that the House of Judah would return to the “Land of Promise” before the final “end ofdays.”CONCLUSIONSo what should the Christian attitude be towards Israel? Should we still believe as John Hagee does thatwe should continue to defend Israel against the Islamic and Arab tyranny that surrounds it. Should we turna blind eye to the mountain of evidence that the modern day state of Israel has strayed far from its spiritualroots which originated with the Abrahamic covenant. Without in anyway supporting the Palestinian causeto support terrorist attacks against Israel, should we defend the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians wheresome Palestinians are innocently murdered or treated like animals. Should we turn a blind eye? Or should Hagee and Christian Zionism spend more time shining the torch on Israel and warning the nation of Israel that they have descended into total apostasy. That the leaders of Israel need to forsake the covenants they have made with freemasonry and Kabbalah and return back to a true worship of the God of their fathers. Should Christian Zionists ignore the reality that the funding they are sending to support initiatives in Israel such as the restoration of the levitical priesthood are actually being used by masonic groups to rebuild a Jewish temple which has nothing to do with a revival of a mosaic priesthood but everything to do with the rebuilding of a temple and the establishment of something evil which Jesus referred to as the abomination of desolation. How can prominent bible prophecy teachers only teach one side of the coin? How can they be so pro Israel yet blinded to the corruption, deception and apostasy in Israel. How can they not realize that it was always the plan of the Illuminati to establish Israel as a nation through which the ruling families of the elite would one day use to pave the way for the arrival and revelation of a false messiah.The reason for this is because of deception. Masonry will ride the wave of religious fervour for its ownpurpose and to establish its own agenda, which means that it will entangle Christian groups who believethey are doing the work of God in supporting Israel yet not realizing that through their silence on the trueilluminati agenda and great apostasy in Israel, that they are allowing the masonic agenda to be rolled outin which Israel will ultimately accept the arrival of who they believe to be messiah when it will not be thetrue messiah. But then it will be too late as God will use this to bring painful judgement on Israel becauseof her covenants with death and bring her back to a true remembrance of who he is.And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when theoverflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it. Isaiah 28:18 www.globalreport2010.com 22 11