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Case study of DBS' social media attempt to get youths to follow a certain brand on Twitter

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Case study social media strategy

  1. 1. Case Study: Social Media Strategy of DBS Cards (DBSFoodster)By Donald YeoBackgroundThis is a case study showcasing the efforts done by DBS over the last 8 months(first check point in Aug 2009 and second check point in Apr 2010) in its ventureinto leveraging on the social media to promote its cards business.We will look at a few obvious examples and observations of how DBS carveditself a sizeable chunk of online presence in the ever growing social media scenein Singapore.
  2. 2. Observation 1 (DBSFoodster Twitter page as of Aug 29 2009)DBS using Twitter as a platform to promote its cardsThis is a screenshot from Twitter captured in Aug 24th 2009, then DBSFoodsterhad 172 followers and only 35 Tweets (a tweet is a status update of a person’sactivities in less than 140 characters).Exhibit 1 – Screen shot of DBSFoodster Twitter page (28th August 2009)Some excerpts from the site:DBSFoodster 1. 3 weekends have flown by! Thanks for this, DBS Take a look at my foodtrail for the past 3 weeks here PM Aug 25th from web 2. Now I’m handing over the fork...I mean torch, to Brad ;-) To read myreviews please go to PM Aug 25th from web
  3. 3. 3. Janice: sorting through the photos we shot @ Seafood International. Somany woah!! :D1:28 AM Aug 24th from web 4. Give your tastebuds the royal treatment at Summer Palace (The RegentSingapore) w/ 25% off a la carte menu items PM Aug23rd from HootSuite 5. Janice: had a VERY VERY pampered nite at Seafood International(Playground@BigSplash) SUPER! Reviews & photos will be out soon. Staytuned!4:37 AM Aug 23rd from web 6. It’s true that good things come in threes. 3 Premium Single-Malt Whiskeyfor only S$44++ (UP S$60++) at Highlander. PM Aug22nd from HootSuite 7. Janice: The tag line reads - "If it swims we have it"! Counting down to thelast few hours before we go bingeout again! :D3:12 PM Aug 22nd from web 8. Janice: reminding her guests about tomorrow... turn up the heat! Letshave some fun and seafood! :)1:14 AM Aug 22nd from web 9. Grab a friend and head to Al Forno for 1-for-1 Pizza/Pasta. Yummy! PM Aug 21st from HootSuite 10. Janice: is at the research stage. Praying Mantis + Prawn = Mantis Prawn!And its EDIBLE. Yikesss!!1:14 AM Aug 21st from web 11. Kia Hiang Restaurant ???? (Kim Tian Rd) Aug 20th from TweetDeck 12. @PeoGeo69 @opunkung @noohinter thank you for yourrecommendation :)5:09 PM Aug 20th from HootSuite in reply to PeoGeo69 13. @ImWanting: Follow me and u will see how can i help u to find the goodplaces for singapore food :)5:07 PM Aug 20th from HootSuite 14. RT @roycheong1: Singapore Food Court coffee $0.805:06 PM Aug 20thfrom HootSuite 15. Janice: More reasons to come back to Big O Cafe! $44 vouchers forevery $88 spent means there’s NO reason not to return. Aug 20th from HootSuite 16. Janice: is looking at her nails, and decided she will skip the manicure thisweek. Cos gonna eat CRABssss. Hahaha!5:37 PM Aug 19th from web
  4. 4. 17. Janice: Its wed! Are you salivating yet?? This sat, is SEAFOOD! Myfavourite!1:12 PM Aug 19th from web 18. @carolynchan do you really love food? :)12:59 PM Aug 19th from web 19. Just added myself to the twitter directory under:#dining #food #singapore12:53 PM Aug 19th from WeFollow 20. Janice: Spice up your tastebuds with Spice Café’s (Concorde Hotel)Peranakan buffet at only S$19.65++ per pax. AM Aug19th from webObservation from the site and tweetsDBS is using viral marketing and stealth marketing by creating a foodconnoisseur position in the social network site, Twitter, it has 172 followers (as of28 August 2009) which will grow indefinitely in time to come. It is promotingshops that are tied up with DBS cards and hence increasing the exposure levelof the shops tied up with DBS. The traffic referral from www.hungrygowhere.comwill have a positive effect on the site and DBS cards as a whole. The impartialityof the reviews at is questionable when there is asignificant interest of promoting the usage of DBS cards.
  5. 5. Something happened in December 2009Hungrygowhere formed strategic partnership with MicrosoftRefer to this link then in 2nd Q 2010Inline with Microsoft Singapore’s strategy of constantly improving its local portal(in this case, Singapore), Microsoft has created a new portal called xinmsn(partnering with Mediacorp)’s the impact?Impact -> More traffic to hungrygowhere -> more viewers exposed to the“benefits” offered by DBSCardsDBS is slowly (but surely) creating an image/reputation by capturing enoughmind share in the cyberspace/social media scene.
  6. 6. Observation 2 (DBSFoodster Twitter page as of April 29 2010)Exhibit 2 – DBSFoodster as of 29th April 2010 – Meteoric rise of followersIn April 2010, DBSFoodster’s total followed grew up to 1030 followers, with 302tweets. This means that from August 2009 until April 2010, it has achieved over 4times growth in its exposure to fans/followers and being able to convey tweets(marketing messages) to its customers/followers.172 -> 1030 followers (858 new followers, greater than 4times its initial followers)35 -> 302 tweets (267 news messages/tweets to its followers)
  7. 7. Other notable observations:DBS bought the domain name and linked directly withhungrygowhere.comHere, you can see a combination of all popular social media providers like flickr,youtube, google maps and twitter being used on the site.Together with msn Singapore’s push in the local portal scene, this will certainlyamplify DBS’ social media impact.
  8. 8. How to measure?On Twitter 1) Growth of number of followers (fan base) 2) Number of Tweets and Retweets and mentionsOn Facebook 1) Number of Likes (more recently, Fans) and it’s growth (Facebook will update the owner of the page with a weekly fan base growth email (refer Exhibit 3) 2) Information that can be retrieved via the email a. Total visits to fan page b. Increase or decrease in total number of fans c. Total comments or Likes 3) Things that allow users/advertisers to interact with fans a. Update fans by sending them a mass message b. Using targeted ads on Facebook (can drill down to country, age group, interests and other elements in terms of demography)Exhibit 3Facebook show details Apr 27 (2 days ago)to John DoeHi John,Here is this weeks summary for the Facebook Page: Fans this week (58 total Fans)1 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (0 last week)90 visits to your page this week(117 visits last week)Update your Fans: your Insights Page:
  9. 9. Get more Fans with Facebook Ads:,The Facebook Team